Spring Eats: 10 5-Ingredient Recipes Starring Spring Produce

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With the onset of spring comes the desire to eat a little bit lighter and enjoy the season’s harvest (while it lasts). Plus, you want to make your meals quick and easy so you can spend ample time enjoying the outdoors — FINALLY. Satisfying these three needs — quick meals, made healthy with spring produce — can be tough, but not to fear: We’ve done all the Pinterest recipe searching for you. Here, we’ve gathered 10 recipes that showcase our favorite spring produce, each using only five ingredients (not counting the staples like oil, salt and pepper). Yup, just five.

From breakfast through dessert, there’s a five-ingredient spring recipe here for every palate (think: fries, tacos and pasta — all made healthy and seasonal). This list might even give you some fresh ideas for using your CSA goodies.

Happy springtime snacking, friends! Read more »

My Top 5: Best Healthy (and Hydrating!) Snacks to Stock a Beach Cooler With

We know you’ll all be scurrying around these last few weeks of summer, trying to squeeze in those last couple beach trips before cooler weather swoops in. And while nothing beats a beach day, beachside snack options are a different story. Sure, boardwalk fries are the BOMB every now and then, but every day you spend at the Shore? Not so much.

So to help you put together the perfect beach day snack menu, we got culinary nutrition educator Jessica Yeager, whose worked with local healthy-eating spots you probably love like Rittenhouse’s P.S. & Co., to work a little magic for us and share her top five healthy snacks and drinks to stock her cooler with for a day spent in the sun (complete with recipes!). Her top priority when it comes to packing her snacks for a beach day? Water content, people! Take note of Yeager’s beach-cooler picks below, then pack for your future Shore days accordingly.  Read more »

Why You Should Stop Buying This Sauce at the Store and Start Making It at Home

Ever since I was a little kid, every summer, my mom has made a habit of making her famous pesto sauce using basil from her garden. And every year, my sisters and I practically beg her to make enough so that we can freeze it and use it all year long. Obviously, we realize that we could just run to Costco or Trader Joe’s and grab a jar of pesto, and in desperate times, we have. But no store-bought sauce has ever compared to my mom’s fresh, nutty, creamy, homemade pesto sauce. I put it on everything: pizza, pasta, salads, chicken, bread, crackers, sandwiches, wraps — everything. It’s that freakin’ delicious.

So the other day, when my dad came home from doing some shopping at a local produce stand and told me that one of the farmers who worked there was making pesto sauce out of kale, I was a bit confused. Kale pesto? I’d only ever enjoyed the mouthwatering goodness of the basil stuff. I was intrigued, and thanks to my friend, the Internet, I discovered that the word pesto is derived from the Italian word “pestato” or “pestare”which just means to crush or pound, usually in reference to garlic and some kind of herbs—not limited to just basil!— in olive oil. This got me thinking: what other kinds of pesto are out there? The answer? Lots. Read more »

11 Creative and Delicious Corn Recipes You Need to Make This Summer


As we sweat our way through the month of July, we find ourselves right smack dab in the middle of one of the sweetest (pun totally intended) times of year: Corn season, of course. We know you’ll be gobbling up fresh corn on the cob every chance you get — but how else, aside from eating corn straight off the cob, can you squeeze sweet, sweet summer corn into your life, you ask? We have you covered. Below, 11 creative corn recipes to help you get the most out of corn season.  Read more »

10 Ways to Take Your Avocado Toast to the Next Level

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Avocado toast is loaded with healthy fats (great for your skin, by the way!), it’s versatile (evidence below), it’s oh-so-easy to make, and you can eat it for breakfast, lunch or dinner. So when it comes to go-to meals, there is really nothing better. That said, plain ol’ avocado toast can get a bit boring day after day. That’s where these recipes come in.

Below, 10 recipes to take your avocado toast to the next level, from the simple — a perfectly runny egg, for instance — to the unexpected (hi, Mexican grilled corn avocado toast). Bonus: All these recipes will make your avocado toast more Instagram-worthy, too. Don’t lie: We know you totally Instagram your avocado toast on the regular. Read more »

What to Eat This Week: Cheesy Meals You Won’t Feel Bad About Eating

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Remember, back in the day, when your mom made you some killer SpongeBob-shaped (or Arthur!) macaroni and cheese and, in the moment of that first cheesy bite, all was right in the world? Yeah, us too. Although cheese is not the healthiest thing to reach for, we do miss eating it carefree sometimes.

Luckily, this week’s recipes give you all sorts of cheesy goodness, but none of the guilt. (You’re welcome.) We’ve got a lasagna that cuts the cheese with creamy butternut squash pureé, a mac and cheese that rings at a measly 250 calories a serving, and there’s even a vegan cheese option on the list. Happy cooking!  Read more »

25 Make-Ahead Healthy Breakfasts for On-the-Go Mornings



Here at Be Well Philly, we’re definitely not strangers to hectic, busy mornings. Whether you accidentally overslept or are running late for a super-early meeting, sometimes there just isn’t enough time to cook yourself the satisfying, nutritious breakfast your body deserves. So, instead of skipping breakfast, be proactive and prepare your morning fuel the night before! You can kill two birds with one stone: unwind and relax before bedtime and save yourself time (and stress) in the morning.

To help you out, we found 25 healthy breakfasts worth trying, all of which can be made the night before and are portable for those on-the-go mornings. From overnight mason jar oats to breakfast burritos and egg muffins, there’s a quick, healthy breakfast for all of your busy mornings, below. Read more »

10 Philly Instagrammers Every Healthy Foodie Should Be Following

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It’s time to put the hours you spend scrolling through Instagram to good use (don’t worry, we’re totally guilty, too). Instead of stalking your new coworker or ex-boyfriend until you’re in 88 weeks deep and accidentally “like” a photo (awkward), use your Instagram addiction as a way to add some new healthy recipes to your repertoire and discover some awesome Philly eats.

We rounded up 10 Philly-based Instagrammers who love healthy food just as much as we do. So next time you’re stumped on what to make or where to go, check out the accounts of these local healthy food bloggers, coaches, chefs, and dietitians for some drool-worthy healthy-eating inspiration. Read more »

Drink Your Way to the Best Skin Ever: 8 Best Water Add-Ins for Glowing Skin



Remember back in the winter, when we told you guys about the best foods to eat for glowing skin? Well, now that it’s summer and my weather app is showing me the temperature in the form of a cactus overlapping a giant, orange sun, we figured it was time to bring you guys the eight best water add-ins for your skin. Because if you’re drinking glass after glass of water every day to stay cool and hydrated, might as well have all that water work double-duty, right?

So, to get the lowdown on what we should be spiking our water with to get the skin of Kendall Jenner — which still managed to look good even after it was vandalized by a drone —  we gave Jolene Hart, certified health coach, author of Eat Pretty and queen of water infusions, a call. And, boy, did she have some good suggestions! (And interestingly, many of them promote good digestive health which plays a big part in how fantastic our skin looks. Who knew?) From lemon to mint to ginger and more, see Hart’s top picks for skin-perfecting water add-ins below.

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