POLL: Should Dirty Philly Restaurants Be Forced to Tell You They Are Dirty?

health inspection grades new york

If you’ve spent any time at all in New York City, you’ve no doubt noticed these Department of Health letter grades stuck to the front door or window of every restaurant you pass by. And earlier this week, Per Se, one of the most expensive restaurants in New York, got some pretty awful press when it didn’t do so well on its inspection. Read more »

I’ll Have An Egg and Cheese and Mouse Turd Sandwich, Please

Well, I was planning to scarf down a $2.50 egg-and-cheese sandwich (ketchup and pepper) from a street vendor near Foobooz World Headquarters. But once I spied these clear-as-day rodent droppings sitting atop a long roll on the counter inside the cart, I decided to skip breakfast altogether. (See, I knew I should have gone with the English muffin.) Read more »

It’s What’s For Dinner: Feces and Fruit Flies

The other night, I visited Front Street’s Catahoula for some food and drink. The duck jambalaya, crawfish boil, and Gouda grits were all quite tasty, and I suggest you give them a try. The ice cold shrimp remoulade was also good, assuming you don’t mind eating those black intestinal tracts, which were not removed from the crustaceans. I must admit to eating a few. My companion declined. Then he pointed out the fruit fly gathering behind me. Read more »