Snap Kitchen Opening First Philly Locations This Weekend

photo courtesy Snap Kitchen

Snap Kitchen goods | Photo via Facebook

If you’ve been waiting with bated breath for your chance to swing by Snap Kitchen for a blueberry chia pecan parfait and some matcha mint tea (or maybe chicken sausage breakfast tacos and spicy basil lemonade are more your jam?), the time has come: The folks at Snap Kitchen, the Austin, Texas-based healthy market, tell us they’ll be opening the doors to their Old City (243 Market Street) and Spring Garden (1901 Callowhill Street) locations at 11 a.m. this Saturday, February 6th. Yippee! Read more »

The Checkup: Is Your Seltzer Addiction Destroying Your Teeth?

• The question: Is your seltzer addiction destroying your teeth? The answer: Maybe a little, but probably not. Turns out, carbonic acid (that’s the stuff that makes the water bubbly) can gradually wear down tooth enamel — but the acid is weak, so what kind of impact it could have on your teeth has a lot to do with other factors, like how much acid and sugar you consume on a regular basis. [The Atlantic] Read more »

What to Eat This Week: 5 Dinners Loaded with Turmeric

what to eat turmeric
Turmeric seems to be taking quinoa’s place when it comes to hard-to-pronounce trendy health foods. The spice, known for its anti-inflammatory magic powers, is everywhere — even in locally made almond milk. So, we figure it’s time we all hop on board the turmeric train. To start, five recipes — from butternut squash to chickpea fritters — filled with the super spice. Happy cooking! Read more »

The Checkup: The Fruits and Veggies That Will Help You Lose the Most Weight, According to Science

• Everybody knows that fruits and veggies are good for you and can help you keep your weight in check. But new research narrows in on exactly which fruits and veggies do the best job. Surprise: It’s the ones that are high in flavonoids, which also happen to be red in color. [TIMERead more »

11 Fitness and Foodie Openings You Should Be Excited About

soulcycle lead

Photo courtesy SoulCycle

Hide your wallets, people. Why, you ask? Because Philadelphia is getting a serious influx of awesome fitness studios and healthy-food heavens this winter and spring, and if you aren’t careful, you’ll probably (definitely) end up spending all your hard-earned money on rebounder classes and vegan cheesesteak sandwiches. At least, that’s what I’ll probably (definitely) end up doing.

Below, 11 sweet fitness and foodie businesses (SoulCycle! Another HipCityVeg! Snap Kitchen!) you can expect to see opening their doors around Philly over the next few months. Read more »

11 Places to Get Kombucha on Draft Around Philly

Inspired Brews kombucha | Photo via Instagram

Inspired Brews kombucha | Photo via Instagram

Kombucha, the fermented beverage that’s been touted as a probiotic wonder drink, is like Paris Hilton circa 2003: Whether you like it or not (and regardless of whether you think it’s totally gross), it is everywhere. And not just in bottles: We noticed that draft kombucha seemed to be popping up all over town, so we decided to track down as many Philly spots as we could find that offer the bubbly stuff on tap. Below, where you can fill up a growler with kombucha around Philly. Happy guzzling! Read more »

Shark Tank to Feature Philly-Made SmartPlate

Martin Dell'Arciprete pitches SmartPlate on Shark Tank. (ABC/Michael Desmond)

Martin Dell’Arciprete pitches SmartPlate on Shark Tank. (ABC/Michael Desmond)

Every startup company is looking for one thing: traction. Maybe they get some momentum after a speaking engagement, news article or crowdfunding campaign, but there’s one thing that’s sure to bring serious attention every time: ABC’s hit TV show Shark Tank.

The folks at Philly-based Fitly certainly hope so. The company’s signature product, SmartPlate will be featured on February 12.

SmartPlate analyzes your food and offers calorie counts and other nutritional information. It uses three digital cameras and advanced image recognition and weight sensors to identify the food. Then it calculates how much protein, fat, carbs and sugar you’re about to consume. Plus it’s microwavable and dishwasher safe, its founder says. Read more »

This Is the Local Vegan Milkman Almond Milk Addicts Are Freaking Out About

origin almond

“The first day I opened at the Collingswood farmers’ market, I was like, Oh lord, please let someone buy a bottle of this almond milk besides my mom,” Jake Deleon, owner of the newly founded, South Jersey-based almond milk company Origin Almond tells me. That was this past Halloween, and turns out all that worrying was totally unnecessary: He sold out of his freshly made almond milks — they come in four flavors: Original, Matcha Green Tea, Golden Turmeric and Dark Cacao — that first day, and when he got to the farmers’ market the next week, there was a line of thirsty folks waiting for him.

So, why are people freaking out about this almond milk? Well, for one, it tastes really good (more on that later); two, it’s free of the the long list of ingredients involved in most almond milks you find at the grocery store, including thickening agents; and three, Deleon delivers — usually just a few hours after bottling the almond milk he’s bringing you. As he says, “I’m like the modern-day vegan milkman.” Read more »

The Checkup: The Schuylkill River Has Some Awesome New Riverside Trails in Its Future

Photo via Schuylkill Banks/Facebook

Photo via Schuylkill Banks/Facebook

• If you plan on sticking around Philly for the next few years, you can look forward to many-a trail run along new riverside trails: Last week, the Schuylkill River Development Corporation released their strategic plan for the next four years, and there are some awesome trail additions, with predicted completion dates ranging from this year to 2026, in the works. [Curbed] Read more »

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