New “Short Range Missiles” Happy Hour Program At Hop Sing

hop-sing-laundromat-full-bar-940 UPDATE: Apparently, it’s not entirely legal for Lê and Hop Sing to do their happy hour the way it was originally proposed–as a progressive tasting menu–because the law sees that as an enticement to make people drink more, which is a no-no. Thus, things have changed slightly. Now you can go in and order anything you want off the happy hour shots menu, in any order, and the prices and availability have been adjusted slightly to account for the change in format. Lee sez: “This is now the revised and correct prices for our Happy Hour as we’ve decided that maybe it isn’t a good idea to let our guests consume 4 shots in a row. After all, you both know that I am a huge fan of responsible drinking and the last thing that I wanted to see is drunk guests.” Check out the NEW menu below. Read more »

Twelve Drinks for the Holidays


With Thanksgiving looming and the holiday season descending upon us, we bet you’re going to need some new drink recipes. In the December, 2013 issue of Philadelphia magazine we asked George Reilly of Twisted Tail, Phoebe Esmon of Emmanuelle and of Hop Sing Laundromat to help us create twelve winter holiday drinks.


The 12 Best Winter Holiday Drinks [Philadelphia Magazine]

One Night Only: Hop Sing Laundromat And Jamonera Are Throwing A Late-Night Party


Clear your schedules for Monday, August 12 (and probably the morning after, too) because for one night only, from 10pm ’til 1am, Lee from Hop Sing is going to descend on Marcie Turney and Val Safran’s Jamonera for a party.

Hop Sing will be doing the cocktails (natch) and Turney’s kitchen crew will be doing “Marcie’s late night staff snacks” for all in attendance. The price tag is modest with bar snacks going for just $5, cocktails running $10 each (which, if you know the kind of liquor Lee slings, is just ridiculously cheap) and wine, sangria and beers going for $5, $4 and $3, respectively.

What else do we know? No gate. No dress code. And no photos, so leave the cell phones in your pockets.

But hey, this will probably be more fun than anyone should be allowed to have on a Monday so maybe photographic evidence might not be the best idea anyhow…

The Great Debate: Should Men Be Allowed to Wear Shorts at Hop Sing Laundromat?

HopSing_LoRes_05 Photo by Mike Persico

Lee from Hop Sing Laundromat floated the idea of loosening up his dress code to allow men to wear dress shorts. After all, he does allow women to wear them. When he floated the idea on Twitter, he received mostly howls of protest from devotees who saw the loosening of the dress code as the top of a slippery slope. So Lee, being Lee, set up a “Supreme Court of Hop Sing Laundromat” to weigh in on the subject. The justices ranged from Phillie, Kevin Frandsen to Marc Vetri to yours truly. The nine justices wrote in their opinions and the results were overwhelming.

Read more »

Cheu Noodle and Hop Sing Join Forces for Alla Spina’s Industry Night


Tonight is another edition of the Alla Spina Industry Night. This month features Ben Puchowitz and Shawn Darragh of Cheu Noodle Bar providing their take on Asian fare, including barbecue pig tails, foie gras buns and sesame noodles. Alla Spina chef, Mike Deganis will be pitching in with Japanese squash pancakes and red bean cakes for dessert.

Lee from Hop Sing Laundromat will also be helping out with some easy-drinking summer fruit cocktails.

All the food is free, the cocktails are $7 and Shiner Ruby Redbird and Bock beers will be just $3.

As always, bring a paystub to show at the door for access. It all starts at 10 p.m.

For more information, check out the Weekly Wildy » 

Surprise! Hop Sing Changes Happy Hour Plans


So remember a couple days ago when we reported on the new plans for Hop Sing Laundromat’s “Washy Washy Hour” and menu changes?

Yeah, well as with so much having to do with Hop Sing, those facts were temporary critters–subject to sudden and drastic alteration according to the fleeting whims of Lee, Hop Sing’s chief raconteur.

But wait… Before the haters out there start getting all up in arms, let me say that this is good news. What we have now is a large expansion of the Happy Hour menu, a change in its schedule, a ridiculously low price adjustment and the promise of more goodness (and weirdness) to come.

Read more »

News From Hop Sing Laundromat: New Hours! New Cocktails! And A Tiki Happy Hour


Okay, so here’s the deal. We know that some of you out there go into fits every time we write something about Hop Sing Laundromat, but frankly we don’t care. Haters gonna hate and, in the meantime, Lee and his Hop Sing crew just keep doing stuff to make the act of drinking all the more pleasurable. Like for example…

  • Deciding that now is the time for Hop Sing to start keeping regular hours. Meaning 7-day-a-week hours, with the (somewhat hidden) door opening at 5pm every evening and staying open ’til last call. And this will start on Monday. At 6:30 or so. Because Lee just likes to fuck with you like that.
  • Launching a 3-day-a-week Happy Hour program called “Washy Washy Hour”–which, according to Lee, is German for Happy Hour. Obviously. During said hours (which will run from 5pm-9pm, Sunday through Tuesday), he’s cutting the price on his drinks but serving only the best of his formidable booze collection. Other stuff he might possibly be doing: Making it an all-shots happy hour (which would be awesome, considering the caliber of hooch he pours), making one night a week an all-tiki happy hour (scorpion bowls for everyone!), offering free whiskey to journalists (okay, I made that last one up).
  • Debuting a new menu, starting Monday, which will offer both classic cocktails, Lee’s versions of classic cocktails, drinks he totally just invented all on his own and at least one concoction that he conceived, designed, polished and perfected all while Art and I were sitting at the bar yesterday afternoon, drunkenly heckling his efforts. As it turns out, it is a fantastic drink. So good that we named it ourselves.

But first, here are some of the other new drinks he’s going to be pouring.

Just a sample of Hop Sing’s new cocktail menu

Taste Illustrated: The Hop Sing Laundromat Drunk Walk



It has become a vital question among Philly’s serious cocktail connoisseurs: Where to eat after a night spent drinking at Chinatown’s Hop Sing Laundromat? Depending on how many cocktails you’ve put away, the distance between Hop Sing’s secret door and the nearest late-night noodle spot is a serious concern, so we’ve broken the options down for you by how far you’ll have to walk. Or stagger.

The Hop Sing Laundromat Drunk Walk »

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