What to Eat This Week: Healthy Stir-Fry Concoctions

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Something I’ve been really into making lately is stir fry. Stir fry is awesome because you can make it in huge portions and then heat it up little by little throughout the week. It’s also a way to use up a ton of stuff in your fridge — pretty much anything tastes great thrown in a stir fry! For me, (since I’m especially lazy and still learning how to actually cook) this usually consists of noodles, a packet of frozen vegetables, tofu, and an interesting but sometimes weird mix of whatever sauces I can find in my fridge.

In an attempt to incorporate more healthy foods into my diet, teach myself some classier stir-fry recipes, and switch up my routine a bit, I went on the hunt for five healthy and unique stir-fry concoctions. And I absolutely loved what I found. So here, this week, if you get stuck on what to make for dinner, try out one (or a few) of these delicious recipes packed with sweet potato, peppers, salmon, tofu, cauliflower, and more. You won’t be sorry.

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The Checkup: The Six Worst Treats to Get at an Ice Cream Truck



• There is no sweeter sound than the ringing of an ice cream truck, right? But just how sweet some of the sweet treats on those trucks really are will make you gag: A simple ice cream sandwich can run you a whopping 500 calories and 40 grams of sugar. Here, what to steer clear of and what to get the next time the ice cream truck makes its way to your block. [Eat Clean] Read more »

Philadelphia Farmers’ Market Guide 2015: 81 Farmers’ Markets in the Region



Warm weather is finally upon us, folks, and with it comes dozens of farmers’ markets scattered throughout the Philly area. And who doesn’t love hand-picked, farm-fresh produce and baked goods? So, to make sure you don’t miss out on all of the amazing eats, we’ve compiled a list of 81 farmers’ markets within the city, the suburbs, and New Jersey. Happy farm-fresh shopping!

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The Ultimate Healthy Dinner Inspiration: What 7 Philly Fitness Pros Eat for Dinner

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If you eat scrambled eggs and toast for dinner more than you’d be willing to publicly admit — because it’s easy or you’re lazy (no judgment here, I’m totally speaking from experience), or you just don’t know what they heck else to make — no more, my friend! We’ve got some serious dinner-plate inspiration for you, courtesy of seven (incredibly jacked) Philly fitness pros. Check out what these ladies and gents whip up for dinner below, then take some of their healthy-eating advice to the kitchen!  Read more »

This Oh-So-Simple Breakfast Hack Will Make Your Mornings So Much Better



If you often find yourself resorting to Quaker Instant Oatmeal — which, if you’re opting for the packet with raisins, dates, and walnuts, has more sugar than a Krispy Kreme donut — never again: With this genius breakfast hack, you can have homemade steel-cut oats every morning in just two minutes. I know, it sounds way too good to be true. But trust us, it’s possible!  Read more »

Tiffin Just Announced New $8 Vegetarian Tuesdays Deal 

Saag Paneer | Photo via Facebook

Saag Paneer | Photo via Tiffin’s Facebook

I don’t know about you, but I love Tiffin — and our friends over at Foobooz do, too. And I (embarrassingly) order their Saag Paneer at least once a week. At least. So from now on, I’ll make sure to make Tuesdays my official Indian food day: The restaurant — which has eight locations throughout Philly, the suburbs and New Jersey — just announced that every Tuesday from here on out, all vegetarian entrees will cost a flat $8. Eeeeee!
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