Chip And the Up-Tempo Movement

Foles Steelers
Bill Walsh
predicted the up-tempo movement in his 1997 book titled, Finding the Winning Edge.

In a chapter called “Determining the Future Dynamics of Offense in the NFL,” he envisions a league where teams only huddle when the clock is stopped and use single-word audibles to call out a play.

The quarterback will look to the sideline the instant the whistle blows on the previous play to see which personnel combination is entering the game. The designated coach indicates the formation to the quarterback and whether he should audible his own play or will receive a play call from the coach. All of these steps will occur without a huddle.

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Eagles Predictions, From Jeremiah Trotter to Billy King

We reached out to a handful of local sports figures to get their predictions for the upcoming season. What will the Eagles’ record be? Here’s what they had to say:

Name: Jeremiah Trotter
Credentials: Star Eagles linebacker, 1998-2001, 2004-06, 2009. Four-time Pro Bowler. Analyst, 97.5 The Fanatic.
Prediction: 10-6

Michael Barkann
Credentials: Seven-time PA Sportscaster of the Year. Emmy Winner. Host at Comcast Sportsnet since 1997. Talk-show host.
Prediction: 10-6

Vai Sikahema
Credentials: Philadelphia Eagle, 1992-93. Two-time Pro Bowler. NBC 10 Sports Director. Goal-post puncher.
Prediction:  9-7

Ron Jaworski
Credentials: Eagles quarterback, 1977-86. One Pro Bowl. 28,190 passing yards. ESPN Analyst.
Prediction:  9-7

Keith Byars
Credentials: Eagles running back, 1986-92. Former 10th overall pick. One Pro Bowl. Analyst, YES Network.
Prediction:   11-5

Herm Edwards
Credentials: Eagles defensive back, 1977-85. Scored “Miracle at the Meadowlands” touchdown against the Giants. Former head coach.
Prediction: 11-5

Billy King
Credentials: Sixers team President, 2003-07. Philadelphia-area resident.
Prediction: 12-4

What King lacks in football experience he makes up for in sheer optimism.

Consensus: 10-6

Meanwhile, another former Eagle believes that Andy Reid‘s club is Super Bowl bound.  Here’s what Mike Golic had to say on Wednesday.

“I’m kind of buying all-in on them this year, to say this will be a year they stay healthy enough to get there,” said Golic. “Obviously this one could implode on me.”

Golic also has Michael Vick as his offensive MVP.

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