These Three Philly Companies Made Fortune’s 2017 “Best Companies to Work for” List

SAP building in Germany. Image via Flickr Vladislav Bezrukov.

SAP building in Germany. Image via Flickr Vladislav Bezrukov.

Three Philadelphia-area companies made Fortune’s recently released 2017 ranking of the 100 best places to work in the U.S., the PBJ reports.

Coming in at number 38 is Mount Laurel-based transportation management company, ARI. In its fifth year on the list, Fortune acknowledged the firm for its tuition reimbursement program. Last year ARI sponsored 126 degrees, a total of $1.4 million in tuition. The publication also recognized that “there are ample opportunities for growth and promotion, giving employees the sense that anyone ‘can become the next Chris Conroy,’ the company’s CEO.”

Software company SAP America made the list for the first time this year at number 59. Based in Newtown Square, with global headquarters in Germany, SAP garnered a spot on the list for a “relentless tide of optimism” at their offices. U.S. employees feel they’re part of a “global community,” where “anyone in the world” is willing to lend a helping hand, according to Fortune. SAP recently made headlines when CEO Bill McDermott emailed all 84,000 employees worldwide to offer comfort in light of Trump’s new immigration policies. He told employees: “Every single one of us […] will always stand up for each other. We will protect each other’s human rights and reject any attempt to discriminate on any basis. […] If you’re scared, stay strong. If you’re frustrated, stay active.” Read more »

Kanye West for IKEA? The Furniture Giant Politely Passes

How about a YEEZY bed to go with these? Don't hold your breath. | Photo: via Pinterest

How about a YEEZY bed to go with these? Don’t hold your breath. | Photo: via Pinterest

Admit it: Somewhere in your home, there’s a POANG armchair.

Would you like a YEEZY bed to go with it?

Well, if that idea floats your boat, you’re going to have to wait a while longer.

Rapper/producer/disser of Taylor Swift Kanye West recently told BBC Radio 1 that he would love to go into a collaboration to design furniture for the Swedish home furnishings juggernaut. Read more »

Two Philly Area Companies Make Fortune‘s Best Workplaces for Retail

Anthony Bucci, CEO of Revzilla.

Anthony Bucci, CEO of Revzilla.

Thanksgiving has come and gone, meaning the pressure is on the retailers to have a successful holiday season. That means long hours, seasonal workers and the hopes that economic conditions allow people to spend freely.

So Fortune magazine and Great Places to Work teamed up to find the 20 Best Workplaces in Retail. After surveying thousands of employees, two local companies made the list. Read more »

SS United States Conservancy Exploring Sale of Ship for Scrap

SS United States

The SS United States, docked in South Philadelphia in September 2015. (Photo | Dan McQuade)

“The Conservancy has never been closer to saving the SS United States, nor so close to losing her.”

That is the message from the SS United States Conservancy today, as it announced it has partnered with a broker to explore the sale of the ship to a “responsible, U.S.-based metals recycler.”

Sound familiar? It should. In 2010, the ship was about to be sold for scrap when Gerry Lenfest donated millions to help the Conservancy buy the ship from Norwegian Cruise Line. In November 2013, the Conservancy warned that if plans did not come together quickly, the ship could be sold for scrap.

Last summer, the Conservancy again warned of the scrap heap as others floated plans to save the ship and move it to Brooklyn (or Chester). The Conservancy made a final push to save the ship, which was extended when it entered into a preliminary agreement for redevelopment in December.

Today, announced with a New York Times story, comes this “Last S.O.S.” (per a cheeky NYT headline). The Conservancy is exploring a sale for scrap, with a strong deadline of October 31st. “We will have no choice but to negotiate the sale of the ship to a responsible recycler,” the Conservancy said in a statement. Susan Gibbs, the Conservancy’s director, is the granddaughter of ship architect William Francis Gibbs. Read more »

Philadelphia Museum of Art’s New Design Exhibit is Like a Fancy IKEA

This month, the Philadelphia Museum of Art debuts “Northern Lights: Scandinavian Design,” which is running now through October 4th. Here are some objects you’ll see there. Look familiar?

The SS United States Is Safe — For Now

SS United States. Photo | Jeff Fusco

SS United States. Photo | Jeff Fusco

The SS United States — the luxury liner long docked across from the IKEA in South Philadelphia — has, finally, some good news. According to a release from the SS United States Conservancy, the group has entered into a preliminary agreement for redeveloping the ship. The conservancy did not name the partner, or what its role is, but has received additional funding for three months.

The United States was built in 1952 as a luxury liner intended to break the trans-Atlantic speed record, and it still holds the eastbound and westbound records. Unfortunately for the ship’s builders, transatlantic air service for passengers began in 1958, and the United States made its last run in 1969.

This ship has been docked in South Philly since 1996 — it actually predates the IKEA — and its supporters have waved a long battle to save the ship from the scrap heap. It costs $60,000 a month to keep the ship docked in Philadelphia, and money has been running out for a while. But this week, progress:

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Get a Home Makeover From IKEA

home-tour-squadIKEA calls itself the Life Improvement Store, and it’s now expanding its services to make good on that moniker. Taking a page from the book of home-makeover shows that have become so popular, the Swedes have launched the “grassroots” IKEA Home Tour, which will send a team of experts to different cities to work with desperate homeowners (design-desperate, that is. This ain’t no Extreme Makeover).

The IKEA “Home Tour Squad” is composed of five IKEA employees (pictured, left) who are leaving their store-bound jobs and going on the road to provide two makeovers in each city they visit. So far the cities on that list include Atlanta, Charlotte, Baltimore/D.C., New York and Philadelphia.

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