This Is the Age When You Start to Hate Your Job

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On BizPhilly, we run a column called “I Love My Job,” but let’s face it—some people have never uttered those words about their work. And new research from HR consulting firm Robert Half tells us exactly when the excitement of life in the workforce begins to wear off.

According to the firm’s research published by Bloomberg, you’re likely to start feeling unhappy with work at the age of 35. The firm conducted research in the U.K. and found that one in six workers over 35 said they were unhappy, which was more than double the number for workers under age 35. About a third of people over 55 reported feeling unappreciated, with 16 percent saying they have no friends at work.  Read more »

So, Wait, Does Urban Outfitters Really Not Have an HR Department?

urban outfitters taking over KOP

Last week, we told you about a controversial flex-time policy change at Urban Outfitters that had outraged some of the parents who worked there. The one part of the story that had us the most perplexed was this: The employees we spoke with all claimed that Urban Outfitters does not have a human resources department for them to go to with their complaints. Read more »