Biden Pondering Presidential Run


Vice President Joe Biden — the Scranton native and former longtime U.S. Senator from Delaware — is pondering a late entry into the 2016 presidential race, multiple reports say.

“Vice President Joe Biden met privately with Sen. Elizabeth Warren on Saturday in his residence at the Naval Observatory, CNN has learned, another sign he is seriously deciding whether to jump into the Democratic presidential race,” CNN reports. “Warren and Biden discussed economic policy during a meeting that lasted about two hours, a person familiar with the discussion told CNN, adding that the presidential campaign or Biden’s future was not a particular focus of the discussion.” Read more »

BizFeed: American Airlines Workers Allege Racism, Safety Hazards

1. American Airlines and US Airways Under Investigation

The News: Eighty airline workers from Philadelphia and Washington, D.C. say American Airlines and US Airways managers “routinely use racial slurs,” and “deny minority workers perks and training,” according to the Philadelphia Daily News.

They’re also accused of purposely delaying or botching repairs, leaving employees “petrified” to use certain equipment. The allegations were outlined in complaint filed with the Federal Aviation Administration and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, the Daily News said. American Airlines and US Airways merged in 2013, and have a big presence at the Philadelphia International Airport. Read more »

Hillary Clinton vs. Uber and the Sharing Economy

hillary clinton free library

(Photo by HughE Dillon)

Hillary Clinton has put Uber, Airbnb and the sharing economy in her crosshairs as she runs for president.

In a speech laying out her economic agenda on Monday, Clinton acknowledged that “many Americans are making extra money renting out a spare room,” or even “driving their own car.” But, she cautioned that it’s “raising hard questions about workplace protections and what a good job will look like in the future.” Read more »

Yaaas, Hillary!: Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Goes Super Gay

You, too, can own this "Yaaas, Hillary!" t-shirt. From Hillary for America Shop.

You, too, can own this “Yaaas, Hillary!” t-shirt. From Hillary for America Shop.

We reported a while back on the “Bottoms for Hillary” movement, but the official Clinton campaign has come up with a series of LGBTQ products that have us screaming “Yaaas!”

My favorite has got to be the “Yaaas, Hillary!” yellow t-shirt, featuring an old-school yearbook photo of Clinton, but it isn’t the only piece of merchandise available in the Hillary for America Pride Shop. Take a look at the assortment of really cool products below:

Head on over to the official Hillary Clinton store to pick up some of this fabulousness, and, on a more serious note, when the time comes, do NOT forget to vote.

BizFeed: Hillary Clinton Joins LinkedIn

Hillary's resume is better than yours.

Hillary’s resume is better than yours.

1. Hillary Clinton Joins LinkedIn

The News: Presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton has joined LinkedIn. Her summary section is obviously pretty impressive:

Wife, mother, grandmother, women and kids advocate, FLOTUS, FLOAR, Senator, Secretary of State, dog person, hair icon, pantsuit aficionado, 2016 presidential candidate.

(Weirdly, President Barack Obama joined Twitter just a few days ago. Coincidence?)

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What I Learned at The Women in the World Summit

Hillary Clinton at the Women in the World Summit.

Hillary Clinton at the Women in the World Summit.

Yeonmi Park was 13 when she and her mother escaped North Korea, but their battles were far from over: Once they reached China, her mother was repeatedly raped in front of her eyes, and both women endured brutal mental and physical anguish, ranging from having to submit to sexual encounters to hunger.

As Ms. Park eloquently told her story at the 2015 Women in the World Summit at New York City’s David Koch Theatre, there wasn’t a dry eye in the house—male or female—as she tearfully proclaimed, “For the first time in my life, I own me, I own myself.”

I received a last-minute invitation to attend the Thursday portion of the three-day summit as a seat filler from a casting agency. Sure, the list of headliners enticed me to take them up on their offer: Hillary Clinton, Ashley Judd, Barbra Streisand, and Katie Couric were all scheduled to speak. But still, the question remained: What would I, a young gay man, get out of attending a women’s conference? I quickly learned the answer: a lot. The issues and innovation discussed at the summit showed how gender and sexuality aside, we’ve all got a lot to learn about equality, and there are remarkable individuals making huge strides to help people across the globe. Read more »

Cowboys Fan Chris Christie Says He’ll Beat Hillary Clinton. In Pennsylvania.

clinton - christie

Chris Christie isn’t even a declared presidential candidate — yet — but he’s already got some fighting words ready for Hillary Clinton.

“If I run, I will beat her,” Christie told conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt on Tuesday.

Hewitt, sensibly, asked which “blue” states Christie might win back from Democrats to make that happen. Christie’s first answer was automatic: Pennsylvania. The Keystone State has watched him govern New Jersey for more than five years, he said, and is comfortable with his style.

“If I were to run, I think Pennsylvania is a state that is very much in play,” Christie told Hewitt.

Maybe. But the evidence suggests that Clinton already has a head start on Christie in Pennsylvania. Read more »

Market Report: 7 Bizarre But Genius Ways to Organize Your Beauty Products

Images via Daily Makeover

Images via Daily Makeover

  • If your bathroom looks like a Sephora threw up in it, you’re not alone. Here are 7 out-of-the-box hacks to organizing your beauty products and getting rid of all the disaster. [Byrdie]
  • Rebel Wilson proved to the world that you don’t have you to be a size 0 to don the famous angel wings and still look fierce doing it. [Elle]
  • Kiddy-fashion faux pas, or slyly awesome? Check out the new “Bello Yellow” collection by Giles Deacon, inspired by our favorite nonsensical yellow minions. [WWD]

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I Can’t Get On Board the Hillary Clinton Bandwagon. Yet.

Hillary Rodham Clinton campaigns for Maryland Democratic gubernatorial candidate, Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown, during a rally at the University of Maryland, Thursday, Oct. 30, 2014, in College Park, Md.

Hillary Rodham Clinton campaigns for Maryland Democratic gubernatorial candidate, Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown, during a rally at the University of Maryland, Thursday, Oct. 30, 2014, in College Park, Md.

Man, I wish I could jump on board the Hillary Clinton bandwagon.

I’d love to be rooting for the First Woman President right now. I’d love to reward a career spent largely in public service. And I’d love to not risk being even tenuously associated with all the sexist d-bags and Clinton Conspiracymongers who are already coming out of the woodwork, again — not that they ever really went away.  Read more »

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