I Love My Job: Jefferson’s Stephen K. Klasko

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A lot has happened with Thomas Jefferson University and Jefferson Health over the past few years, and Stephen K. Klasko has orchestrated it all. Since 2014, Jefferson Health has grown from a three hospital medical center to a ten-hospital system. And the health network will include 13 hospitals when a proposed merger with Kennedy Health is complete. This week, students at Jefferson went back to school to a campus that now sprawls downtown Philadelphia and the bucolic East Falls. Even with all these moving parts, Klasko says he wants to go bigger and be better. To understand his audacious intent, Klasko takes us back to his early days as an OBGYN and lets us in on where he wants to be in 10 years. You’ll be surprised how much you still don’t know about this education and health care champion.  Read more »

Perelman School of Medicine Joins National Initiative to Increase In-Home Primary Care

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The Home Centered Care Institute (HCCI) announced last week that eight nationally recognized academic centers and hospitals, including the University of Pennsylvania’s Perelman School of Medicine, will soon offer the first and only comprehensive home-based primary care curriculum in the United States.

HCCI is a national nonprofit dedicated to expanding the availability and practice of in-home primary care visits. The organization estimates that there are only about 1,000 providers making the majority of home-based primary care visits nationally, a number it hopes will reach 6,000 in the next five years thanks to the new HCCI Centers of Excellence program. Additionally, the program and ensuing home visits made by Centers of Excellence physicians will allow the non-profit to build a new data registry to gain insight into in-home practices.

“HCCI is committed to inspiring, engaging and growing the next generation of home-based primary care professionals,” said Dr. Thomas Cornwell, founder and CEO, HCCI. “We are working to improve the lives of medically complex patients and preparing the nation for future pressures on the health care system as America’s aging population grows.” Read more »

Penn Med Students Create App to Address LGBTQ Health Disparities

The SpectrumScores Team (L-R): Naveen Jain, Phil Williams, and Jun Jeon

Three University of Pennsylvania medical students have created an app that they hope will put an end to LGBTQ healthcare disparities.

SpectrumScores, being developed by Phil Williams, Jun Jeon, and Naveen Jain, plans to connect LGBTQ patients with the right providers to meet their unique needs. The concept came from the team’s shared negative experiences with providers they described as “well-meaning but under-informed” coupled with their understanding of “how much of a significant impact an LGBTQ competent provider can make.” Read more »

Toomey Wants to Repeal the Affordable Care Act With or Without a Replacement

Disability activists protested outside Sen. Pat Toomey’s Philadelphia office yesterday, some covered in fake blood, to speak out against his push to repeal the Affordable Care Act and cut back on Medicaid spending.

Several hours later, Toomey released a statement calling for a “full Obamacare repeal bill that would take effect in two years so that Congress can use this time to craft a legislative replacement and move toward a consumer-driven health care system.”  Read more »

It’s Time for Single-Payer Health Care

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I frequently travel around the country meeting and speaking with business groups about issues affecting their companies. The business groups I speak to are located in places like Montana, Ohio, Nebraska, and Texas. Many of the attendees are farmers, manufacturers, distributors, and service providers. Most of them don’t live in big cities. And yes, like me, the majority of them lean to the right. Some even fall over.

Of course, health care is a major part of those discussions. And you know what I’ve found? We right-leaning conservatives actually have a whole lot in common on that issue with our left-leaning friends. OK, not with Lena Dunham. But more than you may realize. Read more »

Wolf Urges Toomey Against Medicaid Cuts

wolf, toomey, health care

R: (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

Like a lot of people, Pa. Gov. Tom Wolf wants to get in touch with Sen. Pat Toomey.

Wolf sent Toomey a letter expressing concern for the senator’s recent call for a Medicaid “overhaul,” which Wolf believes would be “extremely devastating” to the state’s residents.  Read more »

Philadelphia Has an Overabundance of Medical Talent, LinkedIn Says

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Last week, LinkedIn released its June 2017 workforce report, detailing hiring and job-seeking trends in 20 of the largest US metropolitan areas. The professional networking site began releasing monthly workforce reports at the start of 2017, compiling and analyzing data collected from more than 138 million users and 20,000 companies on the site.

So, now that we’ve got almost half a year’s worth of data on our hands, what does LinkedIn have to say about workers and job hunters in the Philadelphia area? Here are six noteworthy trends and figures from LinkedIn’s report. Read more »

CloudMine Names Philly Life Sciences Industry Veteran as New CEO

Photos via CloudMine

CloudMine Inc., Center City’s acclaimed and fast-growing master of digital health care application design, announced on Wednesday that Stephen Wray is joining the company as its new chief executive officer.

Wray, a veteran of Philadelphia’s health care industry, spent years as CEO of Bensalem life sciences company MNG Direct and was previously CEO of the global life sciences marketing practice at Cadient Group. Wray says he can trace a pattern throughout his career – one that he thinks will allow him to fit well with CloudMine. “I have a passion for spotting trends of change before they actually get operationalized,” Wray told Philadelphia magazine. Within the next few years, the new CEO believes programs like those built by CloudMine will become the norm for health care and life sciences. “CloudMine,” Wray said, “is really about getting it done. We’ve moved from a conception conversation about why this innovation should be done to a concrete and strategic conversation about how it will be done.”  Read more »

Wolf Bashes Healthcare Bill in Letter to White House

L: (AP Photo/Matt Rourke) | R: (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

Pa. Gov. Tom Wolf is urging the White House not to embrace the American Health Care Act – legislation that would repeal and replace major parts of Obamacare.

In a letter penned to White House Senior Advisor Jared Kushner (President Donald Trump’s son-in-law), Wolf said he has “deep and serious concerns” about how the AHCA would affect people and communities struggling with opioid addiction, which Wolf has worked for years to address and combat.  Read more »

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