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Hillary Clinton Tells Philly “What Happened”: Five Takeaways

The lack of music was music to my ears. When Hillary Clinton strode onto the Academy of Music’s grand stage on Thursday evening, there was no […]

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Hillary Clinton Wants to Tell Philly “What Happened”

Hillary Clinton is here to tell Philly what happened last fall. (You know – on the fateful day of November 8, 2016.) Clinton will stop […]

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The Checkup: 6 Insider Tips for Buying Healthier Booze

• It’s finally the weekend (insert praising-hands emoji), which means you may be hitting up your local Wine & Spirits store on the way home […]


Hillary Clinton to Bring “What Happened” Tour to Philly

Hillary Clinton is coming back to Philly. Clinton will stop in Philly as part of a release tour for her forthcoming memoir, “What Happened.” 

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Donald Trump Is the President America Deserves

Another day, another insult from president-elect Donald Trump. As you have no doubt heard, on the eve of MLK weekend Trump took to attacking the […]


Can Clinton and Trump Supporters Agree on Anything?

The most rancorous presidential election in modern history has left voters in the Democratic stronghold of Southeastern Pennsylvania stunned and the country bitterly divided. But […]


Johnny Doc Forgets He’s a Democratic Elite, Says Democratic Elites Need to “Wake Up”

It’s hard to overstate how profoundly the Democratic Party screwed up in the 2016 election. Republicans will soon control the White House and both branches of […]


Is Pat Toomey “One of the Most Underrated Politicians in the Country”?

A political blog run by the Washington Post has called U.S. Sen. Pat Toomey one of the country’s “most underrated politicians.” 


Pennsylvania Electors Unanimously Vote for Donald Trump

It’s official. For weeks, Pennsylvania’s electors were reportedly plagued by emails, phone calls and letters from people begging them not to do exactly what they […]


Stein Shifts Pennsylvania Recount Effort to Federal Court

Former Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein and her campaign will take the plea for a presidential vote recount in Pennsylvania to federal court.


Meet Joe DeFelice, Donald Trump’s Hype Man in Philly

It’s been a fantastic year for Joe DeFelice, leader of the Philadelphia GOP. He helped Republican state Rep. Martina White fend off a Barack Obama-endorsed opponent in her Northeast district, […]


Philadelphia Will Get a Partial Presidential Vote Recount

Election officials in Philadelphia will recount presidential votes in 75 of the county’s 1,686 precincts — or in less than five percent of precincts.


Montco Judge Rejects Presidential Vote Recount Plea

A Montgomery County Common Pleas Judge on Wednesday dismissed Green Party candidate Jill Stein‘s plea for a presidential vote recount in the county. 

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The Latest on the Pennsylvania Vote Recount Effort

Update, 1:40 p.m.: According to Jill Stein’s campaign, by Monday afternoon recount requests were filed in more than 100 districts. “After a presidential election tarnished […]


People Urging a Vote Recount in Pa. “In Denial,” Says Local Election Attorney

Computer scientists and election lawyers are asking the Hillary Clinton campaign to recount election votes in three states, including Pennsylvania, New York Magazine reported last night. The […]