After Trump’s Win, White Liberals Are Now a Minority

Donald Trump at a rally

Donald Trump speaks at the Newtown Athletic Club in Bucks County on October 21st | Photo: Dan McQuade

Around 2:40 a.m. on election night, I left the watch party I’d been attending and took an Uber home. It was shortly after the Associated Press announced that then-Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump had won Pennsylvania. I was over it — it actually began to sink in that he was actually going to win.

During the ride, my driver — a young white guy with teary eyes — turned up KYW Radio in the car as broadcasters finally confirmed that Trump had won the election. I was slowly moved to tears myself. The horrific bigotry that spewed from his lips, his lack of political experience, and endorsement from the Ku Klux Klan hadn’t been enough to stop him from defeating one of the most qualified candidates of my lifetime.

But as my driver turned on Walnut Street and upped the volume on the radio, I began to realize his tears weren’t the same as mine. As we heard the Trump supporters on air chanting “USA, USA, USA,” I saw that he had a calming sense of relief. He was crying tears of joy, whispering to himself: “It’s about damn time.” Read more »

Trump Wins the Presidency


Donald Trump has been elected the next president of the United States of America.

No, this isn’t a prank, or the beginning of an Onion article that you clicked on by mistake. The businessman-turned-TV star-turned Republican presidential candidate, who vowed to “Make America Great Again” while further dividing the country along racial and ethnic lines, pulled out a jaw-dropping upset victory over Democrat Hillary Clinton that pundits will likely puzzle over for decades to come.

Clinton conceded shortly before 3 a.m., after Wisconsin was called for Trump. Read more »

The G Philly LGBTQ Voting Guide for 2016

Election Day is finally here! We hope you stay informed and exercise your right to vote.

Resources for LGBTQ Voters on Election Day

Voter Guides

Lists of Endorsements

Gayborhood Watch Party

LGBT Community Election Results Watch Party: 7 p.m. at John C. Anderson Apartments, 251 South 13th Street.

Clinton Finishes Campaign With Independence Mall Rally

AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais

AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais

Hillary Clinton had a heck of a backdrop for her final pitch to the American public.

Speaking within sight of Independence Hall and just a block away from the Liberty Bell, Clinton was joined by Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, Michelle Obama, Chelsea Clinton, Bruce Springsteen, Jon Bon Jovi and a slew of local Democratic politicians the night before an election that could make her the first woman to be elected president of the United States.

“There is a clear choice in this election,” Clinton said to the 33,000 people at Independence Mall. “A choice between division or unity, between an economy that works for everyone or only those at the top, between strong steady leadership or a loose cannon who could put everything at risk … We know enough about my opponent. We know who he is. The real question for us is: What kind of country do we want to be, and what kind of future do we want to build for our children?” Read more »

WATCH: Springsteen Played Hillary’s Independence Mall Rally

Bruce Springsteen came to Philadelphia last night for a free outdoor show at Independence Mall. Oh, yeah, and tell people to vote for Hillary Clinton. We can only imagine New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, Springsteen super-fan and Donald Trump ally, was in the crowd in a fake nose and glasses.

Springsteen played three songs at the rally: “Thunder Road” (from Born to Run), “Long Walk Home” (from Magic), and “Dancing in the Dark” (from Born in the U.S.A.). He also gave a long, rambling speech on why you should vote for Hillary Clinton while strumming his guitar. Basically, it was just like a mini-Bruce show! Read more »

Here’s Everything You Need to Know to Vote in the 2016 Presidential Election


Happy Election Day, Philadelphia! Polls are open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.

The most important presidential race in modern memory is today. There are also lots of other candidates on the ballot who could change your life for better or worse. Pennsylvania is home to one of the most important U.S. Senate elections in the country. The state will elect its top law-enforcement official, and decide whether the Republican Party has a veto-proof majority in the state Senate. If you don’t know anything about those races — or where your polling place is, or whom to call if you have trouble voting — don’t worry. We’ve got all that and more covered below. Read more »

The Eagles’ Loss Yesterday Means Clinton Wins the Election Tomorrow

Jordan Matthews; Hillary Clinton

Jordan Matthews photo by USA Today Sports; Hillary Clinton photo by Tim Pierce (license)

For years, it was called the “Redskins Rule.” If the Washington football team with the racist nickname won their last home game before the presidential election, the incumbent party would retain the presidency. If Washington’s football team lost, the party not in power would win the White House.

Unfortunately for political wonks who enjoy spurious relationships, the rule was broken in 2004. Wonks then came up with a “revised rule” that said the rule was flipped in the election subsequent to elections where the popular vote winner lost the presidency in the Electoral College. But Washington lost its last home game before the 2012 election, and so the rule is no longer in effect. Read more »

I’m Not Voting for Hillary Clinton — I’m Voting for What She’ll Do

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton greets supporters as she arrives for a rally at McGonigle Hall at Temple University in Philadelphia , Friday, July 29, 2016. Clinton and Kaine will begin a three day bus tour.

I’m not voting for Hillary Clinton.

I will technically go in and press her name in the polling booth, but what I’m really voting for is action on all the issues that matter. President Barack Obama effectively summed up this election for me when he said in a speech at the Congressional Black Caucus dinner, “Our values are on the ballot.” This cycle has given even longtime political observers whiplash, so I’m empathetic to those who want to tune it all out. But while so much campaign coverage has focused on the clash of personalities, there are real people with real hopes, needs and ideas who will be impacted by the election’s outcome. For me, this election boils down to who’s going to move us forward in key areas and who would take us backwards. Let’s cut through the noise and focus on what we’re really voting for on November 8th. Read more »

Clintons, Obamas to Rally in Philly Monday Night

Clinton and Obama

If you didn’t realize Philadelphia was crucial to Hillary Clinton’s election chances, you should now. Per the campaign, Hillary Clinton will rally in Philadelphia on Monday night at a yet-to-be-announced location. She’ll be joined by her husband Bill, her daughter Chelsea, President Barack Obama and Michelle Obama. The whole team!

“Clinton will urge Pennsylvanians to make history on Tuesday by electing her president so she can continue pushing for the American ideals of progress, inclusion, equality and strength that our founders enshrined in our Constitution in Philadelphia in 1787,” said a release from the campaign. “Along with President Obama, she will also lay out how the division and dangerous views espoused by Donald Trump in his campaign make him unqualified, unfit and unworthy to lead this great nation.” Read more »

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