WEEKEND ROUNDUP: LGBT Health Fair, HEROES 2014, Philly’s First Queer
Latin Party, and More

A completely gratuitous shot of a random hot man who looks like he's about to get his PrideFit on.

A completely gratuitous photo of a hot man who may or may not be about to get his PrideFit on.

Get physical at this year’s LGBT Health Fair PrideFit. The free health summit promises to keep you in shape with TEDx-esque presentations, food and drink samples, vendors specializing (and sampling) everything from massage to acupuncture, and more. The long list of sponsors includes local LGBT-supportive organizations William Way, Optimal Sports 1315, the Mazzoni Center, MANNA, and Team Philadelphia.

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Gay Men, Our Bodies and Dating: How Fitness Impacts Our Dating Lives

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Quirkily named online dating service Coffee Meets Bagel (CMB) released a post-New Year infographic that shines a light on gay men and how physique (both theirs and that of potential dates) plays a role in dating.

Some of the results are pretty obvious, like that 81 percent of men say they’ve dated someone solely because of their body, but others may make your ears perk up, and change the way you’re doing things at the gym. For instance,  while most of the guys surveyed say their abs take up a bulk of their time at the gym, a majority of gay men site the chest as the sexiest feature. Also, most men said getting in shape improved their dating lives, but not necessarily because other men found them more attractive. It improved their confidence, and gave them more courage to approach guys for dates.

But why should I keep piping on about the survey when CMB put together a fun, colorful infographic with all the results. Check it out after the jump, and feel free to share your opinions in the Comments section.

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West Nile Case Confirmed in Philly

Philly.com reports: “A Philadelphia woman has been infected with West Nile virus, the first human case reported in the city this year.”

The woman became ill on July 30, according to the state Department of Environmental Protection. The disease was confirmed this week as West Nile.

West Nile has been found in 42 of Pennsylvania’s 67 counties this year.

Two West Nile Deaths Reported in Jersey

CBS Philly reports on two Jersey deaths from the West Nile virus:

According to state health officials, a 78-year-old Gloucester County woman developed fever, blurred vision, weakness and diarrhea in mid-August and was hospitalized.  She died on August 24, and her death was reported to the Health Department today, state officials say.

A 92-year-old Morris County man developed fever and muscle weakness in mid-August and was admitted to the hospital with swelling of the brain. State health officials say he died on August 31.

The virus has been reported in six people in New Jersey, the station reported.

Ex-Phillies Keep Getting Brain Cancer. Is There A Connection?

The Inquirer today takes on a story that until now had existed more in the realm of quiet conspiracy theorizing: The paper notes that ex-Phillies Tug McGraw, John Vukovich, Johnny Oates, and Darren Daulton all played at the old, terrible, crappy Veterans Stadium—and that all four subsequently developed brain cancer.

The rate of brain cancers in team members from that era appears to be about three times the rate in the adult male population, according to an Inquirer analysis that was reviewed by a University of Pennsylvania epidemiologist. And that elevated rate of brain cancer is statistically significant, though the analysis had certain limitations and the pattern easily could be due to chance, said Penn’s Timothy R. Rebbeck.

“These figures suggest that there’s an elevated risk of brain cancers in the baseball players compared to the general population,” said Rebbeck, a professor of epidemiology at Penn’s Perelman School of Medicine. “You can’t rule out the possibility that it’s random bad luck.”

The team did not respond to requests for comment.

Another possibility: Steroids, though Daulton is the only one of the four players who was really active in or around the so-called Steroid Era. And if Veterans Stadium is mixed up in all of this, wouldn’t we see similar illnesses among Philadelphia Eagles’ players? (Maybe not: The Phillies played roughly 80 games a year on that awful old turf; the Eagles just a tenth that number.)

The Inquirer notes that two other MLB teams have seen higher-than-expected rates of brain cancer during their franchise histories, and that makes sense: There are 30 teams overall—some will have higher-than-average rates of all kinds of stuff, others well below, and lots of teams will be clustered around the middle. There may be a baseball-related reason all these men have contracted brain cancer (and, let’s face it, the Phils haven’t really been historically known for their clean living) but the evidence so far seems thin.

Poop-Borne Virus Afflicting Philadelphia Children

NBC10 reports that Philadelphia is seeing an outbreak of hand, foot, and mouth disease, which is more gross than dangerous, but still kind of a pain for parents to have to deal with. Symptoms include “fever, headache, loss of appetite and painful blisters” like the kind seen on the Wikipedia picture at right.

What’s interesting about the outbreak is that it proves how ubiquitous poop is in our everyday lives. Wait, did we say interesting? We meant horrifying. But anyway:

Doctors say children spread it in fountains, pools daycares, playgrounds and at home. They also say it’s extremely contagious among toddlers who haven’t been exposed to the virus before.

“It’s ubiquitous,” said Dr. Wenonah Nelson, a pediatrician at Bryn Mawr Hospital. “It spreads all over the place. It’s spread by respiratory droplet and probably spread by fecal route. So we ask people to be careful about hand wiping after diaper changes.”

“Probably spread by fecal route” is euphemistic doctor-speak for “POOP IS EVERYWHERE!” Especially during the summer. Remember this bit of information from March:

CDC researchers collected water samples from filters at 160 public pools, booth indoor and outdoor, located in the metro-Atlanta area. They found “poop” in nearly 60 percent of the pools, with tests revealing 58 percent of the water samples were positive for the bacteria Escherichia coli, or E. coli.

In other words, the entire world is like Caddyshack (NSFW), every day.


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