Proof We Should All Listen to Jillian Michaels: Standing Desks Offer Unexpected Perk

Okay, remember last month when fitness queen Jillian Michaels told us all to just stand the heck up more? Well, it turns out she was really on to something. Not only are there physical benefits of standing up instead of sitting all day (extra calories burned, score!), but according to a new study out of Texas A&M, kicking your desk chair to the curb can make you WAY more productive at work, too. Talk about a win-win, huh? Read more »

The Checkup: The 10 Best Sunscreens (And the Ones You Should Throw Away)

• Every year, the Environmental Working Group puts out its much-anticipated ranking of the best sunscreens. Making the list of best sunscreens this year are picks like Beautycounter Protect All Over Suncreen, Burt’s Bees Baby Bee Sunscreen Stick, All Good Sport Sunscreen, and more. When it comes to red flags, know that sunscreens with common ingredients like vitamin A and oxybenzone are both no-nos in the EWG’s book. [Well + Good]
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Nominate Your Health Hero: The 2016 Be Well Philly Health Hero Challenge Is On!

health hero logoAttention, everyone! The Be Well Philly Health Hero Challenge is back for it’s fifth year, and we need to hear from you. We just opened the nomination form, so go ahead — hurry! — over and tell us all about the amazing people in the Philadelphia region who are helping to make your community healthier, from teachers to coaches to doctors to nonprofit founders. Really, anyone who is making the Philly area a healthier place to be. Read more »

Ladies-Only Race Takes Over the Wissahickon Next Weekend

Runners at Fairmount Park | Photo via Facebook

See Chicks Run | Photo via Facebook

Who run the world? Girls. Or at least they run Philly in the See Chicks Run 5K/10K coming up Sunday, June 5th. The race is a strictly no-boys-allowed event with the exception of one lucky man deemed “the rooster” who is chosen through a lottery process.

Each year the race is hosted by Philly Girls In Motion, a program started by swimmer, runner and triathlete (and past Be Well Philly Healthy Hero Challenge semifinalist!), Beth Devine. After saying ‘see ya’ to her corporate position, she began getting involved with a slew of children’s athletic programs, directing Future Stars Basketball and running school fitness programs. Devine quickly realized the lack of activities in Philly to get young girls to fall in love with fitness, so Philly Girls in Motion was born. Today, they work with teachers, nutritionists, trainers, and even CHOP to help get young ladies movin’ and groovin’.

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Um, This Is How Often You Should Really Be Washing Down There

Girl with American flag on the beach


Here’s a terrifying newsflash: Memorial Day—as in the official start of bikini season—is just 18 days from today. If you’re like me, this realization is sending waves of dread throughout your body (totally normal reaction). If you’re looking to tighten and tone, I can’t help you, butthis certainly can. However, if your main source of “Oh $%*#” stems from a bumpy bikini line, we’ve got you covered.

You don’t need to avoid being in a bathing suit (like I somehow managed to pull off last summer) because of unsightly ingrown hairs. And, unlike what someone once told me, your only solution is not laser hair removal — you’re just not paying enough attention to your skin down there. Ashley Richardson, sugaring expert and founder of Green City Beauty, let us in on a little secret that just might save your bikini line. Read more »

New Study: How Taking Tylenol Can Turn You Into a Bit of a Jerk

Welp, here’s an unexpected side effect of popping a Tylenol: A new study published in the journal Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience found that acetaminophen – the most common drug in the country — can screw with a person’s ability to empathize, along with reducing pain, the Washington Post reports. In other words, taking a Tylenol can turn you into a bit of a jerk. Read more »

Why Thousands of Philly’s Newborns Will Soon Be Sleeping in Cardboard Boxes

A newborn sleeping in a baby box from Temple University Hospital | Photo courtesy Temple University Hospital

A newborn sleeping in a baby box from Temple University Hospital | Photo courtesy Temple University Hospital

A Finnish tradition is making its way to Philly by way of Temple University Hospital. What’s the tradition, you ask? That would be baby boxes: Free cardboard boxes (sturdy cardboard boxes, I should say) given to all new mothers, filled with all sorts of useful items that someone who just gave birth to a tiny human might be a little too overwhelmed to go to the store and buy. Think: onesies, baby books, diapers, a thermometer, baby wash, booties, and more. Oh! And did we mention, the box also serves as a bassinet? Complete with mattress, tight-fitting sheet, and all.

I know, I know: Putting your newborn baby to bed in a cardboard box sounds a little strange, but the idea is that giving new parents these baby boxes — which they can keep right next to their beds —  will reduce risky behavior associated with infant mortality, especially co-sleeping. Read more »

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