Ed Rendell to Democrats: It’s Best If You Don’t Run Against Hillary Clinton

Politico on Wednesday assessed the presidential ambition of former Maryland governor Martin O’Malley. The site’s Anna Palmer writes that the 2016 presidential field is “frozen” until Hillary Clinton decides if she’ll jump into the race. It appears very likely she will, of course, and got a very interesting quote from Clinton family loyalist and professional Philadelphia Eagles analyst Ed Rendell:

Former Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell said that other possible Democratic presidential candidates, like Sens. Mark Warner of Virginia and Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota are biding their time to see what Clinton will do. Vice President Joe Biden, who is widely considered to be the front-runner if Clinton chooses not to run, has met with some fundraisers and has made several visits to key states like South Carolina.

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What’s Weird About Chelsea Clinton’s Baby

Marc Mezvinsky and Chelsea Clinton attend the 2014 amfAR New York Gala at Cipriani Wall Street on February 5, 2014, in New York City. Photo | Debby Wong, Shutterstock.com

Marc Mezvinsky and Chelsea Clinton attend the 2014 amfAR New York Gala at Cipriani Wall Street on February 5, 2014, in New York City. Photo | Debby Wong, Shutterstock.com

A great big mazel tov to Chelsea Clinton and Marc Mezvinsky, who announced late last week the impending birth this autumn of an heir to the Clinton dynasty. You may remember their wedding back in the summer of 2010. It was the American equivalent of one of Britain’s royal marriage hullabaloos, and cost, cognoscenti guessed, about three million bucks. But for all its heritage and privilege, Marc and Chelsea’s baby, when it’s born, will be part of a minority — the less than 50 percent of all babies born in this country today whose parents are wed.

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Ready For Hillary Super PAC Party at G Lounge


On January 30 the Ready For Hillary Super PAC had its first fundraiser — despite the fact that Hillary Clinton has not yet announced a run for the White House in 2016. Nearly 200 eager young friends gathered at G Lounge, paying $20.16 each (get it?), to organize and rally for the former First Lady, Senator and Secretary of State. The evening was a one-two punch for Hillary as bigger donors first gathered at 5:30 p.m. at the Morris Cafe for a soiree hosted by Duane Morris partner Alan Kessler and Ballard Spahr partner Ken Jarin with tickets ranging from $1,000 to $5,000. Then the party moved down the block to G Lounge at 7 p.m. for a party hosted by Dan Kessler and a committee of 30. The supporters were fired up, and plan many more parties to help get Ready for Hillary.

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There Were Some People Who Were Ready for Hillary Last Night


By now you may have heard that a coalition of Hillary Clinton die-hards has created a Super PAC called Ready for Hillary. This fundraising behemoth is prohibited from coordinating with Madam Secretary’s presidential campaign, which is not actually an issue considering we’re 700 days away from the New Hampshire primary and no such campaign exists. No matter: Ready for Hillary planted itself in Philly last night, where a father-son tag team hosted two separate tree-shaking events.

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Hillary Clinton Was in Town Again Last Night

September 10th: Hillary receives the Liberty Medal at the National Constitution Center.

November 1st: Hillary speaks to the Pennsylvania Conference of Women at the Convention Center.

November 21st: Hillary spoke at the U.S. Green Building Conference at the Convention Center.

Next, we hear, she’s going to start sitting in the grass on the national Mall and start telling people stories about the American Revolution. Point is: She really likes us, doesn’t she?!

Here’s a synopsis of what former Madam Secretary said last night:

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Even Ed Rendell Doesn’t Think Hillary Is Running for President

As Joel Mathis said last week, perhaps it’s time to let the dream go, Hillary supporters:

“I’m not as convinced as much as everybody else that Hillary’s running,” he said. Rendell said the former Secretary of State, unlike most former elected officials, has the stature to have a real impact on public policy the next 10 years out of office if she wants to.

“Everyone around her wants her to run, of course,” he said. If she runs and wins, he said, she makes history, but subjects herself to “10 years of withering stress.” Tough call.

Tough, indeed. Especially considering Clinton faces levels of support for her (non)candidacy rarely seen in politics. Ready for Hillary, a pro-Clinton super PAC, for example, has roughly 850,000 members and raised $1.2 million in July. So, of course, the potential is very much there.

But with one of Clinton’s staunchest supporters ready to throw in the towel for a 2016 run, it might be time to take the hint. Better luck next time, guys. [Newsworks]

Constitution Center CEO Jeffrey Rosen Has the Best Job in the World

You’ve spent most of your career as a law professor and the legal affairs editor at the New Republic. Why move to Philly to take over the Constitution Center?
I had the best job in the world as a law professor and a journalist. But when the Constitution Center approached me, I realized this was the best job in the world.

My great passion in life has been moderating constitutional conversations. And the Constitution Center is the one place in America, in the world, that’s uniquely qualified to do just that.

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Three Signs That Liberty Medal Recipient Hillary Clinton Won’t Run for President in 2016

Nah, Hillary Clinton isn’t running for president.

Sure, just about everybody who gathered Tuesday night at the National Constitution Center to see Clinton receive the Liberty Medal expects to see her run—the out-of-town media that gathered, the extra-supportive crowd, and just about everybody who got up on stage to sing her praises clearly expect it.

“I think Secretary Clinton is going to be in Des Moines next week,” said Jeb Bush, referencing Iowa’s first-in-the-nation presidential caucuses. (To be fair, Jeb probably will be there too.)

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