The Word “Hipster” Is So Over


Photo | Jeff Fusco

A few years ago, I told someone I lived on Frankford Avenue in Fishtown. Their response was to grill me on the status of then newly opened Barcade.

“I mean, what kind of bar is it?”

“I don’t know,” I said. “A bar with arcade games.”

“Yeah, but like… who goes there?”


“But what kind of people?”

“I don’t know. People who like arcade games?”

“Yeah, but like… hipsters?”

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The 10 Most Hipster Accessories Ever

Shabby scarves and dark-rimmed glasses are to hipsters what crustacean-bedecked belts and boat shoes are to prepsters. And now, with Lena Dunham getting the Vogue treatment, a report on how investors can flip houses specifically for hipsters, and illustrated guides to Philly’s hipster-dom, it seems the ironically pork-pie-hatted generation is taking over.  Here, your official handbook of the most hipster-friendly accessories out there. (Bikes and Warby Parker glasses not included.)

Infographic: House Flipping to Millennials, Not Hipsters

hipster infographic

We’ve modified RealtyTrac’s infographic. Full graphic below.

RealtyTrac has released a “flipster” report: data, graphics and an infographic all meant to explain where the “hipster” demographic is buying and renting right now. The infographic we show below outlines what an investor can do to flip a home specifically for the hipster market — hence, flipster.

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Are Hipsters Now an Ethnic Group?

This was supposed to be a post about how Don Guardian won—again—the office of Atlantic City mayor during a Tuesday recount of the votes. (And congrats! AC will now have its first openly gay mayor.) But we couldn’t help but notice the Inky’s description of  Guardian’s coalition of voters:

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Poll: Congress Now Less Popular than Hipsters


Well, it’s official. After years of partisan bickering, below-the-belt attacks and an inability to find common ground on something as simple and obvious as providing relief to hurricane survivors, the reputation of the U.S. Congress has fallen so low in the eyes of the American public that hipsters are now more popular that federal legislators.

That’s right, the beanpole iconoclast in skinny jeans and dollar-store Wayfarers, the urban woodsman with his rooftop kale, and yes, even that guy who knits at Rocket Cat Cafe are more appealing to the average American than the people they voted for to represent them.

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Your Official Hipster Heat Map of Philadelphia

Sometimes, something is amusing purely because it is utterly unsurprising. Anthropologists call it the “Yup” phenomenon. The crowd sorcerers over at Yelp have devised a series of heat maps based on commonly searched terms that document certain trends or populations in a number of major U.S. cities. The Philly hipster map–presuming there is such a universally defined thing as a hipster–is pretty accurate.

It’s not just hipsters, though. Here is where to find “Frat.”

And finally, this last map–of Yuppies–may be the most encouraging. Whatever you think of them, they are by definition working professionals. The more they spread outside of Center City, the better it is for Philadelphia.



Is There a Tire-Slashing Epidemic in Graduate Hospital?

The tires of “nearly a dozen” residents were slashed last night on the 800 block of S. 18th street, horrified drivers discovered this morning. That would be in Graduate Hospital. Which could mean one of two things. Bored, troublesome kids. Or anarcho-environmentalist yuppie hipsters. [CBS 3]