5 Hangover Cures Philly Healthy-Eating Pros Swear By

Maybe you are a super responsible human who didn’t get swept up in the last-day-of-summer shenanigans yesterday. But if you did happen to get a little carried away (hey, it happens), you’ll want to take note of the five hangover helpers these Philly healthy-eating pros turn to when they’ve had one margarita too many. We suggest you read up, take notes, and if all else fails, go get yourself a tried-and-true greasy meal.

(And psst: before you head out on the town next time around, make sure to check out what Philly healthy-eating pros eat to ward off a killer hangover before a night of drinking.)

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The Checkup: How to Cleanse (Without Being Miserable)

• The word cleanse is pretty much always associated with deprivation: drink nothing but liquified kale, or cut all things sweet and good out of your life for weeks on end. Not exactly anyone’s idea of fun. But cutting out all things good isn’t necessarily the key to helping your body function more efficiently. Here, a rundown of ways to give your body’s detoxification powers a boost — from adding chicory to your morning coffee to upping your shut-eye — without making yourself totally miserable. [Bon Appétit]

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The Checkup: How to Turn Your Morning Dog Walk Into an Actual Workout

• Your most overlooked workout buddy might just be sitting at home on the couch: yup, your dog. Think about it: there’s no competition and no one to impress — just a lot of love. Plus, you already have to walk them. So, here are six exercises to turn your morning dog walk into a full-body workout for you. Multitasking for the win! [Greatist]

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The Checkup: This 2-Ingredient Sandwich Condiment Packs a Serious Protein Punch

• For when you get tired of your worklunch go-tos (lookin’ at you, standing Sweetgreen order) it might be wise to dive in to the world of protein-packed and fiber-rich chickpeas. Here are five ways to utilize chickpeas in your weekly meal-prep sesh like never before. Our favorite on the list for a lunchtime makeover? Mash up some chickpeas and add a bit of avocado to make a creamy spread for a dreamy protein-filled addition to any sandwich. YUM. [Women’s Health]

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This Salad-Making Vending Machine Is Every Office Worker’s Dream Come True

Earlier today, I had a lunchtime crisis: My stomach was growling and I really wanted my go-to Sweetgreen salad for lunch, but I was in too much of a time crunch (I had a meeting starting just a few minutes after that first audible growl) to risk having to wait in the sometimes-epic Sweetgreen line. So, instead of getting what I wanted, I got what was quick and convenient: A box of fancy cheese and crackers from Talula’s Daily, right across the street from our offices. (I regret nothing, but I can honestly say there was nothing nourishing about that lunch.)

But Fast Company just alerted us to a new invention that could eliminate the wait for a gourmet lunch salad: A salad-making vending machine-like invention that allows you to order customizable salads from your office kitchen. Say it with us: Yaaaassssssss.

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The Checkup: The Argument for Eating a Giant Breakfast

• You’ve likely heard that breakfast is a pretty important meal, but recent research suggests that you also might want to make it your biggest meal of the day. A recent review of the eating habits of 50,000 adults found that front-loading calories — so eating a large breakfast, a smaller lunch, and a light dinner — may be the best way to plan meals to jumpstart our metabolisms, control weight and prevent obesity. [The New York Times]

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