10 Ways to Take Your Avocado Toast to the Next Level

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Avocado toast is loaded with healthy fats (great for your skin, by the way!), it’s versatile (evidence below), it’s oh-so-easy to make, and you can eat it for breakfast, lunch or dinner. So when it comes to go-to meals, there is really nothing better. That said, plain ol’ avocado toast can get a bit boring day after day. That’s where these recipes come in.

Below, 10 recipes to take your avocado toast to the next level, from the simple — a perfectly runny egg, for instance — to the unexpected (hi, Mexican grilled corn avocado toast). Bonus: All these recipes will make your avocado toast more Instagram-worthy, too. Don’t lie: We know you totally Instagram your avocado toast on the regular. Read more »

What to Eat This Week: Cheesy Meals You Won’t Feel Bad About Eating

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Remember, back in the day, when your mom made you some killer SpongeBob-shaped (or Arthur!) macaroni and cheese and, in the moment of that first cheesy bite, all was right in the world? Yeah, us too. Although cheese is not the healthiest thing to reach for, we do miss eating it carefree sometimes.

Luckily, this week’s recipes give you all sorts of cheesy goodness, but none of the guilt. (You’re welcome.) We’ve got a lasagna that cuts the cheese with creamy butternut squash pureé, a mac and cheese that rings at a measly 250 calories a serving, and there’s even a vegan cheese option on the list. Happy cooking!  Read more »

25 Make-Ahead Healthy Breakfasts for On-the-Go Mornings



Here at Be Well Philly, we’re definitely not strangers to hectic, busy mornings. Whether you accidentally overslept or are running late for a super-early meeting, sometimes there just isn’t enough time to cook yourself the satisfying, nutritious breakfast your body deserves. So, instead of skipping breakfast, be proactive and prepare your morning fuel the night before! You can kill two birds with one stone: unwind and relax before bedtime and save yourself time (and stress) in the morning.

To help you out, we found 25 healthy breakfasts worth trying, all of which can be made the night before and are portable for those on-the-go mornings. From overnight mason jar oats to breakfast burritos and egg muffins, there’s a quick, healthy breakfast for all of your busy mornings, below. Read more »

10 Philly Instagrammers Every Healthy Foodie Should Be Following

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It’s time to put the hours you spend scrolling through Instagram to good use (don’t worry, we’re totally guilty, too). Instead of stalking your new coworker or ex-boyfriend until you’re in 88 weeks deep and accidentally “like” a photo (awkward), use your Instagram addiction as a way to add some new healthy recipes to your repertoire and discover some awesome Philly eats.

We rounded up 10 Philly-based Instagrammers who love healthy food just as much as we do. So next time you’re stumped on what to make or where to go, check out the accounts of these local healthy food bloggers, coaches, chefs, and dietitians for some drool-worthy healthy-eating inspiration. Read more »

Drink Your Way to the Best Skin Ever: 8 Best Water Add-Ins for Glowing Skin



Remember back in the winter, when we told you guys about the best foods to eat for glowing skin? Well, now that it’s summer and my weather app is showing me the temperature in the form of a cactus overlapping a giant, orange sun, we figured it was time to bring you guys the eight best water add-ins for your skin. Because if you’re drinking glass after glass of water every day to stay cool and hydrated, might as well have all that water work double-duty, right?

So, to get the lowdown on what we should be spiking our water with to get the skin of Kendall Jenner — which still managed to look good even after it was vandalized by a drone —  we gave Jolene Hart, certified health coach, author of Eat Pretty and queen of water infusions, a call. And, boy, did she have some good suggestions! (And interestingly, many of them promote good digestive health which plays a big part in how fantastic our skin looks. Who knew?) From lemon to mint to ginger and more, see Hart’s top picks for skin-perfecting water add-ins below.

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24 Fruits and Vegetables You Should Be Eating This Summer



You’ve heard that eating locally and seasonally is healthier and more sustainable, but you certainly can’t eat that way unless you know what’s available locally this season. To that end, we’re here to help! Let this be your encyclopedia to the fruits and vegetables you can find at your local farmers’ markets over the next few months, why they’re nutritious, and how to prepare them in a delicious and unusual way, organized in order of when they’re at their peak quality. Read more »

RECIPE: Vegan Sun-Dried Tomato Pesto That Tastes Good on, Well, Everything

sundried tomato pestoAsk anyone who has ever eaten a meal with me and they will tell you: That girl is a bona fide basil-pesto addict. To this day, I have yet to discover anything that I will not top off with an inappropriately large dollop of the cheesy, garlicky concoction: eggs, avocado toast, salad, quinoa, pasta, pizza, sweet potato fries, veggie sausage—name a food and, chances are, I have slathered it with a giant spoonful of pesto in the very recent past.

So ever since I started this whole Veganuary kick (I’ll write more about it once this grand experiment comes to an end), the one thing I’ve been pining for hasn’t been eggs or butter or even brie; it’s been basil pesto.

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What to Eat This Week: 5 Hearty Soups That Will Seriously Fill You Up

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You know what this cold streak calls for? Soup. And lots of it. But the thing about soup is, come dinnertime, a simple bowl of soup can leave you asking, “And what’s for the second course?”

Not these recipes, though: These five soup recipes are chock-full of all sorts of super-filling, nutrient-packed goodies like sweet potatoes, black beans, coconut milk and more. And if you want to bulk ‘em up even more, throw some tofu, chicken or extra veggies in the mix!

And just a tip: These recipes taste best when paired with a cozy blanket and a Netflix marathon. Happy cooking!

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What to Eat This Week: 5 Vegan Dinners You’ll Be Dying to Eat, Stat

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Back in December, we told you guys about Veganuary, a 31-day-long vegan challenge taking place throughout the month of January (Get it? Veganuary?). And back in December, when I wrote about it, I thought “Pfffft, one month? I can do that, EASY,” and signed up. Little did I know that after a full month of heavy cream-filled holiday meals, the butter withdrawal would be oh-so-real. So in an effort to stick to my word and stay away from the butter sticks this month, I’ve found a bunch of seriously drool-worthy vegan recipes to whip up. Who needs butter when you’ve got peanut butter soba noodles—am I right?

Whether you’re trying to complete the Veganuary challenge (It’s not too late to sign up!) or just trying to lighten up post-holiday season, these vegan recipes will help you do the trick. Now, who else will be chowing down on some vegan pizza come dinnertime?

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