Garces Pops Up With Balcony Bar @ The Kimmel

Balcony Bar @ The Kimmel/Photo by Casey Rodger

The Jose Garces empire is growing just a little bit more, albeit temporarily. Balcony Bar @ The Kimmel — which, as you may have guessed, is a bar in the Kimmel Center’s second-floor outdoor balcony — officially pops up for the summer on Wednesday, June 14th.

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Old City Eats Kicks Off Second Summer With Block Party

During summertime in the city, Thursday really is the new weekend: with everyone heading out of town for weekend fun at the shore or other vacation spots, socializing over a drink or two within city limits gets bumped up a few days.

To ensure that you’re still getting your recommended weekly allowance of food and drink specials, Old City Eats has returned for a second season — and they’re kicking off the summer with an outdoor block party next week.

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10 Philly Happy Hours Healthy Eaters Need to Know About Now

Edamame dumplings at Double Knot / Fried chickpeas at ROOT / Gochujang charred broccoli at V Street

Edamame dumplings at Double Knot / Fried chickpeas at ROOT / Gochujang charred broccoli at V Street

We’ve all been there: You go to happy hour, “but just for one drink, you guys!” Before you know it, you are basically a pitcher of margaritas in (hey, it happens to the best of us) and this close to going H.A.M on a plate of nachos — “extra cheese, please.”

It’s fine. Happy hour happens.

That said, a few months back when Philly-based dietitian Jenna Stranzl dished on how dietitians hack happy hour, one of her main points was to be careful when it comes to happy hour snacks. The best way to do that, in our opinion? Pick a happy hour spot that offers some healthier happy hour food options. That way, if when you do end up ordering a snack, you can spring for something on the healthy side. If you can name zero places with healthy happy hour food options, not to worry: Below, 10 Philly happy hours that healthy eaters need to know about. Read up, make a date with your happy hour crew this week, and thank us when you don’t wake up filled with regret (and queso fundido).

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New Happy Hour Menus at Suga



I did not love Suga when I reviewed it last year. It was confusing, inconsistent, and it didn’t seem to know exactly what kind of restaurant it wanted to be.

But you know what? I’ve never stopped thinking about the place. While a lot of restaurants I go to pass immediately into my rearview the minute I’m done reviewing them (because it’s always time to move onto the next and the next and the next), Suga did not. I was weirdly fascinated by the dishes (grilled asparagus with broccoli mousse, Shanxi pasta with lamb ragu, maitake mushroom ravioli) being done by Susanna Foo, her son Gabriel and the crew in their kitchen, and have never stopped wondering what they were going to try next.

Speaking of which…

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The Dietitian’s Guide to Hacking Happy Hour (And Avoiding Pitfalls)

When you think of dietitians, you might think we all steer clear of alcohol at all costs. I am here to tell you, that is not the case. We, too, are human and like enjoying a drink here and there with our friends. And — while many of us are guilty of doing keg stands and nursing horrible hangovers the next day (we all have our moments, right?) — for the most part, we try to drink responsibly and with health in mind.

My point: You don’t have to skip out on happy hour all the time to be healthy. To help you hack your happy hours so that they won’t put a huge dent in your healthy lifestyle, I chatted with some of my fellow dietitian friends to ask them what they reach for at happy hour. Here, your dietitian-backed guide to a healthier happy hour. (And while you’re at it, take note of these Philly happy hour spots for healthy eaters!)

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“Newember” Happy Hour Deals Continue At The Trestle Inn


The Trestle Inn has long been a go-to whiskey bar for the Foobooz World HQ staff and accomplices. Last month, they made drinking here an even more attractive proposition with an oversized regular happy hour, an additional late-night happy hour, plus some nice specials for those making the trek out to Callowhill.

The good news? What was originally a November promotion (called, weirdly, “Newember”) has now been extended into December (probably because the name still technically applies) and beyond. We’ve got all the details below, including on their coffee cocktail–not a hot drink, but still one that comes caffeinated, which is always nice.

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