7 Unexpected Smoothie Ingredients You Should Be Using (But Aren’t)

Smoothies are a quick, healthy, grab-and-go option for breakfast, but when you just stick to the expected — i.e. loads of fruit — you’re actually sabotaging your breakfast, nutrition-wise.

Luckily, there are simple fixes to make sure you get the most out of your blends. Here, we’ve rounded up eight unexpected ingredients (think: chickpeas, brine — really! — and roasted sweet potato) that will up the health factor of your smoothies and keep ’em tasty.

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5 Ways You’re Unknowingly Sabotaging Your Smoothies

Oy. Navigating through the world of healthy drinks is no easy feat these days. What with that whole unicorn smoothie trend and the maca and the matcha and the merbabe (really, that’s a thing), it’s hard to keep up!

Even the OG of healthy drinks, the smoothie, can be a confusing thing to throw together. Nut butter or no nut butter? ALL the fruit or barely any? So. Many. Questions. To clear things up, we chatted with Unite Fitness nutrition director Juliet Burgh about the ways people unknowingly sabotage their smoothies. And womp, womp: You’re probably making one (or a few) of these mistakes on the regular — so read up! Smoothie season is a comin’.
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Fuel’s Midtown Village Outpost to Debut Renovations With Free Smoothies

Fuel's new Strawberry Cream Smoothie | Photo courtesy of Fuel's Facebook page

Fuel’s new Strawberry Cream Smoothie | Photo courtesy of Fuel’s Facebook page

Fuel, the local fast-casual chain that offers up a menu of wraps, sandwiches, smoothies and more, all under 500 calories (and some made with produce grown in their very own greenhouse in North Philly!), has revamped their Midtown Village location and they’re debuting the location tomorrow, April 14th, with — wait for it — free smoothies for all! Yippee!

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The Unexpected Frozen Ingredient That Totally Upgrades Smoothies

Drumroll, please! Ladies and gentlemen, may I introduce to you the cauliflower smoothie. Yes, people are putting cauliflower in their smoothies now. Lately, we’ve noticed this member of the cruciferous veggie family popping up in smoothie posts on Instagram more and more. Now, you might be thinking: Woah, I dig the cauli mash and I’m totally down with buffalo cauliflower wings, but I’m not so sure how it will turn out in my smoothie. Well, the Instagrammers behind the trend told MindBodyGreen that it doesn’t change the flavor of smoothies at all (really!) AND it helps to up the creaminess. We will take it.

On top of that, cauliflower adds all sorts of health perks: it’s loaded with vitamins C and K, folate and fiber (which keeps you nice and full), and it only rings in at 25 calories per cup. Plus, unlike many a smoothie add-in, cauliflower is low in sugar. And frozen cauliflower is a super inexpensive buy. Long story short, cauliflower is quite the unexpected smoothie star. But if you’re not sure how to approach the cauliflower-smoothie trend (understandable), not to fear: We’ve rounded up six simple recipes for whipping up your very own cauliflower smoothie. Check them out below.

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