Comparisons: How Philly Stacks Up in National Average Single-Bedroom Rent

Yet another reason living in Philly is more practical than in sprawling metropolises like…well, let’s not name names here.

Using’s national median rent average findings from last year, AppFolio drew up a floor plan infographic that illustrates what that amount gets you if looking for single-bedrooms or studio apartments. They considered thirteen American cities, the most affordable of which appears to be Detroit, which offered up to 818 square feet of space. Phoenix, Dallas, New Orleans, and Portland came next, followed by Chicago, Philadelphia, and Miami. Los Angeles, New York, and San Francisco were, unsurprisingly, less generous with the same rent.

Using the map at, it doesn’t look like there are a whole lot of options in Center City that fit into that average rent range. And although you can’t filter as closely to the average rent (min. of $1,000), Zillow shows there are a few options in that price range in the outlying neighborhoods.

Bonus? The graphic shows where / to whom most of your rent money goes to. Hint: It begins with ‘t.’

Click on that jawn to get a closer look.

Infographic by AppFolio via

H/T: How much space the average rent gets you across the U.S. [Mashable]

FLOWCHART: How To Clean Out Your Closet Like a Pro

Image via Vogue

Learn the true definition of ‘need.’ | Image via Vogue

In case you’ve found that your New Year’s resolution to stay super-organized has gone a little off course, or, well, never really got off the ground, this is the flowchart for you. We stumbled across this hilariously accurate tool for paring down your closet on The author writes, “It addresses all the excuses you can make for yourself while attempting to edit your wardrobe.” And, oh boy, have we made excuses in the name of rescuing articles of clothing. (You just can’t make the same argument for a Spice Girls tee as you would for a Rolling Stones one.)

The flowchart also asks pertinent closet-purging questions like “Can you remember the last time you wore it?”, “Would you rather look at it or wear it?” and “Does it fit you?” The answers to which should help you choose whether an item should be donated, stored for a season or put back in your closet. Just think of all the coveted space you’ll free up.

Flowchart ahead!

HOW Many Philadelphians Lie About Their Weight?! And More from Our Reader Poll



More then 500 readers spilled their guts on their health and fitness habits—how they eat, sleep, sweat, diet and more—for this year’s issue of Be Well Philly print. And thanks to all of you who took the time to dish on even the most intimate of daily habits, we learned a ton about the average Philadelphian (that’s the AP to you), from what foods they can’t stop craving, to how often they work out, to whether or not they shop organic. And we put all that info into the sweet infographic below. So, how do you stack up?

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GOOD NEWS NUGGET: 60 Percent of Americans Will Soon Live in States With Marriage Equality

U.s. gay marriage map

Updated U.S. marriage equality map from Freedom to Marry.

Yesterday was a monumental day in the annals of LGBT history. The Supreme Court declined to hear cases from five states that had appealed marriage equality rulings in their state, which cleared the way for same-sex marriage in Utah, Indiana, Oklahoma, Wisconsin and our very first Southern state to allow gay marriage, Virginia.

Gay Star News reports that the ruling also clears the way for marriage in six other states, which would bring the total number of marriage equality states to—are you ready for this—30! That’s more than half!

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This is What People Dislike About Facebook

In honor of Facebook’s 10th anniversary tomorrow, Pew Research just released an interesting study revealing how people use the social-media monster. Here are some fun infographics showing some of its results. You can read the rest of the study here.

This is what people dislike most about the site.

facebook user dislikes

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InfoGraphic: The United States of Marriage Equality

freedom to marry infographic

This is what marriage equality looks like now that Hawaii and New Jersey have become the most recent states to legalize gay marriage. The new additions make 16 same-sex marriage states, which, according to CNN, means that “more than 1 in 3 Americans live where same-sex marriage is legal. It’s a dramatic shift in a short period of time — one not seen on other social issues.”

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