YAY: Honeygrow’s New Midtown Village Location Is About to Open

Honeygrow | Photo via Facebook

Honeygrow, the Philly-based fast-casual stir-fry and salad spot, is opening its 17th location (since opening in Philly in 2012, they’ve expanded to spots like D.C., Baltimore, Brooklyn and more) on Monday, May 15th. Let’s give them a round of applause, shall we? And good news for you: Before they officially open their doors at 15 South 11th Street in Midtown Village, they’ll be holding a day of tasting previews. Translation: They’ll be slinging stir-fries and salads for free all day this coming Friday, May 12th.

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The Checkup: The Coffee Mistake to Blame for Your Mid-Morning Hanger

• There was a time in a my life when I would drink not one, but TWO Venti White Mochas from Starbucks every. Single. Day. My point: I’m not here to judge. That said, if you feel your energy slumping and hunger setting in after your sweet morning mocha (or chai, or whatever your syrup-laden caffeinated drink of choice is), even though you JUST ate breakfast, you might want to try a plain ol’ black coffee, says dietitian Keith Kantor. [Women’s Health]

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The Checkup: Why People Are Talking About This $100 Sports Bra

• A truly good sports bra, that doesn’t cut into you when you work out and actually provides support without suffocating you, can be hard to come by. That, it seems, is why women who spend much of their lives sweating are intrigued by Lululemon’s new sports bra, the Enlite, which runs at a pricey $98 and comes in 20 different sizes. And it’s got people talkin’ — first Well + Good gave it a rave review, and now two editors over POPSUGAR give it double thumbs up. [POPSUGAR Fitness]

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Expert Tips: What You Should (and Shouldn’t) Eat Leading Up to a Big Race

Listen up, soon-to-be Blue Cross Broad Street Run runners: this year’s race is right around the corner! (Is it just me, or do you wish we had an extra week … or 10?) Although your workout load has lightened as you taper your way through these final days, taking a relaxed approach to your entire training plan (ahem, what you eat) could sabotage the progress you’ve worked so hard to make since scoring your Broad Street bib.

Registered dietitian and sports nutritionist Jenna Stranzl knows that what you put into your body is as crucial as what you do with it. So, loosen the exercise reigns, let your legs wind down, and devour these fueling tips for the ultimate pre-race cuisine routine.

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The Checkup: Why Avocados Are So Expensive Right Now

• It’s not all in your imagination: The price of avocados is the highest its been in 19 years due to a serious increase in demand (Mexican shipments to the U.S. have spiked from 24 million pounds of avocados in 2000 to 1.76 BILLION pounds in 2015) and a decrease in crop. And analyst Roland Fumasi says the prices will probably stay eleveated through summer. Womp, womp. [Bloomberg]

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The Checkup: What You Can Do Anywhere to Get Your Best Butt Yet 

• For anyone and everyone who is trying to up their belfie (that’s a butt selfie, for the uninitiated) game, here are trainers’ top picks for booty-perfecting exercise moves you can do just about anywhere, as long as you’ve got about the space a yoga mat would take up to work with. Think: sumo squats, curtsy lunges, bridges and more. [Self]

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What Happened When I Quit Sugar for 21 Days

For the past five years, one to two times a year I’ve done my own version of a cleanse or reboot. Generally, I do this as the seasons change — I find it gives my digestion system some well-deserved attention after being an avid participant in the Philadelphia foodie scene, traveling, and holiday celebrating (and all the indulgence that comes along with that).

This year, instead of the familiar cleanse I’ve used in the past, I created a sort of elimination diet in an attempt to address some potential food allergies and hormonal imbalances. Some of the foods I refrained from eating for 21 days included dairy, gluten, bananas, coffee, and — dun, dun, dun — sugar, in all forms (with the exception being limited amounts of blueberries, sweet potatoes and butternut squash).

I found that 21 days without any sugar is just as difficult as it sounds — but it’s not miserable! If you are trying cut down on your sugar intake (after, most of us eat way too much of it), you can prep yourself for the road ahead by reading what I learned from the process below.

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The Checkup: This Food Pyramid Makes Mastering an Anti-Inflammatory Diet WAY Easier 


• I can’t go a single day without seeing the word anti-inflammatory more often than I see an enraged Facebook status about Donald Trump — which is reallllly often. And for good reason: Inflammation is linked to everything from acne to heart disease. Which is why this nutritionist-crafted anti-inflammatory foods pyramid is SO darn handy. Hint: kimchi is your friend. [Well + Good]

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