The Checkup: What Every Health-Obsessed Human Should Know Before Their Next Manicure

• If you are constantly obsessing over your health, you may want to take a closer look at what you put onto your digits the next time you hit the nail salon, experts say. And you’re going to want to avoid the neon wall of polishes altogether: Apparently, neon nail polish pretty much always contains formaldehyde resin. Ick. [Well + Good]

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The Checkup: The Skin-Clearing Drink Your Fridge Should Be Stocked With

Kombucha. It’s all the rage — taking over the drink section at Whole Foods, on tap at your local watering hole, and even in cocktails. And reaching for a bottle of the fermented drink isn’t just oh so Gwyneth Paltrow of you, it’s also good for your skin. Long story short, when your digestive tract is happy, so is your face. [Health]

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The Checkup: Tiny Tweaks That Set You Up for Big Weight-Loss Success

• Get ready to let out a big sigh of relief: If you’re looking to lose weight, you don’t necessarily need to makeover your entire life. Making tiny tweaks — think: reorganizing your fridge, standing up straight instead of slouching (guilty), and tackling your workouts with workout buddies instead of sweating solo — can pay off big when it comes to weight loss, according to exercise scientist Ellington Darden. [Women’s Health]

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5 Fridge Staples of a Hungry Healthy-Food Blogger

I recently conversed with two ladies who both, in all seriousness, professed to having “forgotten to eat for a whole day.” I gaped at them in total bewilderment. Aside from the occasional stomach bug, I’ve never missed a meal — let alone a whole day of meals. I’m a hungry girl. I eat a beautiful diet full of produce, healthy fats, and protein for all the right reasons, one of which is satiating my hunger whilst maintaining my shape. I never skip breakfast (the horror!) and rarely go three hours without a snack.

Why so hungry? I’m over trying to figure it out.

Instead, I’ve become a consistent believer in “volumetrics,” and have learned there are certain foods that I can shamelessly eaten with abandon, as in, I’m going to eat until I feel full. These are my go-to foods to get me back on track after the scale creeps or I’ve attended one too many kids’ birthday parties. If you, too, are an always-hungry girl like me, take note.

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The Checkup: How to Make the Perfect Omelet — Without Having to Wash ANY Dishes After

• I hate nothing more than scraping burnt egg bits off of a pan. Which is why I was flabbergasted to learn I never have to do that again — but I can still have ALL the omelets I want. The trick? Cook the omelet in a plastic bag. Sounds weird, I know, but you’ll understand after watching PureWOW’s tutorial. [PureWOW]

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The Checkup: The Ingredient Swap to Instantly Upgrade Your Lunch Salads

• Forking the same ol’ spinach salad into your mouth day after day after day can eat away at your soul. So if you’ve been doing just that since Myspace mattered, it’s time to switch it up: Take note of these six little-used vitamin-packed greens, from sorrel to baby Swiss chard to dandelion greens, that will spice up your salad game, stat. [Shape]

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The Checkup: Starbucks Hacks to Healthify Your Pumpkin Spice Latte Order 

• We agree: It’s WAY too early to be talking about pumpkin spice lattes. But that doesn’t change the fact that Starbucks has declared it is, in fact, already pumpkin spice latte season. If you can’t resist the fall concoction, take note of these five hacks — like opting for a pumpkin spice cappuccino instead of a latte — to healthify your seasonal addiction. [Shape]

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