Hillary Clinton Was in Town Again Last Night

September 10th: Hillary receives the Liberty Medal at the National Constitution Center.

November 1st: Hillary speaks to the Pennsylvania Conference of Women at the Convention Center.

November 21st: Hillary spoke at the U.S. Green Building Conference at the Convention Center.

Next, we hear, she’s going to start sitting in the grass on the national Mall and start telling people stories about the American Revolution. Point is: She really likes us, doesn’t she?!

Here’s a synopsis of what former Madam Secretary said last night:

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Even Ed Rendell Doesn’t Think Hillary Is Running for President

As Joel Mathis said last week, perhaps it’s time to let the dream go, Hillary supporters:

“I’m not as convinced as much as everybody else that Hillary’s running,” he said. Rendell said the former Secretary of State, unlike most former elected officials, has the stature to have a real impact on public policy the next 10 years out of office if she wants to.

“Everyone around her wants her to run, of course,” he said. If she runs and wins, he said, she makes history, but subjects herself to “10 years of withering stress.” Tough call.

Tough, indeed. Especially considering Clinton faces levels of support for her (non)candidacy rarely seen in politics. Ready for Hillary, a pro-Clinton super PAC, for example, has roughly 850,000 members and raised $1.2 million in July. So, of course, the potential is very much there.

But with one of Clinton’s staunchest supporters ready to throw in the towel for a 2016 run, it might be time to take the hint. Better luck next time, guys. [Newsworks]

Constitution Center CEO Jeffrey Rosen Has the Best Job in the World

You’ve spent most of your career as a law professor and the legal affairs editor at the New Republic. Why move to Philly to take over the Constitution Center?
I had the best job in the world as a law professor and a journalist. But when the Constitution Center approached me, I realized this was the best job in the world.

My great passion in life has been moderating constitutional conversations. And the Constitution Center is the one place in America, in the world, that’s uniquely qualified to do just that.

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Three Signs That Liberty Medal Recipient Hillary Clinton Won’t Run for President in 2016

Nah, Hillary Clinton isn’t running for president.

Sure, just about everybody who gathered Tuesday night at the National Constitution Center to see Clinton receive the Liberty Medal expects to see her run—the out-of-town media that gathered, the extra-supportive crowd, and just about everybody who got up on stage to sing her praises clearly expect it.

“I think Secretary Clinton is going to be in Des Moines next week,” said Jeb Bush, referencing Iowa’s first-in-the-nation presidential caucuses. (To be fair, Jeb probably will be there too.)

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Hillary Clinton to Discuss Syria on Eve of Benghazi Attacks at Constitution Center

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is heading to Philly tomorrow, the eve of the anniversary of the attacks on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi. Organizers expect Clinton to address the Syria situation during her Liberty Medal acceptance speech.

The one and only Jeb Bush will present Clinton with the award. Earlier this summer he said she “has dedicated her life to serving and engaging people across the world in democracy” via a press release. Both Bush and Clinton, of course, are potential presidential hopefuls in 2016.

Fomer Liberty Medal recipients include presidents George H.W. Bush and Bill Clinton, Mikhail Gorbachev, and Robert Gates. Last year’s winner was Muhammad Ali. But at least one conservative organization has a problem with this particular Clinton getting this recognition:

Don Adams, an organizer of the Independence Hall Foundation, said in an email to POLITICO that the group’s mission is to “seek to promote the ideals of the United States as embodied in its founding documents—the Declaration of Independence, the U. S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights. We recognize and honor Independence Hall as the physical and symbolic foundation of the American nation.”

“To give her a liberty medal on the eve of the Benghazi attack is an affront to the victims, it’s an affront to the American people. Frankly, it’s a sheer disgrace,” Adams told POLITICO.

Clinton’s talk will kick off at 7 p.m. at the Constitution Center. [Fox]

Democrats Should Be Wary of a Hillary Coronation

Should Democrats continue with their coronation of Hillary Clinton as their nominee for 2016 — prior to any official primary — they run the risk of appearing as manufactured as their Republican counterparts. They could end up looking as old-school, out of touch and unauthentic as their rivals.

Commentators point to us having been here before — when Clinton was the junior Senator from the Empire State and presumptive nominee with a brand name in politics as big as Jay Z in hip-hop (and dubious sports team deals). True: The scent of pre-2008 hype is thick the air like incense sold on a Philly street corner.
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8 Vague Quotes from Hillary’s Bryn Mawr Speech Prove She’s Running in 2016

Hillary Clinton was speaking at Bryn Mawr yesterday as part of the Women in Public Service Project she launched a couple years ago. Here is a list of comments Hillary made, taken completely out of context, that reveal her deep-seated motivation to run for president in 2016.

Quote: “I may have left the state department…but I am absolutely committed to the cause of [women in public service.]”
Translation: I’m coming baaaack.

Quote: “I don’t think its enough for use to say in today’s world, we should do something because it’s the right thing to do or because we believe that it should be done.”
Translation: As you probably already know, I’m completely self-interested and hence running for president again.

Quote: “I’m a big believer in evidence.”
Translation: According to a recent poll, I am currently a 63%-13% favorite for the Democratic nomination.

Quote: “A speech is not a policy. A speech does not by itself create change.”
Translation: I would make a better president than Barack Obama.

Quote: “Men and women leaders are often paralyzed by the problems they face… They don’t know how to break through the obstacles that exist.”
Translation: I do.

Quote: “We need more leaders who say no to business as usual.”
Translation: I will.

Quote: “We need to expand what we need by women’s leadership.”
Translation: By electing a woman president in the United States of America.

Quote: Of course, I, and I’m sure many of you want to see more women as heads of state and government. I always get into trouble when I say that.
Translation: Self-explanatory.

Hillary Clinton to Speak at Bryn Mawr College Today

My Hillary senses have been tingling all morning, and I’ve finally found out why. The former Secretary of State is set to visit Bryn Mawr College this afternoon as part of the school’s Women in Public Service Project Institute. Clinton will give her speech in Thomas Great Hall around 4 p.m., but unfortunately the event is not open to the public. So, you can either sneak in (don’t do that), or take the easy way out and live stream the event from Bryn Mawr’s site. I know that’s not as close to Hillary as some of us would like to be, but it is as close as most of will (or should) get. [MMN]

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