Market Report: The Craziest Makeup Trick to Get Rid of Dark Undereye Circles

Deepica Mutyala, Youtube | Photo via Today

Deepica Mutyala, Youtube | Photo via Today.

  • Would you put swipe lipstick under your eyes if it meant getting rid of those god-awful dark circles? According to this beauty expert, it’s the best new beauty trick. [Today]
  • Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson brought their best Blue Steels to the Valentino show to announce the release of Zoolander 2. (YES!) [The Daily Beast]
  • Givenchy also had its autumn/winter 2015 show this week. The look is something you can’t miss, and hopefully one that won’t catch on. (Spoiler: So. Many. Facial Accessories.) []

Click for the makeup remover pencil that will change your life (or at least the way you take off your makeup).

Market Report: 8 Small Ways You’re Unknowingly Ruining Your Outfit



  • Hanger loops sticking out, jacket flaps still sewn together, stringy belt loops: These are the 8 tiny ways you’re ruining your outfit without even realizing it. [Cosmopolitan]
  • The most incredible show at Paris Fashion Week was Chanel, for which Karl Lagerfeld built an entire Parisian brasserie — waiters, menus and all. You just have to see it. [Grazia]
  • My search for the perfect nude lipstick is ongoing (right now I’m layering the now-discontinued Pout gloss from Smashbox over MAC’s Myth). And I’m not alone! Here, 5 editors divulge their favorite nude lipsticks. [Byrdie]

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The 12 Best, Worst and Most Kanye Moments of New York Fashion Week


Images via Instagram, Getty, The Cut, Rosie Assoulin.

This week, countless editors, photographers, stylists, celebrities and street-style stalwarts flocked to New York for the ever-growing circus that is Fashion Week. Designers showed their fall 2015 collections (yes, fashion has a lightning-fast cycle), and everyone furiously took notes — and blurry Instagram pics — of what they liked, hated and wanted to buy right then.

For those of you seriously into fashion, you’ve probably already peeked at the shows and read the reviews (if not, read Cathy Horyn’s pitch-perfect takes on the collections here; she’s the best fashion journalist out there and finally back as a critic at the Cut after a year off). For the rest of you, I’ve boiled down the chaos to 12 main talking points, so you can sound well-informed when chatting fashion around the water cooler. What, you guys don’t do that?  Read more »

Market Report: The Makeup Products You Need To Throw Away


  • We all have those beauty products that we keep around for sentimental purposes (cough, shimmer lotion). Here’s what people hang on to for way too long, and what you really need to toss already. [Into The Gloss]
  • I can’t believe I’m saying this, but Chanel’s tiny purse shaped like a bagel and cream cheese is sort of—okay, really—cute. [Lucky]

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Market Report: Here is Everything Everyone Wore to the Met Gala

7 Ways To Wear Red And Pink

  • The fashion world’s prom took place last night. Some knocked it out of the park (Solange, Liu Wen, Giovanna Battaglia, Arizona Muse), some were head-scratchers (Lupita‘s headband?), some were downright bad (Elizabeth Olsen in an ice-skating costume; Katie Holmes in a wench’s costume; SANDRA LEE OMG), and one desperately needed to wash her freaking hair (Chloë Sevigny). [New York Times]

But you need to see what Rihanna wore to the afterparty.

VIDEO: This Interactive Fashion Film Lets You Shop While You Watch

This is pretty awesome:, a luxury lifestyle web magazine, launched its first ‘shoppable’ video today. It features a troupe of contemporary dancers from a London dance company, guys clad in tighty-whities, girls in simple white slips and underwear. As the film progresses, clothing floats into the frame and onto the dancers: a blue Haider Ackermann dress, a Bottega Veneta jacket, a Kenzo top, a striped Louis Vuitton skirt. But here’s where it gets amazing: The entire video is interactive. Click on the articles of clothing you like as you watch—better do it fast; these dancers whirl about quickly!—and they’ll be instantly saved for you to review later. At the end of the video, click on the icon at the bottom right-hand of the screen and you can see descriptions, materials and designers of the pieces you liked. Even better, it takes you to a third-party e-commerce site where you can actually purchase the clothes. Watch the film below, and try not to fall into the rabbit hole: I’m already fantasizing about a time where movies and TV shows are shoppable. Could you imagine being able to shop, say, the SATC movie, Funny Face or, OMG, Clueless?

Store Opening Awesomeness: Saint Laurent Opened in King of Prussia


Philadelphians, meet your new favorite store.

In fashion news that will make you squeal with glee: Saint Laurent (yep, still looks sorta naked without the ‘Yves’) has opened a new store! In Pennsylvania! In the King of Prussia mall! Yes, go on. Let that soak in for a little bit. Okay, here are the details: The space is in the lower level of the Plaza, sandwiched between Ferragamo and David Yurman, right across from Neiman Marcus. It’s 1,800 square feet, and features men’s and women’s ready-to-wear and accessories.

I spoke with the store’s general manager, Jacquelyn Merrin, who confirmed the store opened this morning, without much fanfare (in fact, there were still ladders up yesterday!). “We try to keep it word of mouth,” she said. “We like to keep it exclusive. And the response today has been phenomenal. We’ve had everyone in here checking out the collection. We’re making our stamp.”

The store’s open until 9pm tonight. Go there. Now. (Oh, and welcome to the neighborhood, Hedi.)

The Woman With the Most Expensive Wardrobe in the World

The Woman With the World's Most Expensive Wardrobe

Here’s Mouna, in a dress that costs more than your house.

Mouna Ayoub is a regular woman just like you and me. She once worked as a waitress, she eats egg sandwiches and sometimes she wears jeans. And also she owns a yacht, enjoys  sleepovers with the King of Spain and has the largest private collection of haute couture in the world (over 1,600 pieces, each costing up to $400,000).

But it gets better. Keep reading here.

Market Report: All the Details on the Fashion You Saw on Downton Abbey This Season

Market Report

  • Get inside the mind of Downton Abbey‘s costume designer. Here she dishes on the early Jazz Age costumes you saw this season, and why Edith is showing so much skin. [The Cut]
  • Do you have proper makeup counter etiquette? (Probably not.) [Huffington Post]
  • All you need to know about high fashion right now: Moschino designer Jeremy Scott sent McDonalds, Fritos and SpongeBob SquarePants down the runway. [Fashion Bomb Daily]

Mondays stink. Shoppist doesn’t. More ahead!

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