The Healthy Eater’s Thanksgiving Survival Guide

You know that point in the day when you’re standing in the bathroom, and you casually turn to the side and notice your belly bloat, patting it as if you were four-months pregnant? The pat — that is what Thanksgiving feels like at 4 p.m. Only, if you wait patiently for 15 minutes, you find yourself thanking your stomach for making a little room for another sliver of pumpkin pie.

Sound familiar? The good news is, if you’re a healthy eater, you can afford to indulge every now and then. But if you’re looking for ways this holiday season to save yourself some of dieting strife, check out my tips for navigating the feast like a nutrition pro.
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Tweak Your Thinking Over the Holidays to Avoid Feeling Terrible About Your Diet

Holiday season is quickly approaching, which also means the beginning of getting sucked into the cycle that is holiday weight gain then panic mode then remorse then detox is just around the corner, too.

Around the holidays, we put so much thought and energy into sticking to our diets that we often forget what the holiday season is all about. (A reminder: friends, family, all that jazz.) We automatically think whatever party we attend will have the world’s worst possible food for us and, although that may be true, it’s nothing new: Throughout the year we attend birthday parties, work events, and functions that are filled with calorie-laden foods, too. But for whatever reason, come Thanksgiving all the way through the beginning of the New Year, many of us get stuck in a diet-induced panic.

And yes, we will all probably overindulge at some point. You’ll have one too many spiked ciders or slices of pie and wake up the following morning regretting it all. But the holidays aren’t about attempting to change Grandma’s mashed potatoes into mashed cauliflower or trying to convince your entire family that on the day of thanks, they should attempt to become Paleo by leaving the stuffing, mac and cheese, buttered rolls, and carrot cake for a later time. Read more »

5 Ways to Make Your Thanksgiving Prep Suck Less

Am I the only one who feels like Thanksgiving snuck up on us this year? I’m guessing it has something to do with the fact that it just started to feel like fall yesterday. But whatever the reason, the fact that it is already Thanksgiving week has me completely thrown. (Can you tell that I’m probably not prepared?)

If you, too, are starting to get stress hives about how on earth you’re going to put together a feast for 10 — so many sides, so many pies, so many drinks AND a turkey?! — without quitting your day job, like, right now, relaxxxx. Below you’ll find five ways to make the prep for all those sides, pies and drinks less painful. Happy cooking! Read more »

The Simple Crock Pot Trick That Knocks Out Weeks of Meals in 30 Minutes

If you dream of going home, collapsing on the couch and binge-watching The Real Housewives of Orange County on a weeknight (Hey, no shame in that game!), but instead almost always end up stuck in the kitchen whipping up dinner after work, get ready to praise the ground we walk on because this genius Crock Pot trick is about to turn your lazy weeknight dreams into a reality. Read more »

One Ingredient, Three Ways: Philly Food Bloggers Share Their Favorite Sweet Potato Recipes

sweet potato lead
Welcome to our new occasional series,
One Ingredient, Three Ways. This series — in which three Philly food bloggers take on one ingredient and come up with three unique, fun and healthy ways to use it — is all about helping you expand your cooking horizons. So soak up the kitchen inspiration, then get to cooking! 

What do you get when you ask three healthy food bloggers to name their favorite ways to eat sweet potato? Three answers that you’ll definitely want to take notes on. Grace Dickinson, Lindsey Kane and Emily Watson, three of our must-follow healthy-foodie Instagrammers, bonded over their love of cooking and eating good-for-you foods. Here, they each share a recipe for a fun, delicious and creative (no mashed sweet potatoes here!) way to eat the fall favorite. Read more »

The Checkup: The Ultimate Bucket List of Must-Try Trader Joe’s Foods

Photo via Flickr user Mark Nockleby

Photo via Flickr user Mark Nockleby

• While I am totally a Whole Foods devotee, I will admit that Trader Joe’s has some pretty awesome store-brand products. (I’m looking at you, empty jar of Speculoos Cookie Butter.) The folks over at Refinery29 ranked the best Trader Joe’s products of all time and, because I doubt anyone will be buying all 43 of them in one shopping trip, I say you consider this your Trader Joe’s shopping bucket list and work your way through it over the next few months. [Refinery29] Read more »

8 Reasons It’s Awesome (and Good for You!) to Eat Out Alone

My college roommates thought I was nuts for habitually schlepping a backpack full of reading material to a cafe near campus, where I would happily inform the hostess that, no, there would be no one else in my party — I was eating alone. It was more than a decade ago, during my college days, when I learned the simple, quiet joy that is dining solo.  Read more »

The Checkup: This Word Is the Secret to Surviving the Long, Cold Days of Winter

Koselig: The norwegian word for “coziness,” which new research shows is key in helping Norwegian’s enjoy their very long winters. But it’s more than a word, really. It’s kind of a way of life: People make blistering-cold weather a lovely thing by lighting fires and candles, cuddling up under blankets, and actually leaving their houses (gasp!) to spend time cuddled up under blankets at other people’s houses. So take note: Koselig just might be the thing to help you survive the long, impending days of winter. [Fast Company] Read more »

What to Eat This Week: 5 Genius Ways to Stuff Veggies

what to eat lead
Stuffed veggies are a wonderful dinner in many ways: they leave you with few dishes, because the stuffed veggie is the dish, basically; they are generally super nutritious; and the recipes are totally flexible in terms of what you throw in. So for this week’s recipes, we give you five stuffed veggies (okay, okay, technically avocados and peppers are fruits, but work with us, people) to make for dinner this week. Enjoy! Read more »

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