Board of Health Approves Restrictions on Philly’s Tobacco Retailers

Photo: iStock/Robert Herhold

Photo: iStock/Robert Herhold

The Philadelphia Board of Health yesterday approved a set of regulations geared toward discouraging tobacco use in low-income neighborhoods. The board is attempting to constrict the reach of Philly’s tobacco retailers, with new regulations allowing only one tobacco retailer for every 1,000 residents by planning district. Read more »

Pat’s Steaks Owner Frank Olivieri Fires Back Over Health Inspection Coverage

Pat's Steak owner Frank Olivieri is all whizzed up over recent reports about his restaurant's cleanliness.

Pat’s Steak owner Frank Olivieri is all whizzed up over recent reports about his restaurant’s cleanliness.

On Thursday night at 5 p.m., 6ABC’s Monica Malpass and Brian Taff put on their most serious news anchor faces possible to introduce the night’s “Big Story,” a report from station veteran Vernon Odom about restaurant health inspections at two iconic Philadelphia institutions: Pat’s Steaks and Di Bruno Bros.

By Friday morning, their coverage as well as coverage from other outlets (the original story seems to have come earlier in the week from Sam Wood at were the No. 1 Facebook trend in Philadelphia and remained in the top three as of lunchtime. NBC10’s report remains one of the lead stories on the station’s website.

So what’s all the fuss about? Was Pat’s shut down for serving up ratsteaks? Was Di Bruno’s shuttered because employees were caught on secret video getting a little too intimate with the pepperoni? No. As it turns out, although the city deems some of their violations “serious” (an example of one of Pat’s “serious” violations: an open coffee cup … read the full inspection here), they fared pretty well as far as city restaurants go.

We got Pat’s owner Frank Olivieri on the phone to see what he thought of their report. Read more »

Main Line’s Yangming Closed Due to Roaches

yangming-exteriorThe Main Line Times has the details about Bryn Mawr’s Yangming being shut down because of an “active infestation” of roaches. The ordeal began on Friday when a child received not one but two dishes of Thai noodles that contained roaches in them.

The family of the girl demanded to see a manager but were not placated by offers of free lunch and gift certificates. The restaurant then called the police on the customers (never call the police when there is an active infestation of roaches in your kitchen). The police responded, witnessed the roaches and closed the restaurant. Superintendent William Colarulo told the Main Line Times, the bugs were “all over the place.”

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Philly Monitoring 30 Recent Travelers for Ebola

Photo |

Photo |

Philadelphia health officials are monitoring 30 people in the city for Ebola, NBC 10 reports.

Here’s why you shouldn’t panic: There are no confirmed cases. Nobody has shown symptoms. But the 30 people being monitored have recently traveled to West Africa, and authorities here are acting from an abundance of caution.

The individuals have not been quarantined, but are being monitored over a 21-day period.
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I’ll Have An Egg and Cheese and Mouse Turd Sandwich, Please

Well, I was planning to scarf down a $2.50 egg-and-cheese sandwich (ketchup and pepper) from a street vendor near Foobooz World Headquarters. But once I spied these clear-as-day rodent droppings sitting atop a long roll on the counter inside the cart, I decided to skip breakfast altogether. (See, I knew I should have gone with the English muffin.) Read more »

It’s What’s For Dinner: Feces and Fruit Flies

The other night, I visited Front Street’s Catahoula for some food and drink. The duck jambalaya, crawfish boil, and Gouda grits were all quite tasty, and I suggest you give them a try. The ice cold shrimp remoulade was also good, assuming you don’t mind eating those black intestinal tracts, which were not removed from the crustaceans. I must admit to eating a few. My companion declined. Then he pointed out the fruit fly gathering behind me. Read more »