In North Philly, Michelle Obama Rips Trump’s Demeanor

Michelle Obama speaking at the Tom Gola Arena at La Salle University

Attendees at a Hillary Clinton campaign rally take photos of Michelle Obama as the first lady speaks. | Photo by Dan McQuade

Michelle Obama came to Philadelphia, and went in on Donald Trump.

“Being president is not anything like reality TV,” said the first lady. “It is not an apprenticeship. … It is about whether someone can handle the awesome responsibility of running this country.”

Earlier in her speech at La Salle University’s Tom Gola Arena, she attacked his temperament: “A president just can’t pop off or lash out irrationally. No, we need an adult in the White House.” Behind her, the Clinton campaign had put up a sign quoting Michelle Obama’s speech at the Democratic National Convention: “When they go low — we go high.” With Trump’s repetition of his attack on the weight of a Miss Universe winner in a post-presidential debate interview, the Clinton campaign is very clearly trying to pitch Trump’s rhetoric as un-presidential and unelectable. Read more »

Biden on Trump: “What in the Hell Is He Talking About?”

Joe Biden speaks in Drexel's grand court

Photo | Dan McQuade

“What in the hell is he talking about?”

That was Joe Biden’s summary of Donald Trump’s performance at last night’s presidential debate. Biden spoke at Drexel University’s Grand Court this morning to stump for Hillary Clinton and encourage students to register to vote.

While Clinton attacked Trump for cheering on the housing crisis, Trump interjected by saying: “That’s called business, by the way.”

Biden had harsh words for Trump’s debate performance. “It was good business for him to see the housing market fail,” Biden said. “What in the hell is he talking about? No, no, no, no: I’ve been here for eight presidents … every president I have served with, including the Republicans, has had a moral center, about what it means to be an American. I mean it! Think about it. Can you imagine Ronald Reagan saying, ‘It’s good business to take advantage of people’s misery’? And rooting for that misery! I’m not kidding. What does it say about this man? And he wants to be president of the United States of America! He does not have the basic fundamental sensibilities and values that almost every American politician, left right and center, has.” Read more »

Elizabeth Banks at Penn: “You F—ing Millennials Need to F—ing Vote”

Elizabeth Banks holds up her phone to take a selfie

Elizabeth Banks takes a selfie with the crowd at Penn’s LGBT Center on Monday evening | Photo by Dan McQuade

Elizabeth Banks was done speaking to a packed-to-the-gills LGBT Center at Penn. As she finished up her brief speech, she knew what the kids were interested in: “I would like to be able to give you guys what you want,” she said, “which is pictures on your phone.” Dutifully, Banks then stood on a chair to take a table for her own selfie, then hung around for about 20 minutes as students lined up to take photos with her.

Banks, a 1996 graduate of Penn, was in Philadelphia to attend several events Monday in support of Hillary Clinton. She attended a private event at Ardmore, encouraged voter registration at the Penn LGBT Center, and went to the Liberty City Democratic Club Meeting in Center City.

“You need to vote for Hillary Clinton, and get 10 other people to vote for her too,” she said to the crowd at Penn. “You fucking millennials need to get out the fucking vote.” Read more »

Where to Watch the Debate Tonight While Drinking

Photos via Wikimedia Commons

Photos via Wikimedia Commons

If you’re planning on staying at home on Monday night, there are plenty of articles telling you how to watch the debate online if you don’t have cable. (The numerous options include live streams on both Facebook and Twitter.) But to us, watching the Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump debate at home sounds about as exciting as the second season of True Detective, so we checked in with more than 75 Philly bars to see where to watch the debate tonight while drinking. Read more »

Donald Trump Opens Campaign Office on South Street

Donald Trump - with "prison for Hillary" shirt

The front window of the Trump campaign office on South Street. | Photo: Dan McQuade

South Street is a legendary Philadelphia street. It’s home of everything from high schoolers exploring downtown for the first time to young men blasting tunes and yelling at women. It’s the home of a solid cheesesteak rivalry (Jim’s vs. Ishkabibbles) and a concert venue that’s hosted everything from rap and rock shows to little person wrestling. It’s home to Fat Tuesday and a 24-hour diner and actually is kind of upscale now on the other side of Broad Street. It’s also now home to a Donald Trump campaign office.

The office, which is between 8th and 9th streets, sprouted up sometime in the last week or so. A worker inside, who did not give his name, said it was Trump’s second office — the first is in Northeast Philadelphia. It’s full of Trump lawn signs and other campaign paraphernalia. The worker told me no one from the campaign was yet ready to talk about the field office. Messages sent to the Trump campaign were not returned. Read more »

Michelle Obama Will Campaign in Philadelphia Next Week

Michelle Obama speaking at the DNC. Photo by J. Scott Applewhite/AP

Michelle Obama speaking at the DNC. Photo by J. Scott Applewhite/AP

First Lady Michelle Obama will campaign in Philadelphia next week for Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

Michelle Obama will “lay out what’s in stake in this election” on Wednesday, September 28th, according to the Clinton campaign. The First Lady will come to Philly on the heels of her husband, President Barack Obama, who campaigned for Clinton in front of the Art Museum on September 13th. Clinton herself campaigned on Temple University’s campus yesterday, where she made a pitch to millennial voters. Read more »

Clinton Stumps for Millennial Votes at Temple

Hillary Clinton speaking at Temple University

Hillary Clinton speaks at Temple’s Mitten Hall on Monday. | Photo: Dan McQuade

With just 50 days until the election, Hillary Clinton came to Temple today to pitch millennial voters on why she needs their votes.

“Even if you’re totally opposed to Donald Trump, you may still have questions about me,” Clinton said. “I get that and I want to do my best to answer those questions. When it comes to public service, the service part has always been easier to me than the public part. I will never be the showman my opponent is, and you know what? That’s OK with me … Any voter who’s still undecided, give us both a fair hearing,” Clinton said. “No one will work harder to make your life better. I will never stop.”

She focused on several issues that surveys show are important to young voters: She discussed her plan, developed from many of Bernie Sanders’s proposals, to offer students free tuition at public universities. And she went beyond college: “A four-year college degree shouldn’t be the only path to a good-paying job,” Clinton said. Read more »

Outrage After Donald Trump Jr. “Gas Chambers” Comment on 1210 AM

Donald Trump Jr. and his father

Donald Trump Jr., left, and his father at the 2016 Republican National Convention. | Photo: Matt Rourke/Associated Press

Chris Stigall’s interview with Donald Trump Jr. this morning on 1210 AM has caused a media storm after Trump referenced gas chambers in a comment about how the media treats Hillary Clinton.

Per a story about the interview posted on the local CBS website, Trump Jr. — who has a B.S. in economics from Wharton, like his father — said the media was Clinton’s “number-one surrogate.” He continued: Read more »

Barack Obama in Philly: Joe Biden Told Me to “Get on the Wentz Wagon”

Barack Obama came to Philadelphia, and there was one thing on his mind: Carson Wentz.

Okay, he had more on his mind than just the Eagles’ new starting quarterback. But Obama opened his speech at Eakins Oval today talking about Wentz, and the Eagles’ upcoming game against the Bears. “Some of you may have seen Joe Biden at the Eagles game,” Obama said. “He told me, ‘Barack, you’ve got to get on the Wentz Wagon!’ We’ve got a new quarterback. We have hope in Philly.… I am a Bears fan. And we play Philly next Monday night! So I’ve got to stick with my team, but I am going to go to Philly and scout out what all the fuss is about.” Read more »

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