5 Ways to Do Your Makeup in No Time at All

Because sometimes you just have to touch up your lipstick at a red light. | iStockPhoto.com/ArthurHidden.

Because sometimes you just have to touch up your lipstick at a red light. | iStockPhoto.com/ArthurHidden.

Between the low-key makeup-phobics and the fanatical makeup-queens lies a fairly large demographic that doesn’t get enough consideration: those who love makeup, yet have no time for it. I belong to that category. Whether it’s back-to-back meetings, long commutes across the city, or just hitting the snooze button repeatedly until you only have 30 minutes to get ready (totally not something I do, cough), being a self-proclaimed Busy Girl can really take a toll on your beauty regime, which can leave you feeling less than 100 percent.

My fellow girls-on-the-go needn’t fret, however. We asked some of Philly’s top makeup artists for their advice on how to look your best for less time spent in the mirror.

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Evolution of a Dress: How I Took a 1970s Gown and Altered It to Modern Perfection

Tailory Before and After

The first cut is the deepest: A before-and-after of the dress. | Images via The Tailory.

When the EIC of Philadephia Wedding announced she was having a black-tie New Year’s Eve wedding, our close-knit group of work friends immediately convened for a what-to-wear powwow. Two women declared they’d try Rent the Runway; another decided to beeline it to New York for a shopping trip; and I considered wearing something already in my closet. (I have a bad habit of buying extremely fancy things like ball skirts and floor-length dresses with no place to wear them.) This was a fleeting idea, though: After a quick survey of my wardrobe, I found that nothing checked off both black-tie and New Year’s Eve boxes. The search was on. Read more »

8 Vintage Shopping Secrets That Will Turn You Into A Pro

There are two kinds of shoppers in this world: People who gravitate to quick and easy fast-fashion trends and those of us who dare to navigate the exciting, albeit unpredictable, waters of vintage shopping. For long-time decade divers, vintage shopping can seem like second-nature. But for those out there without prior experience, the first foray into the depths of a vintage store can be overwhelming: a sea of bright colors, alien silhouettes and styles, and the, er, acquired scent of garments from past eras. Two words: Sensory. Overload.

To help you begin your journey, we chatted with Philly’s local vintage shop owners to get their expert tips and words of wisdom for how to find the coolest statement pieces, buy vintage on Instagram, and make the most of your overall experience. Happy hunting!

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5 Laundry Mistakes You’re Definitely Making


Your laundry room inspiration board. | Image via Instagram/Erin Chos and The Laundress.

Laundry: the bane of everyone’s existence. The endless dirty-clean-dirty cycle isn’t the only reason for most peoples’ intense dislike; it’s nearly impossible to keep all the rules straight. Too many sweaters have wound up child-sized, too many jeans have been stretched beyond repair, and too many expensive athletic garments have lost their stretch factor. Is there no way to fight back?

Actually, it turns out you’re just doing your laundry wrong. Besides separating lights and darks (duh), there are a few tricks to increase the lifespan of your clothes, which ultimately saves you major moola. Here are the five main laundry mistakes you’re probably making, plus how to clean your garments the right way (and avoid expensive dry-cleaning costs). Read more »

How to (Once and For All!) Get Rid of Static Cling

Static Cling

Skirting issues. | Glynnis Jones / Shutterstock.com

A few things rank up there on my list of embarrassing fashion fouls: accidental visible bra (also known as AVB; this happened once during a meeting with my boss and I’m still wishing the earth would swallow me whole); tripping in heels you can’t really walk in; going about your day with your skirt clinging awkwardly to your bum without realizing it.

Static cling generally rears its ugly head when you’re not fully equipped to deal with it: at work, at a party, walking down a very crowded Market Street. It’s as if silken fabric falls perfectly while you’re at home, only to cling desperately to your upper thighs the second you hit the street. So, for the start of what’s most likely going to be a clingy winter, here are five tried-and-true ways to combat static, no matter where you are. (For AVB, well, you’re on your own.) Read more »

Shop Talk: The Foolproof Trick to Prevent Your Tights From Running


  • We won’t say never throw away your stockings again, but we will say this super-simple trick will make your tights last longer. Simply soak and freeze your new pair before wearing them, and the fibers will strengthen and become more resistant to pulls. [PureWow]
  • Apparently you’ve been applying your concealer wrong . Here’s every skin prepping tip you’ll ever need to know (like how purplish dark circles call for yellow-toned concealer). Our first takeaway: You’re supposed to cover blemishes with concealer after you’ve applied your foundation, not before. Oops. [The Zoe Report]

Plus: At-home blackhead-busters that actually work.

4 Quick and Easy Hair Styles for Women With Biracial Hair

Alixe hair

Fun with hair! | Lauren McGrath.

I like to think my hair is a little bit like me: buoyant and sassy at its best, fickle and uncompromising at its worst.

I have been locked in a love-hate struggle with my hair with for years. It’s the product of my white mom’s stick-straight, coarse dark hair and my black father’s long, twisted locks, a combination that gives it a unique texture and shape that turns heads. But it took tremendous beauty store expenditures on “miracle products” and repeated trial and error (read: looking like a hot mess until I got it right) to eventually find a routine that wasn’t a Homeric battle of epic fro-portions. Read more »

8 Ways to Transform Your Boring Fall Uniform

Fall outfit

There’s nothing wrong with this, except for that fact that literally everyone else is wearing it.

Things we love: haunted houses, hayrides, corn mazes, apple picking, pumpkin patches, etc. Chances are if you’ve gone to one of these fall activities in the past five years, you’ve worn some version of the Fall Fashion Starter Pack – button-up flannel shirt, leggings or skinny jeans, tall boots in brown or black, maybe even a puffy vest (see above). This leads us to things we don’t love: boring outfits, feeling basic, looking like everyone else.

While there is absolutely nothing wrong with a staple wardrobe item here and there, you’ve gotta spice up your look beyond the basics. The fix is simple; swap out classics for trendier items to update your look and make you stand out in a be-flanneled crowd. Look and learn.  Read more »

Shop Talk: 4 Easy Ways to Break In Your New Boots

Breaking in boots.

Whether your boots are Dior or DSW, gently break them in to avoid foot-blister awfulness. | Shutterstock.

  • We all know that new-shoe drama: elation at that amazing pair you just bought; can’t wait to wear them out; instant blisters within five minutes; never want to wear them again. It’s tragic, really. To make sure this never happens again, check out these really easy tips on how to gently break in new boots, like stretching them out with some rolled-up towels overnight, or wearing them around the house with extra-thick socks. [SheFinds]
  • Always on the hunt for style hacks, we found yet another fall layering tip that will update your fall wardrobe without spending a dime. Save your summery bustiers and tube tops from their inevitable summer-clothes-bin-in-the-basement fate. Instead, layer those fitted tops over button-ups for a fresh, unexpected new look. See this awesome slideshow for inspo. [Refinery29]

Up next: Fashion month’s surprisingly simple beauty trend, and the denim DIY to give you two adorable looks.

Why You Should Stop Dry-Cleaning and Start Steaming Smelly Clothes With…Vodka?

Dress and Flowers

Make your clothes smell fresh in seconds. | Shutterstock.

Not enough time to run to the dry cleaner’s before your event? Got some vintage pieces that just can’t shake the musty, granny-closet smell? You don’t have to hide behind a cloud of perfume (or worse, Febreeze) to mask the not-so-fresh scent your clothes are carrying. I learned the easiest way ever to neutralize stubborn smelling clothes (and my inner party girl loves it): vodka. Read more »

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