Goodbye, Boring Veggie Wraps: 6 Philly Food Trucks Vegans Should Know About

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Ah, food truck-lined streets: A grub-filled wonderland for most foodies, but for vegans, walking up to a window can be daunting. Dietary labels don’t always show up on dry-erase board menus, meaning you can end up waiting in a forever-long line, only to, come time to place your order, find out the the item you had your sights set on isn’t actually vegan. Say it with me: NOOOOOOOO.

My friends, family and S.O. are all barbecue junkies, so at food truck-filled festivals, I always get stuck at the barbecue truck, which is often the least vegan-friendly truck on the scene. Meaning I usually, erm, stick to booze. But despite what it can seem, there are vegan food truck and food cart options out there, my fellow vegan friends. Here six food trucks and carts — some completely vegan and some very vegan-friendly —to look out for around Philly for some good vegan eatin’. Read more »

The Checkup: How This Common Weight-Loss Tactic Is Backfiring on You

• Just typing the words “counting calories” makes me die a little inside. It makes eating sound like … work. Yuck. And good news: Nutrition pros say you’re probably better off not obsessively counting calories if you’re trying to lose weight, for a whole slew of reasons. To name a few, it’s impossible for calorie counts to be truly accurate (which means the tactic can backfire and lead you to over-consume calories), and it distracts from what’s actually important when it comes to food (think: getting protein and healthy fats). [Furthermore]

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The Checkup: The Sneaky Way Your Breakfast May Be Making You Pack on Pounds

• If you just chowed down on a big bowl of cereal, sorry to be the bearer of bad news: New research published in Nature Communications shows that the preservative butylated hydroxytoluene, which can be found in some breakfast cereals, can screw with the satiety signals our guts send to our brains. And if those signals are messed up, we don’t realize when we’re full. Cue the second (and third) bowl of breakfast. [Men’s Health]

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How to Salvage Wilted Salad Greens Instead of Throwing Them Away

Two weekends ago, I went to yoga at Rebel in Chestnut Hill, and I couldn’t resist hitting up the weekend farmers’ market down the street afterward. As always, I got a bit overzealous, and found myself walking away a few minutes later with basically a grocery market-worthy produce section stuffed into my tote bag. I had many plans for what I was going to do with this just-purchased produce section — but then Monday came, and life got in the way of my plans to become Ina Garten. And come week’s end, I was left with a bunch of wilted greens which I’d bought way too many of. (Who can resist a beautiful bunch of rainbow chard? If you can, teach me your ways, please.)

So, if you’ve been finding yourself in the same boat week after week — that boat being “SO many farmers’ market greens, not a clue how to use them all!” — we feel you. And if you’re like me, you will continue buying WAY too many greens until the markets dry up in the hopes that this week will be the week you truly (finally!) embrace your Ina Garten-like ambitions. So below, four smart and easy ways to use wilted greens instead of throwing them away.

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The Checkup: The Happy Hour Mistake That Could Be Poisoning You

• Attention, all Moscow mule lovers: The Instagram-worthy copper mug holding your favorite delicious happy hour cocktail may be poisoning you. As public health officials recently pointed out, copper really shouldn’t come into contact with acidic food or drinks, like, ahem, the lime juice and ginger beer of a Moscow mule. Because when it does, copper can leach into what you’re consuming, which can lead to copper poisoning — and the abdominal pain, vomiting and jaundice that comes along with it. But don’t worry, you can keep throwing back your happy hour mules worry-free as long as you make sure the copper mugs are lined with another metal. [The Washington Post]

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The Checkup: How Much Protein Do You Really Need Every Day? 

• Chances are, if you you’re overdoing it on the protein front. While the era of Paleo diets and healthified jerky all over the place has made us all much more aware of the P-word, the average female only needs 46 grams of protein a day, and for the average male that jumps to 56 grams. And many of us get nearly double that. [New York Times]

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The Checkup: The New Food Label to Have on Your Radar

Glyphosate, a chemical that’s used to kill weeds and is identified by the World Health Organization as a possible human carcinogen, might be lurking in a lot of your food — even, in some cases, if you’re buying organic. That’s why you may soon start seeing “glyphosate-free” pop up on labels along side their organic designation. [Well + Good]

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10 Cool Adult Lunch Boxes You’ll Actually Want to Carry to Work


From left to right: Built NY Uptown Lunch Tote; Kate Spade Lunch Tote; BAN. DO Metallic Lunch Bag

Raise your hand if you’ve spent way more money on Sweetgreen than you’d like to admit. We’re with you. We’re thinking it’s time we stop investing so much of our money into spicy sunflower seeds (delicious as they may be) and invest in a cute adult lunch box that will make us want to carry our own homemade (much cheaper!) salads to work instead. If you’re in the same boat, find 10 cute adult lunch boxes that you’ll actually want to carry to work below. Then watch your bank account grow.

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