These Four Letters Could Help You Keep Your New Year’s Resolution



If you’re anything like me, in the past 24 hours you’ve made declarative statements like, “I’m never eating white flour again!” or “Today will be the day I stop watching so many Law & Order: SVU marathons!” Then you’ve promptly broken said vows with a bowl of cheese-stuffed ravioli in one hand and a remote control in the other—rinse, repeat.

The phrase “talk is cheap” comes to mind here, but next time I set my lofty goals, I might just be able to keep my word, thanks to this nifty trick: The folks over on Science of Us have clued us in to a four-step technique that research has shown helps people to actually achieve what they set out to do. Like, for instance, it helped people who wanted to eat more fruits and vegetables actually eat more fruits and vegetables—instead of, you know, just saying, “I’m going to eat more vegetables!” and eating pasta instead. Impressive.

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The Big Lesson I Learned from Getting Injured

Dan McQuade spiking the ball, kind of

Photo by Mark Stehle, Invision

I accelerated to keep up, and then I felt it pull.

Though I hadn’t done much in the game, I was feeling pretty good. I never played real, organized football, but I had a long “career” of touch football in the street, tackle football at the playground and flag football in intramural leagues. But I hadn’t played any type of football in 10 years. And here I was, playing in a charity flag football game at Lincoln Financial Field.

The game was set up by NRG Energy, the energy company headquartered in West Windsor, New Jersey. NRG was nice enough to invite me to play in the game and donate a thousand dollars to a charity of my choice (One Step Away, Philadelphia’s homeless newspaper). Dave Spadaro announced. Swoop cheered us on.

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Parking Kiosks, ATMs, Restaurant Menus: These Are Philly’s Germiest Things

Photograph by Jeff Fusco

Photograph by Jeff Fusco

Action News health reporter Ali Gorman had a winner of an assignment this week. She was tasked with going out and swabbing surfaces around town to measure the germiness of things we touch every day: parking kiosks, dollar bills, crosswalk buttons. “This isn’t a story to scare you from touching anything,” said Gorman in her report last night. And while that’s true—because some germs aren’t actually harmful to you—it’s still, well, kind of disgusting.

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