How Will Pa. Supreme Court Deal With Porn Scandal?

Seamus McCaffery and J. Michael Eakin, have both been connected with an ever-growing Harrisburg scandal concerning racy emails send between top government officials.

Seamus McCaffery and J. Michael Eakin, have both been connected to an ever-growing Harrisburg scandal concerning racy emails sent between top government officials.

Now that Pennsylvania Supreme Court Justices Seamus McCaffery and J. Michael Eakin have been connected to racy emails in an ever-widening scandal, the question becomes: What next? Is exposure the end of the line, or will some kind of punishment ensue?

The Inquirer reports that three different options have emerged:
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Darryl Metcalfe Moves to Block Immigrant Children from Pennsylvania

You’ve probably heard by now about all those immigrant children who have arrived at America’s southern border this year. Rep. Darryl Metcalfe has, and he wants Pennsylvania to have nothing to do with them. So he’s proposing a bill that would threaten the state license of any care facility that houses any such children in cooperation with federal officials. There are hundreds of such children being housed in the state.

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4 Teenagers Charged After Firefight With Lawmakers

Flynn (left, via Facebook); Bizzarro (via Twitter)

State Reps. Flynn (left, via Facebook); Bizzarro (via Twitter)

Police in Harrisburg have charged four teenagers after State Rep. Marty Flynn engaged in a firefight with a man who was attempting to rob him and fellow Rep. Ryan Bizzarro just blocks from the state capitol building in Harrisburg.

Two 17-year-olds, Derek Anderson and Jamani Ellison, and two 15-year-olds, Jyair Leonard and Zha-quan McGhee, were arrested by police shortly after the Tuesday night shootout. Cops identified McGhee as the shooter; he’s charged with attempted homicide and other offenses. The other teens are charged with conspiracy and robbery. Despite their ages, all four have been charged as adults.

At a press conference yesterday, Flynn said neither he nor Bizzarro had their wallets on them when they were accosted on the street Tuesday around 11 p.m. by a man with a gun. Flynn said when he reached for his gun — in a holster strapped to his back — a lookout screamed a warning, and the assailant fired a shot at Bizzarro. “I knew he meant business,” Flynn told reporters. “It was him or Bizzarro.”

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Anti-Mumia, Pro-Gun Bills Pass in Harrisburg

State Capitol in Harrisburg

Two high-profile bills passed major tests in the Legislature on Wednesday — a bill designed to reduce “victim anguish” caused by criminals like Mumia Abu-Jamal passed the Senate, while a bill that gives the NRA the right to sue cities for gun laws that differ from the state’s passed the House.

Gov. Corbett has promised to sign both if they pass the full legislature.

First, the anti-Mumia bill. AP reports:

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Porn Email Scandal Claims Another High-Ranking Pa. Official: Randy Feathers

randy-feathers Another state official has resigned in the wake of the porn email scandal: Randy Feathers, a member of the Pennsylvania Board of Probation and Parole. Feathers resigned his seat but didn’t admit any wrongdoing. The job paid $115,000 a year.

Per his official bio on the state parole board website, Feathers started his career as a Washington, D.C., police officer and primarily worked in narcotics. He was unanimously approved to the parole board in 2012 after being nominated by Governor Tom Corbett.

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A Reply to Dom Giordano About Mumia Abu-Jamal

I don’t blame Dom Giordano for wanting convicted cop-killer Mumia Abu-Jamal to shut the hell up. But even after reading Giordano’s case for anti-Mumia legislation in today’s Daily News, I’m still worried about what the bill would mean for the First Amendment.

Giordano, bless him, quotes me in making his argument for a bill that would give victims the right to sue offenders for “perpetuating” their anguish long after the crime and conviction are over.

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2 Pennsylvania Lawmakers Involved in Shootout Near Capitol

Pennsylvania State Rep. Marty Flynn was involved in a shootout with robbers near the Capitol in Harrisburg. Flynn exchanged gunfire with several men who allegedly attempted to rob him and Rep. Ryan Bizzarro at 11 p.m. on Wednesday night, a House Democratic spokesperson told the Inquirer.

Flynn and Bizzarro, both Democrats, were returning from a fundraiser and walking back to a house they stay in when in session. Three men were arrested in the incident. The lawmakers were not injured.

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Gun Debate About to Flare Up in Pennsylvania Senate


The gun debate seems likely to get heated today in the Pennsylvania Senate.

We told you last week about House Bill 1243, which would give the NRA standing to sue local cities and municipalities for having gun laws more restrictive than allowed by the state. When Democrats promised to weigh that bill down with a number of amendments, Republicans withdrew it last week from consideration from the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Instead, they’ve taken it directly to the Senate floor. Democrats who oppose the bill say Republicans plan to amend it today to House Bill 1746 — a bill otherwise designed to offer new protections to the state’s domestic violence victims — then “call the question” immediately, so that no debate on that amendment, or additional amendments, will be allowed: Only a quick up-or-down vote that Republicans seem likely to win on straight party representation.

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Hughes: Let Governor Abolish SRC

State Sen. Vincent Hughes is pushing a bill in Harrisburg that would give the governor the power to dissolve the School Reform Commission. Under current law, the SRC has the power to dissolve itself — but nobody else has that power over the SRC.
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