Get a Home Makeover From IKEA

home-tour-squadIKEA calls itself the Life Improvement Store, and it’s now expanding its services to make good on that moniker. Taking a page from the book of home-makeover shows that have become so popular, the Swedes have launched the “grassroots” IKEA Home Tour, which will send a team of experts to different cities to work with desperate homeowners (design-desperate, that is. This ain’t no Extreme Makeover).

The IKEA “Home Tour Squad” is composed of five IKEA employees (pictured, left) who are leaving their store-bound jobs and going on the road to provide two makeovers in each city they visit. So far the cities on that list include Atlanta, Charlotte, Baltimore/D.C., New York and Philadelphia.

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Freebie Friday: Ikea, Chick-Fil-A and Dobbs Want To Feed You

If you, like we here at Foobooz, don’t get paid for another week, here are a few gratis food items to take note of:
The Legendary Dobbs unveils its new $5 Boneless Buffalo Chicken Blunt with free samples during this evening’s happy hour. It’s what you used to refer to as a wrap but looks a little more like a joint. And by “free samples”, that better mean that they’re handing out whole blunts, not little “mini-blunts”. I mean, if you are going to spend your happy hour on the eastern edge of South Street, you need to get fed. Go here to see a video of Chef Edwin Ramirez twisting one up.
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