Chickie’s Italian Deli Is Closing

Photo via Chickie's Facebook page.

Photo via Chickie’s Facebook page.

Chickie’s Italian Deli is closing after 21-years in business. The award winning deli is known for its Italian-style sandwiches, hoagies and particularly its veggie hoagie.

A Facebook message from owner Henry George stated:

It is with great sadness that after 21 1/2 years in business, Chickie’s Italian Deli will be closing its doors permanently on Saturday, April 11, 2015. I would like to thank all of my loyal customers for your years of patronage! It has been my pleasure serving the community for over two decades. Thank you to everyone especially my dedicated employees for their years of service.

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A Hoagie Has How Much Sodium?



I never thought I’d say this, but when it comes to Philly’s favorite summertime snacks, it looks like Herr’s Potato Chips might just be the healthier—emphasis on the er, here—choice.

Earlier today, the folks at Magee Rehab posted an “Eat This, Not That”-like post on their blog, comparing the nutrition info for some of the Philly’s favorite foods: Herr’s Crispy N’ Tasty Potato Chips versus a Philadelphia soft pretzel, a cannoli versus TastyKake Buttercream Cupcakes, a cheesesteak versus an Italian hoagie, and Rita’s Water Ice versus Rita’s Gelati. With only 140 calories per serving, a handful of Herr’s potato chips seems to win the least-guilt-inducing-beach-snack award. Who would’ve thought?

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Is Philly Still a Wawa Town?


A confession: One small matter that has kept me from feeling like a complete and true Philadelphian is that I have no loyalty — none — to Wawa.

This is not entirely my fault. When I moved to the city in 2008, it was impossible to avoid the chain’s catchy commercials urging viewers to “start your day on a roll/with a Wawa breakfast hoagie.” The tune was relentlessly cheery, relentlessly overplayed and simply relentless. I think I spent November of that year singing the jingle to myself over and over again. Wawa tried to capture my mind, and it certainly did.

It was just never around to capture my heart.

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Gotta Try: Chinese/Vietnamese Hoagie


I’m not exactly sure how you pronounce the name of Mi Dac Ky, the newest restaurant addition to the bustling Washington Avenue food district. But I do know that I want to try their “Chinese/Vietnamese Hoagie”: Peking duck, housemade duck liver pate, cucumber, carrots, jalapeños and cilantro on a French baguette. Read more »

Subway Actually Apologizes for Less-Than-Footlong Sandwich

When will this madness end?! Subway has officially apologized for selling sandwiches labeled as “footlong,” despite them only really being like, 11.5 inches.

Subway said Friday that it’s redoubling efforts to “ensure consistency and correct length” in all its sandwiches. The company had already noted last week that bread length could vary when franchisees don’t bake to its exact specifications and that it would reinforce policies to ensure consistency.

If you’re looking for some more sandwich absurdity, let’s look back at the week that was. New Jersey Subway fan Jason Leslie, who ate 50 so-called footlongs last year, is suing because he feels “like an idiot,” and “can’t believe I fell for that trick.” And another group of disgruntled New Jersey dudes are also suing, after their lawyer hired a private investigator to examine 17 sandwiches. Um, why do people want more Subway? Isn’t 11 inches of that stuff enough? [AP]



The Original Lee’s Hoagie House Closes After Almost 60 Years

The original Lee’s Hoagie House on Cheltenham Avenue has closed. When Lee’s started at 19th and Cheltenham in Mount Airy in 1953 they became part of the Philadelphia food tradition and the neighborhood. Since that first opening Lee’s has licensed 16 more shops across the Greater Philadelphia area.

The Insider reports that the original Lee’s changed ownership last year and ever since then the quality of the namesake brand had not been maintained at that location. The site was rebranded Lee’s at Cheltenham when the new licensee took over, but Lee’s partners have asked the shop to remove the “Lee’s” altogether. The shop then closed.

Luckily for Philadelphians those 16 other locations are still up and running and this change does not affect any other shops. After almost 60 years it is sad to see an original go, but it looks like the Lee’s brand is here to stay.

Lee’s Hoagie House [Official Site]

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