This Sunday: Nitro Ice Cream Floats at Rival Bros.

rival-weckerly-nitro-float-400This Sunday, September 6th, Rival Bros. Coffee is teaming up with Weckerly’s Ice Cream to create a Nitro Float, a coffee-infused take on the ice cream float.

The Nitro Float takes Weckerly’s Caramel Corn, Honey Plum or classic vanilla bean ice cream and pours Rival Bros’ nitro coffee overtop.

The floats are $5 each and available from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Rival’s nitro coffee is a cold brew of their Whistle & Cuss blend that is treated with nitrogen under high pressure, then chilled in a keg and served on draught with a cascading head and body, much like a stout beer.

Rival Bros. Coffee [Foobooz]

Six Best Frozen Sweets to Eat Right Now

MO-Big-Gay-Ice-Cream-Courtney-AppleBest Soft-Serve in Philly

Big Gay Ice Cream
It’s all delicious, though the Salty Pimp, with dulce de leche and sea salt, is the one people talk about — as they should. 521 South Broad Street, Bella Vista, 267-886-8024.

Best Ice Cream Sundae in Philadelphia

Franklin Fountain’s Mt. Vesuvius
Chocolate or vanilla ice cream studded with brownie “boulders,” hot fudge, malt powder and whipped cream. Michelle Obama can wait only so long before declaring war on this caloric eruption. 116 Market Street, Old City, 215-627-1899.

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Where Is the Best Vegan Ice Cream in Philly?



On a very, very hot week last summer, we provided you guys with a rundown of eight places to get your hands on a scoop of vegan ice cream around Philly, and you guys went bananas. And a few of you chimed in with your favorite picks around town, too! So this year, on this muggy, perfect-for-ice-cream day, we figured we’d ask you, trusty Be Well Philly readers: Where can a gal or guy grab the hands-down best scoop of vegan ice cream in the Philly area?

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Kermit’s Bake Shoppe Starts Serving Soft-Serve

kermits-soft-serve-graphic-940Kermit’s Bake Shoppe has a new summer options for you sweet tooths. The bakery at 22nd and Washington is now serving soft serve ice cream. The vanilla and chocolate ice cream is available by cone or cup and can be jazzed up in a number of ways. Add “cakey stuff” made right at Kermit’s, or go with sticky things like hot fudge or salted caramel “goo.” Other choices include crunchies like fruity pebbles and granola, plus fresh fruit or a berry blend “Cooli-o.”

Check out the full menu »

The Checkup: The Six Worst Treats to Get at an Ice Cream Truck



• There is no sweeter sound than the ringing of an ice cream truck, right? But just how sweet some of the sweet treats on those trucks really are will make you gag: A simple ice cream sandwich can run you a whopping 500 calories and 40 grams of sugar. Here, what to steer clear of and what to get the next time the ice cream truck makes its way to your block. [Eat Clean] Read more »

Weckerly’s Has A New Ice Cream Flavor

WeckerlysWeckerly’s is debuting a new ice cream flavor this week and you may just want to add it to your morning routine. The flavor, called “Sunday Morning,” is coffee ice cream with baguette toast caramel. According to their Facebook page, you can grab it by the pint later this week.

Weckerly’s Ice Cream is available at local stores and farmers’ markets including the Collingswood market this Saturday.

Weckerly’s Ice Cream [Official]

Ventuno Opens at 21st and Chestnut


Ventuno, the new Victor Fellus restaurant (Victors Bar and Mix Pizza) has just opened at 21st and Chestnut. As promised, the menu features quick salad, soup, and sandwich options, with nothing above $9. Perhaps even more important is that you can finish off your meal with a scoop of ice cream ($3.50) from Penn State Creamery.

In addition to some standard salad choices (think Greek Salad, Chicken Caesar, Cobb Salad), the menu boasts a spinach salad with pumpkin seeds, cherry tomatoes, chickpeas, dried cranberries and avocado in a curry vinaigrette, as well as a roasted beet salad with goat cheese, avocado and walnuts in a balsamic vinaigrette. If none of those options strike your fancy, though, you can design your own salad with four toppings for $6.50 (additional toppings are $0.50 each).

The menu offers 13 soup options (French onion, turkey chili and butternut squash bisque to name a few), and seven sandwiches, any of which can pressed into a panini.

Ventuno is open for lunch and dinner.

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