The Checkup: The One Mistake You’re Making Every Time You Cut Watermelon

• If you’ve been throwing away watermelon rinds after you dice up the flesh, you’re doing it all wrong. Apparently, the rind is loaded with fiber and potassium along with citrulline, an amino acid that helps to produce the amino acid arginine, which works all sorts of wonders in your body. So go ahead and pickle that watermelon rind and chow down, friends! [Eat Clean]

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Healthy Recipes: How to Eat Berries for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

I could barely believe it this morning when I rolled over, grabbed my iPhone, and saw July 28th staring me in the face. Serious question, guys: Is it just me or does it feel like this summer is going by way too fast? Ugh. With that being said, I’m determined not to let the summer’s-almost-over blues get me down quite yet. You see, I foresee August being a pretty great month for a number of reasons. One: the Olympics, duh. Two: It’s my birthday month. And three: It’s the tail-end of berry season!

For most berries, the season goes through the beginning of August (praise the fruit gods). But the only downside to stocking up on berries from your local farmers’ market is that they can go bad fast and if you’re not really a fan of freezing your fruit, then you’ll probably be trying to use ‘em up while they’re fresh.

That’s where these recipes come in: We did some digging and rounded up a bunch of creative, healthy recipes you can whip up to work berries into any meal of the day. And yes, that does include dinner (I’m salivating just thinking about the blackberry basil pizza). Our point: Berries aren’t just for breakfast! Consider this your guide to squeezing the most out of the last bit of berry season. And good news: Many of these recipes do just fine with frozen berries if you want to keep berry season going (in your world, at least) all year long.  Read more »

The Checkup: 10 Life-Changing Ways to Use an Ice Cube Tray  

• Chances are, you own an ice cube tray. And chances are, you’re going to want to dump ALL the ice cubes out of it and use it in one of these brilliant ways, ASAP. From making honey-peach fro-yo bites (Oh. My. Gosh.) to frozen avocado cubes for smoothies, the world is your oyster when it comes to your ice cube tray. [Well + Good]

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Make This: 5-Ingredient Balsamic-Cherry Pork Tenderloin

Recipe: Cherry-Balsamic Pork Tenderloin

Balsamic-Cherry Pork Tenderloin | Photo by Becca Boyd

To be perfectly honest, this recipe for Balsamic-Cherry Pork Tenderloin produces a flavor profile I’m not as used to; I use allspice in granola and some cookies but not usually on meat. Plus, cherries? But trust me: Different can be a good thing.

I think so many people see recipe ideas that seem out of the ordinary and shy away from them. The thing is, cooking unique recipes is a great way to expand your palate. Just because it’s unfamiliar doesn’t mean it won’t taste delicious. Plus, the more ways you know how to prepare healthy food, the more likely you are to stay on track with your healthy-eating plans.

This is a wonderful weeknight meal because the ingredients are few — you only need five ingredients, excluding salt and pepper! — and the technique is simple. Cherry season is too short for my liking, but frozen fruit is just as good for you as fresh and, in this case, frozen fruit works just perfectly. If you want to swap half a small onion for the shallot, feel free; just slice it paper-thin so it loses its bite while it cooks. Happy cooking!

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New Pizza Shop Coming to Rittenhouse Will Have — Drumroll, Please — Salad Pizza 

Salad Pizza | Photo courtesy &pizza

Salad Pizza | Photo courtesy &pizza

Yesterday, our friends over at Foobooz clued everyone into the fact that D.C.-based &pizza — a pizza chain that focuses on made-to-order pies made with organic dough and seasonal, local ingredients — will be setting up shop in Rittenhouse come fall. And one of the menu items they’ll be bringing to our fair city? Salad Pizza. I repeat: Salad Pizza. I.e. Pizza you can’t possible feel guilty about eating because it’s topped with SALAD.

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The Checkup: How Doing Too Much Of This Is Actually Backfiring On You

• Creativity is a highly appreciated skill, both in the workplace (hello, pitching ideas to your boss) and in social situations (hello, not coming off as a totally eye-roll-worthy guy in your Tinder profile). Which is why, if you’re looking to be creative, you should stop thinking so much all the freakin’ time — really. A new study found that people who had serious mental load (read: too much to think about) were way less creative than those who didn’t. So de-clutter your minds and quit thinking so much, people!  [Fast Company]

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The Checkup: The Case for Running Without Music — Really!

• I rely on music to get me through a run as much as the next person. On the 10th mile of a half marathon, I undoubtably need an almost-annoying upbeat Calvin Harris tune to get me through. And while music is great to push you over the finish line, not all runs are half marathons where you’re trying to PR. Some runs are just for you — to let your mind wander. And maybe, just maybe, you should give it ample opportunity to do just that, per the suggestion of Outside’s Martin Fritz Huber. [Outside OnlineRead more »

The Checkup: One Major Reason to Choose Hot Coffee Over Iced Coffee

• As someone who’s been drinking coffee since I was old enough to ride the school bus, having a cup of joe in the morning isn’t just an option; it’s a serious must. And when I’m running out the door, tight on time, I will scoop up a cup from the closest shop, and if it’s hot out, you better believe I am going for an iced coffee. But it looks like, if caffeine is my goal (and it is), this choice is one that could cost me in the pick-me-up department. The way iced coffee is brewed could mean less caffeine. NOOOOOO. [Science of Us] Read more »

The Best Grab-and-Go Snack Bars, According to Philly Nutrition Pros



A couple weeks ago, a survey of nutritionists let us in on the secret that many foods Americans typically think of “healthy” may not actually be that great for us. Since then, that same New York Times article has been popping up all over my Facebook and Twitter feeds, sparking a lot of healthy (har, har) conversation. One of the biggest stand-outs from the survey was this: While 71 percent of Americans think of granola bars as “healthy,” only 28 percent of nutritionists say the same.

As an almost daily granola-bar-eater myself, this difference grabbed my attention right away. I know I’m not the only one who makes a beeline for the granola-bar aisle at the nearest Wawa or Whole Foods when I’m out and about and get a little hangry. Super convenient? We think yes. But these little bars of deliciousness can be jam-packed with added sugars and other artificial ingredients not even the smartest of scientists can pronounce.

So to save you from choosing the wrong grab-and-go bar next time you’re in a pinch, we got the low-down on the bars that Philly nutrition pros reach for when they get hangry. Check them out below. (And note: They range from granola bars to date bars to chia-seed bars, so there’s a little something for every type of hangry person.)  Read more »

8 Ways to Instantly Make a Glass of Non-Dairy Milk Drool-Worthy

non-dairy milk
Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the past few weeks (and if you have been, I don’t blame you: it’s hot as hell out there and you gotta find shade where you can), you’ve probably seen talk about Golden Milk. Of course, with a name as regal as that, I couldn’t stop myself from clicking on a blog post talking about it. Upon doing just that, I found that this drink is more yellow than gold, really, (but who wants to drink something called “yellow milk,” am I right?) and gets its striking color from turmeric and ginger.

Golden Milk is touted as having a slew of benefits such as aiding digestion, fighting colds, encouraging weight loss, and fighting sore muscles and, usually, it’s crafted with coconut or almond milk. This got me thinking about what other delicious (and maybe health-benefiting) non-dairy milk concoctions I was missing out on. After doing some digging around the World Wide Web, I found many ways to step up my non-dairy-milk game. From a recipe for the notorious Golden Milk, to a recipe for a healthier strawberry milk, here are eight recipes to instantly upgrade a glass of non-dairy milk.  Read more »

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