My Top 5: Philly Fitness Gems Every Fitness Lover Should Know About

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Image via Roots Athletics.

When you think of fitness in this city (or any city, really), it’s likely that Lululemon Athletica comes to mind. We all need leggings with perfectly positioned mesh cut-outs, right? Plus, with their new The Fishtown Local, Lululemon is making their mark on the city as a destination for the fitness community — not just fitness clothes.

So for this edition of My Top 5, we caught up with Sierra Asplundh, Philly fitness connoisseur and Facebook City Editor at Lululemon, in charge of capturing #thesweatlife locally, to get the skinny on what she would call her top five hidden fitness gems in Philly. Because if anyone’s in-the-know, it’s Sierra. Check out her favorite health-conscious hot spots, from free workouts that go down before most people have rolled out of bed to bomb lunches, then try not to copycat her fitness routine — we dare you.  Read more »

The Checkup: The 4 Elements of a Hangover-Fighting Breakfast 

• To help quell everyone’s post-election hangovers, the folks over at Science of Us put together a guide to surviving the workday with a hangover — and for many of us, that starts with a hangover-fighting breakfast. According to them, you’re going to want to reach for some eggs, which contain cysteine, a substance that helps us metabolize harmful chemicals (hi, alcohol), some vitamin C, which may help you process alcohol more efficiently, a banana to help with dehydration (thanks, potassium) and something carb-y to up your blood sugar. [Science of Us]

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The Checkup: The 5-Step Approach to Properly Pop a Pimple 

• There are two types of humans in this world: The disciplined humans who never, ever read spoilers before watching The Walking Dead and wait out painful pimples, because they know popping pimples can have gnarly affects on skin, and then there are the rest of us. If you’re in the second camp, here’s a five-step approach straight from an aesthetician’s mouth to help you pop pimples without destroying your skin (because you’re going to do it anyway, right?). [Well + Good]

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Recipe: The 130-Calorie Make-Ahead Salad to Keep in Your Fridge at All Times

Make-ahead broccoli salad | Photo by Becca Boyd

Make-ahead broccoli salad | Photo by Becca Boyd

I’m all for big salads that hold up in your fridge for days. Why? Well, because if your desire for wholesome, fast food eclipses your need for variety (like mine does), you’ve got a starting point for countless meals as the week wears on. With this broccoli salad, you can add chopped chicken or tuna for a weekday lunch or use it for a little color to round out an otherwise boring dinner plate.

This salad is teeming with autumn’s bounty – not to mention a stellar fiber count (and we all know fiber is a superstar in the weight-loss department). It can be served room temperature and travels extremely well, making it a perfect pot-luck dish. Plus, your gluten-free friends will give you a wink for not showing up with yet another pasta salad. Long story short: This recipe is an all-around winner.

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Win-Win: Get Ugly (But Delicious) Produce Delivered to Your Door, Help Stomp Out Hunger in Philly 

Sure, an oddly shaped carrot might not look so great in your Instagram story as you prepare the Nigella Lawson recipe you found on Pinterest, but once it’s chopped up and thrown into a stew, who really knows the difference, right? Right. Still, despite this truth, ugly produce is hard to sell — so a lot of it gets thrown out. That’s where Hungry Harvest, saviors of rejected ugly produce, come in: They rescue the ugly produce that would otherwise be thrown into a landfill, contributing to America’s giant food-waste problem, and deliver it in weekly or bi-weekly boxes every Sunday to folks who don’t care about a slightly imperfect peach, plum or potato, similar to a CSA box. Lovely, right?

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