Ricky Peterson, the Forgotten Man of the ICandy Video Controversy, Reacts to Apology

Ricky Peterson

Following the release last week of a video featuring ICandy Nightclub owner Darryl DePiano formally apologizing to a “Ricky Peters” — and the LGBTQ community of color — for calling him a “nigger” in a viral YouTube video that surfaced last year, the actual victim, former ICandy employee Ricky Peterson, speaks to G Philly exclusively on being back in the public eye.

What was your reaction to Darryl DePiano’s apology to you in his video?
I was very shocked and disappointed, for two reasons. First, I was baffled at the way the video seemed so scripted. Second, I didn’t understand why it took him all this time to “apologize” for his wrongdoing. Read more »

Black Trans Activist Airs Claim of “Retaliation” by LGBTQ Nonprofit Leader

Christian Lovehall

A black transgender activist claims he is facing “retaliation” for speaking out about a controversial collaboration announced by the black HIV/AIDS advocacy organization COLOURS and two other black LGBTQ groups with ICandy Nightclub, whose white owner, Darryl DePiano, was heard repeatedly referring to a former employee and black patrons as “niggers” in a video that surfaced last year. Read more »

OPINION: Now Isn’t the Time for Marginalized People to Compromise

Protest outside ICandy nightclub on September 29, 2016. Photo by Ernest Owens.

This week has shown marginalized communities that our adversaries are still alive and well. On Wednesday, President Trump announced plans to ban transgender individuals from serving in the military. As most of the LGBTQ community looked at this as another of his assaults on our rights, one member of the community seemed startled.

Caitlyn Jenner, the famed transgender advocate who often bragged about having the ear of the Trump administration on LGBTQ issues, publicly tweeted Trump her newfound dismay: Read more »

OPINION: Complicity and the Gayborhood

Last Wednesday, June 14th, was just an odd day. Not only was it the birthday of our current president, but also a reminder that progress is a journey full of unfortunate setbacks.

One such setback occurred at a book signing for a black gay media colleague of mine from New York at the Ethical Society in Rittenhouse. The evening affair, which opened with a Q&A followed by a meet-and-greet, was packed mostly with black LGBTQ community members who came to hear a first-time author offer perspective on writing a collection of personal essays that explore self-discovery, resilience, and cultural empowerment. Such themes resonated with a crowd of people who have themselves experienced the power of fighting for survival and inclusion while facing discrimination and erasure. Read more »

Philly’s Biggest Losers of 2016

Background image by M. Edlow for Visit Philadelphia™

Background image by M. Edlow for Visit Philadelphia™

Now that the last shreds of wrapping paper have been vacuumed up and the good dishes are finally put away, we revisit our time-honored tradition of taking a look back at the year and the losers, miscreants, and ne’er-do-wells it spawned. (For a more optimistic view of Philadelphia, consider Holly Otterbein‘s Biggest Winners of 2016.)

Ed Rendell

The once-lovable former champion of the everyman now spends his time being largely irrelevant and making facepalm-worthy comments in places like the Washington Post. But when you’re pulling in a cool $5,000 each month to do virtually nothing for a casino in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, you probably don’t care. Read more »

G Philly’s Top 10 Stories of 2016

G Philly's Philly Gay Pride Event Round-Up

It was an incredible year for LGBTQ news in Philadelphia, with both inspirational times and some very controversial moments. Here, we rank the top 10 stories that rocked the community in 2016. Read more »

Hundreds Pack PCHR Hearing on Gayborhood Racism

Part of the overflow crowd that attended last nights Human Relations Commission hearing. | Photo: Sandy Smith

Part of the overflow crowd that attended last night’s Human Relations Commission hearing. | Photo: Sandy Smith

Last night’s Philadelphia Commission on Human Relations hearing on racism and discrimination in Philadelphia’s Gayborhood could be considered a massive catharsis, as speaker after speaker gave highly personal stories in which they described how their interactions with Gayborhood institutions, especially bars, clubs, and nonprofit organizations, made them feel disrespected, ignored, or worse.

And those were the people who ventured into the Gayborhood. Others testified that they did not feel comfortable or safe venturing into the one part of the city where they should feel that way.

Read more »

Protesters Criticize Kenney, Fitzpatrick at OutFest Kickoff

Black & Brown Workers Collective and other protesters disrupt the LGBT flag raising ceremony at City Hall on October 9th. Photo by Ernest Owens.

Black and Brown Workers Collective and other protesters disrupt the LGBT flag-raising ceremony at City Hall on October 9th. Photo by Ernest Owens.

Minutes after Jim Kenney made his first public statement about Gayborhood racism during the seventh-annual LBGT pride flag-raising at City Hall on Sunday, protesters from the Black and Brown Workers Collective (BBWC) and other racial justice groups commandeered the podium to criticize the mayor and Office of LGBT Affairs director Nellie Fitzpatrick. Read more »

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