Di Bruno Bros. Surprises With New Smoothie Bar (With Smoothie Bowls!) 

Menu at new Di Bruno Bros. smoothie bar | Photo by Adjua Fisher

Menu at new Di Bruno Bros. smoothie bar | Photo by Adjua Fisher

First comes the beer store, then comes the smoothie bar: This morning, I had a craving for some fresh fruit so I stopped into the Rittenhouse Di Bruno Bros. to grab some watermelon, only to be surprised by a full-blown smoothie bar set-up alongside their in-store coffee bar. What the whaaaaat? Read more »

16 Drool-Worthy Food and Drink Recipes for a Healthier Fourth of July Cookout

healthier cookout recipes
Fourth of July is a wonderful time to invite friends and family over to lounge and catch up over food and fireworks. If you have your people picked out but have yet to draw up a menu, we have you covered. Below are 16 food and drink recipes, from Buffalo Cauliflower Bites to coconut mojitos, that will make waves at the BBQ without forcing anyone to unbutton their jean shorts at the picnic table. (Phew.)  Read more »

Riverwards Produce Opens Next Week (With Free Produce-Filled Cocktails!)

Riverwards Produce stand at Fishtown FestivAle | Photo via Facebook

Riverwards Produce stand at Fishtown FestivAle | Photo via Facebook

A little over a month ago, we told you all about Riverwards Produce, a new no-frills produce shop with an emphasis on affordable, often-local fresh fruits and veggies, opening in Fishtown. Helmed by Vincent Finazzo, who distributes produce to a number of restaurants around Philly, the shop plans to start with weekly weekend hours while also doing wholesale orders for folks who want one specific item in bulk. (Summer-season canners, rejoice!) And good news, Fishtown veggie lovers: The tiny produce shop, located at 1822 Tulip Street, plans to open its doors next week. Naturally, they’re kicking things off with complimentary produce-filled cocktails. Read more »

Healthy Cooks: You Need to Stock Your Freezer With This One Thing

The only thing I appreciate more than a trick to make it look like I washed my hair without actually washing my hair (praise you, dry shampoo) is a trick that helps me get a delicious, healthy, veggie-filled dinner on the table for myself after a long day without — and this is KEY — taking up too much energy. Because come 8 p.m. on a weeknight, I generally only have enough energy left to watch Orange Is the New Black. Read more »

Starbucks’ Secret Purple Drink: We Tried It — And It Wasn’t Disgusting

Two secret purple drinks from Starbucks.

Two Purple Drinks from Starbucks | Photo by Adjua Fisher

Unless you’ve been ignoring the Internet at all costs in the last few days, you’ve probably seen at least one or two pieces documenting the rise of Instagram’s new favorite off-the-menu Starbucks drink, dubbed the secret Purple Drink. It is, well, just that: very purple and, until recently, very secret.

And considering the drink is really just unsweetened iced tea, dairy-free milk, blackberries and vanilla syrup (an optional addition, really), it’s on the healthier end of the specialty-Starbucks-drinks spectrum. So, being the dutiful health bloggers we are, Be Well editor Adjua and I set out to try the Purple Drink in order to report back to you all on whether it’s worth trading your usual afternoon pick-me-up in for. And this just in: Though we expected it to be totally gross — something about purple tea just seems … gross  — it’s honestly not all that bad. Read more »

The Checkup: How to Get Tons of Protein Into Your Diet — Without Eating Meat

• As a human who doesn’t eat meat, I get this question from friends, coworkers and near-strangers often: “I’m thinking of giving up meat. But HOW will I get protein??????” Fear-filled eyes are a given. Well, here, friends: 20 ways to get tons of protein into your dietwithout eating meat. (Tip: Add hemp seeds to the list and you’ve got 21 ways!) [Runner’s World] Read more »

How I (Painstakingly) Reformed My Picky-Eater Toddler

Picky-Eater Toddler Tips: Noah eating his food happily.

Behold! My picky-eater toddler, Noah, happily eating a sandwich. (I thought this would never happen.)

I think most first-time parents will sympathize with me when I tell you the following story. The rest of you might think I’m a tad nuts, but whatever. I’m willing to risk your judgment.

So here goes: It was 8:30 on a Monday night, about an hour after my nearly one-year-old son, Noah, had been put to bed for the night. My husband, Chris, was out of town for work, so I’d had a particularly long and logistics-laden day juggling a needy baby, yippy dog, work deadlines, etc. (Side note to single parents: I do not know how you do this day in and day out, and I salute you. I believe you are actual superheroes.)

In a word, I was tired. Really tired. And on that particular night, I’d battled with my kid for nearly an hour at dinnertime while he rejected — with gusto, I should add — every last item of food I put in front of him.  Read more »

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