Morning Headlines: Drive-Thru Walgreens to Replace Sbarro Gas Station in Haverford

Screen shot of 2400 Darby Road.
Photo credit: Google Street View.

The current Sbarro gas station on the corner of Darby and East Eagle Road is set to be demolished and replaced by a 6,800-square-foot drive-thru Walgreens store. Blackwater Falls Trust plans to lease its .6-acre Haverford property to Walgreen Eastern Company, who appeared before the Zoning Hearing Board last week to request construction variances.

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$5.5 Million Haverford Estate With Giant Sports Bar Man Cave


The listing describes this Haverford estate as a “veritable country club,” and recommends a tour on the property’s golf cart. So let’s hop in for a virtual spin. Chilly out, isn’t it? Watch the hillocks of snow! Cruising the six acres of land here, you’ll see a lighted tennis court, a lighted basketball court, a pool with pool house, and a hot tub.

Over here, you’ll note a detached two-car garage to supplement the attached three-car garage. But let’s zip over to the guest house addition. If you’ve read the listing, you’ll know it’s currently serving as “the ultimate Man Cave” — and that’s especially so for sports fans. There are eight TVs on the wall, a bar, a kitchen, and a locker room that has a TV over the urinal; never miss a minute!

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Pep Boys Estate Sale: Piano, Women’s Shoes, Bull Shooter Arcade Game


Iliana Strauss, widow of Pep Boys heir Ben Strauss (son of Mo), put her Haverford home on the market in June. Now that a sale is pending, the nine-bedroom home’s contents are being sold off this weekend at an estate sale. Even if you’re not interested in the objects for sale, which can be seen here, this is a great opportunity to check out a home designed by one of the area’s most famous architects, Walter K. Durham. Tomorrow is the last day of the sale.

Gallery of the home, below.

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The List: Which Area Universities’ Grads Earn the Most

Not all college grads are moving back home or living in small box apartments. According to a study published this month by—which ranks graduates of 1,000 U.S. universities based on how much they earn right out of college, how much they earn by mid-career and the degree to which they feel their careers make the world a better place—some local grads are doing just fine.

How did schools in the region do? Here’s who finished in the top 300. You can check out the full, list, sortable by region, major and type, here.
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Weekend Open Houses: Gladwyne, Bala, and Haverford

Plenty of lovely homes are open for your viewing pleasure this weekend in nearby Philly ‘burbs. Below are our top picks, including one special 4-bedroom with a listing that asks, “Wouldn’t you like to paddle your kayak across the river and take a Septa train to work?” Wow. Special, indeed.

234 River Road, Gladwyne, PA
Gladwyne 234 River Road

Open House: September 22, 12-4pm
Price: $1,199,000
Bed: 4
Bath: 4.1
3,408 sq. feet



35 Llanberris Road, Bala Cynwyd, PA
Bala 35 Llanberris RoadOpen House: September 22, 2-4pm
Price: $625,000
Bed: 4
Bath: 2.1
3,276 sq. feet



243 Cheswold Lane, Haverford, PA
Haverford 243 Cheswold LaneOpen House: September 22, 2-4pm
Price: $65,000 (reduced from $1,085,000)
Bed: 4
Bath: 4.1
2,808 sq. feet

Realtors Accused of Animal-Dumping Put House Back on Market

It was quite a scandal: Two real estate agents who had their house on the market across the street from another house for sale were accused of trying to sabotage their neighbor’s sale by knocking down signs and dumping dead animals on her property. Both agents denied the charges and retained a lawyer to file a defamation suit.

Now they’ve put their house back on the market after a hiatus. It was first listed in April at 1.149 million. It was taken off the market in July, shortly after the scandal erupted. Now it’s being relisted by National Realty Old City LLC for $1.025 million.

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Haverford College Now Paying Goats to Mow The Lawn

If any area college was going to hire goats instead of pesticides and weedwhackers, it was going to be Haverford, right?

A Maryland-based service called Eco-Goats arrived on campus last Monday, charged with task of clearing a 1.4-acre swath opposite the duck pond, where vines and invasive species have ruled. Instead of chemicals and gas-guzzling machinery, Eco-Goats brought 28 four-legged weed eaters.

Haverford decided to…you know what? I’m going to just keep quoting from this article, which is wildly entertaining mainly for its juxtaposition of the word “goat” with the words “cost” and “benefit.”

Eco-Goats charges fees of about $400 per day, which Knox said is “competitive with landscapers in urban areas.” With heavy machinery costing $2,500-$3,000 per day, Astifan said the goats “are cost effective in terms of overall benefit.”

Though the Eco-Goats (no relation to the Acro-Cats) may be hard to book for a repeat job–they don’t like traveling very far in their trailers–Haverford could take a page out of Google’s book and hire them as more permanent campus grazers.

Over on the West Coast, however, companies like Google have enlisted goat herds to trim lawns in Mountain View, Calif., and Seattle City Light has used them for vegetation management around substations.

[Delco Times]

Haverford Comes to Shush the Rooster

Delco News Network:

HAVERFORD — Commissioners recently approved an amendment to an animal control ordinance that includes a prohibition on keeping roosters anywhere in the township.

Commissioner Jane Hall, who previously expressed concerns about a neighbor’s noisy rooster, called for banning the boisterous birds.

“I’d like to move to strike roosters from the list of permitted animals and put them on the prohibited list,” Hall said. “Roosters are in the township, and it’s upsetting to the neighbors … It’s a noise and privacy issue, people not being able to sleep.”

The new rule probably won’t please suburban chicken owners—how are they going to make new chickens without roosters?—but on the other hand, have you heard a rooster? They really are loud.

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