How To (Finally) Figure Out Your Glove Size


The right way to buy winter’s most fun accessory. | Shutterstock.

A few years ago, I found my perfect pair of gloves: gold Nappa leather with tiny red suede ovals on the fingers, sort of like a built-in manicure. I needed them—only problem was, I wasn’t exactly sure of my size. I guesstimated (my hands are pretty small), and when the pair arrived, they were just a tad too tight. I kept them, of course, although I need to remove all of my rings before putting them on.

How this could’ve been avoided: this handy measuring tip from one of my favorite gift boutiques in the city, Scarlett Alley (241 Race Street). Just measure the circumference of your hand around the knuckles, not counting the thumb. Got that number? 
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Market Report: How to Give Yourself a Professional Mani at Home

  • Everyone knows the basics of a solid at-home mani: base coat, two layers of polish and a top coat. But what bumps it up to the professional level? Here are the tips you need to know. (Seriously, even using the right side of the brush matters.) [Glamour]
  • We’re about to make your Thursday. Vinotherapy (read: bathing in red wine) is officially a thing. But we’ve got to be honest: the results aren’t pretty. [The Cut]
  • Reminder: Your stiletto is a weapon. Wear them with caution. [Jezebel]

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Market Report: How to De-Pill Sweaters With This Magic Tool


  • The bad news: There’s no way to predict whether a sweater will pill—it happens to even the most expensive knits. The good news: There’s a whole science to sweater pilling, and great advice for getting rid of it. First things first? Don’t pull on them, leave the sweater razors alone, and grab a … pumice stone? [Wall Street Journal]
  • Did you know Sears has a drive-through service? You schedule a return or exchange online, and then alert the store via a mobile app when you’ve parked. Then a timer begins: Sears employees have five minutes (assistance within five minutes is guaranteed!) to run out to your car and help you. [Racked]

Click here for the grossest earrings ever. (But prepare yourselves.)

Fall Hair Guides: How To Do 3 Easy Styles

We're loving these easy hairstyles to try out this fall | Images via Salon Vanity

We’re loving these easy hairstyles to try out this fall | Images via Salon Vanity

I like to think I have a pretty good eye for determining what’s attainable with my minimal hairstyling skill level (milkmaid braids, yes; faux-bobs, heck no), but no amount of hair intuition can replace step-by-step directions. Even better if these directions come from a total hair master. Enter: Edmondo Blando, owner of Salon Vanity at 1701 Walnut Street. He gave us the low-down on how to create some of his most-requested styles—and guys, they actually seem do-able, even easy. Grasshoppers, time to learn from the master.

Hairstyle how-tos ahead.

Market Report: How to Make Your Foundation Last All Day

  • Turns out, you really don’t need to reapply your foundation twice a day (am I the only one?). Here’s how to get your foundation to last all day long—with GIFs! No reapplication needed. [The Cut]
  • In a few short weeks, everyone will be donning their jeans again. Two denim aficionadas are sharing their denim forecast and there are some surprises in store. [Vanity Fair]
  • Who says you need to wait until January 1 to start making resolutions? The lovely ladies over BLDG 25 disclosed their fall beauty resolutions. (Watch out for lots of crimson and plum!) [Free People]

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Summer Style: The Swimsuit Fashion Hack to Try Now


Those cute crop tops aren’t what you think.

See those crop tops up there? Cute, right? And how fantastic do they looked paired with a full midi-skirt? It’s a look that’s more put-together than shorts and a tank, and more unexpected than summer’s ubiquitous maxi dress. It’s my summer uniform — I throw on a light silk jacket and heels for work, and a pair of simple sandals for the weekend. But it’s not exactly what it seems …

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5 Easy, Gorgeous Hairstyles to Wear This Summer

As soon as I sense any sort of heat or humidity — like the exact kind you’ll find outside right now — my immediate go-to has always been the same mundane ponytail, plagued by fly-aways and devoid of volume. Surprisingly, some of the best hair inspiration I found was on the runways — actual ‘dos you can actually. Here are five of the best hairstyles that look chic, beat the heat and keep frizz at bay. But the best part: They’re not as daunting as you may think. Just follow our handy how-to guides, and give yourself an extra ten minutes in the morning. Your topknot will never be the same again.

Your perfect summer hairstyle lies ahead.

5 Tricks for Styling Short Hair

How to Style Short HairConfession: I am hair-challenged. Like, can’t-blow-dry-my-own-hair kind of challenged. So when I had long hair, I ran to the beauty gurus of the Internet with every embarrassingly simple need (read: “how to French braid”). There was always an endless supply of expert advice, product recommendations and Pinterest-worthy tutorials that helped take my hair from frizzy disaster to fabulous (see our roundup of the best 9 hair tutorials on the web here). My hair incompetency was my own little secret.

But last summer, I cut my hair super-short. And while it was adorable when I left the salon, as soon as it came time to style it myself, I was clueless. So of course, I turned to my trusty blogs and YouTube channels for help, but what I found was totally disheartening. There was nothing to help me navigate this new short-hair world. The first few weeks of my short cut were filled with awkward style attempts and lots of headbands. I learned the hard way: It’s hard out there for short-haired ladies.

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How to Get Rid of Hanger Bumps and Other Quick Fashion Fixes

Go on. Be a fashion MacGyver.

Go on. Be the MacGyver of fashion.

At least once a week, a panicked co-worker comes into my office with some sort of fashion-related crisis. I’ve seen a jacket with belt loops … that was missing the belt (I used a pair of scissors to veeery carefully remove the loops after determining that this wouldn’t leave any holes), a small scuff in a black shoe (a swipe of black permanent marker did the trick), and a sweater that sheds everywhere (stick it in the freezer!).

But some problems are stumpers—and tough to deal with when you’re not at home. Take, for instance, those horrible shoulder bumps that appear on sweaters that have been hanging in closets for too long. Or realizing that the the tips of your heels are completely worn down, leaving you quite literally walking on nails. If you’re armed with a steamer, a sewing machine or another pair of shoes, fixing fashion mishaps is a cinch. When you’re stuck in an office, though, it can be trickier. Here, five easy tricks for solving sudden sartorial dilemmas using things you can find in your office. May you never have hanger bumps again.

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