Could Kathleen Kane Spoil Hillary Clinton’s Election Chances?

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Bloomberg Politics has an article today speculating that Kathleen Kane’s continuing scandal — scandals? It seems multiple, but we’re not sure how they can be separated from each other — might undermine Hillary Clinton’s chances of being elected president in 2016.

The premise seems dubious — it’s been decades since Pennsylvania voted Republican for president, leaving our status as “swing state” mostly mythical. Still everybody plays along.  Read more »

Studies: Gender Pay Gap Not As Wide As You Think

Christos Georghiou/Shutterstock

Christos Georghiou/Shutterstock

Although the general consensus is that the gender pay gap is around 77 cents to 83 cents on the dollar, a new study of 1.4 million Americans finds that it’s actually much smaller.

When examining men and women holding the same jobs, a new PayScale study found that men make just 2.7 percent more than women. The study controlled for factors that affect salary — including experience, location, hours worked and education.

That’s much less than the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported when it studied male and female full-time workers in all jobs — finding that women make 83 cents on the dollar compared to men. Read more »

Hillary Clinton to Appear on Broad City With Philly’s Abbi Jacobson

Hillary Clinton is going to be on an episode of Broad City, y’all. A few hours ago, the Democratic presidential frontrunner tweeted a photo of herself with Broad City stars/creators/hilarious people Abbi Jacobson (a Wayne native) and Ilana Glazer. They’re joined by the show’s executive producer Amy Poehler, who, as you may know, famously portrayed Clinton on Saturday Night Live.

New York Times writer Dave Itzkoff confirmed her appearance in a later tweet, sharing an image of Clinton bear-hugging Jacobson and Glazer on a monitor on set.

Read more »

ICYMI: Here’s Everything Worth Knowing About the First Democratic Presidential Debate


Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton at the CNN Democratic Presidential Debate in Las Vegas on October 13th. (Rex Features via AP Images)

The last time Democrats debated one another, George W. Bush was still the president, Lehman Brothers was still solvent, and most people probably thought Bear Stearns was a character in a children’s book. Since then, we’ve been subjected to a seemingly endless parade of incoherent climate-deniers, squirrel-eaters, nativists, assault-rifle-maximalists, uterus-controllers and Rick Santorums in nationally televised Republican debates, where the purpose appeared to be to see who could most quickly reduce American government to a series of Walmart distribution centers with an army.

So in a sense it was nice just to be able to watch a debate without cringing at literally everything that comes out of the candidates’ mouths, to be thrown some beautiful, marbled red meat, to be pandered to. I believe it was Jefferson who said that from time to time the tree of liberty needs to be watered with unrealistic campaign promises. Most importantly, the country was reminded that it is possible to gather more than two people on a stage together in public and have them praise, rather then trash, President Obama. Read more »

In PA, Women Are Paid 79 Cents on the Dollar Compared to Men

(Popartic Shutterstock)

(Popartic Shutterstock)

Hillary Clinton has put the wage gap between men and women at the forefront of the her economic policy — and made it a hot-button issue in the 2016 presidential election. It’s got many people wondering: Why should a woman doing the same job be paid less than a man?

new study by the National Partnership for Women & Families finds that women in Pennsylvania are paid 79 cents on the dollar compared to men. That puts the state right on par with the national average. Read more »

What Everyone Is Avoiding Saying About Hillary Clinton’s Email Scandal

Like everybody else, I’ve been reading way too much about Hillary Clinton’s emails. I’ve read that her use of a private in-house server violated federal law. I’ve read that her use of the server didn’t violate federal law. I’ve read that her using that server is a big-ass scandal. I’ve read that it wasn’t a big-ass scandal. I’ve read that she had information in those emails that was classified, and that she didn’t have information in those emails that was classified — at the time. Frankly, the whole mess makes my head spin.

Why does it make my head spin? Because I’m a Technically Challenged Person (TCP), and technology perplexes me.

I’m the person you don’t want to ask to take a picture of your family with your iPhone, because I’m the person who keeps seeing pictures of my own face on the screen of my iPhone when I’m trying to take pictures of my son’s football game. And I’m not alone. There’s a substantial subset of Americans who get very, very flustered when they can’t get the remote control to make the TV set come on. It’s been my experience that the children and spouses of people with this condition will rush to their aid and perform the necessary technical operations themselves, rather than patiently walking the TCP through it, because a) it stops the screaming so much sooner; and b) trying to walk a TCP through it is a waste of time. Read more »

Poll: Joe Biden Passes Bernie Sanders, Gains on Hillary Clinton


A new Monmouth University poll shows that still-not-a-candidate Joe Biden is gaining momentum, having passed (democratic) socialist Bernie Sanders and gained ground on problem emailer Hillary Clinton among voters who are registered or lean Democrat.

Of 339 respondents, 22% said they would back Veep, former Delaware Senator, son of Scranton Biden if the 2016 election were held today — up from just 12% a month ago. (FWIW, he scored 16% in this measure back in April when his nascent candidacy was extremely nascent.) While Sanders was eclipsed by Biden — granted, in a poll with a 5.3% margin of error — his support has also trended upward; his 20% support is up from 16% last month. The big “loser” here, of course, is Clinton, whose numbers ticked down from 52% to 42%. Read more »

Biden Pondering Presidential Run


Vice President Joe Biden — the Scranton native and former longtime U.S. Senator from Delaware — is pondering a late entry into the 2016 presidential race, multiple reports say.

“Vice President Joe Biden met privately with Sen. Elizabeth Warren on Saturday in his residence at the Naval Observatory, CNN has learned, another sign he is seriously deciding whether to jump into the Democratic presidential race,” CNN reports. “Warren and Biden discussed economic policy during a meeting that lasted about two hours, a person familiar with the discussion told CNN, adding that the presidential campaign or Biden’s future was not a particular focus of the discussion.” Read more »

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