Morgan’s Pier Is Keeping It Going Through Fall

morgans-pier-fall-400Labor Day has come and gone but Morgan’s Pier is keeping things interesting down on the Delaware River. The bar and restaurant remains open through Halloween and is adding some new programming to keep people heading to the riverfront.

Chef-in-residence Nick Elmi is creating a new fall menu; the venue will also be hosting Popeapalooza while Pope Francis is in town; Philadelphia chefs will be making appearances as part of a guest chef series; and after a transformation of the space into Fall Fest, the outdoor season will end with a Halloween bash on Saturday, October 31st.

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Awesome Infographic Shows What Horror Movies Were Set in Pennsylvania has drawn up an infographic that shows, state-by-state, the setting of 250 popular horror movies. Creators of the image point out that the image details where movies actually take place, not where they’re filmed. Can you name all nine that are listed in Pennsylvania? Close your eyes and take a stab, then see if you’re right in the map below:


The ones that are underlined represent the films that are pictured on the map. To see a higher-res image, click here.

(h/t Reddit, of course)


PHOTO: Dom Streater Wore The Cutest Hat (And Easiest Halloween Costume) Ever


Dom Streater in the world’s cutest cap.

I ran into the lovely Dom Streater at Timberland’s opening party earlier this week, and she had on the best accessory of the night. I’d noticed her cute little bunny ears sticking up over the crowd—she’s one of the few who can pull off such a whimsical cap on a non-Halloween night.

See where she got it here.

7 Things to Do in Philly This Weekend: Halloweekend Festivities, Theatre Exile Previews Red Speedo, TJ Kong’s Halloween Murder Show and More


WEEKEND ROUNDUP: Halloween in the Gayborhood, Tom Wolf’s Big Gay Pub Crawl, a New Weekly Dance Party at Stir and More


  • 1779801_869086549768214_1945349718988112575_nStart your evening with pre-drinks at our newest gay bar on the scene, Boxers PHL, on 1330 Walnut Street. Happy hour starts at 6 p.m. and goes till 8 p.m.
  • Icandy‘s getting in on the Halloween fun with “Freak Show,” featuring costume contests, lots of drink specials and some of the sweaty-sexiest dancing in town.
  • Over at Tabu, Brittany Lynn will be hosting the Freaks and Monsters Ball with performances by Gemini Rose, and Lynn’s drag daughter, the sassy-licious Robin.
  • At Venture Inn, Sandy Beach is hosting a Halloween-themed La Cage Aux Beach, which will also serve as a going-away party for drag queen Scarlett Bleu, who, bar manager Henry Brinton tells me is getting the hell out of dodge. Look out for performances by Sutton Fierce and Miss Fish 2014 Mary D’Knight.
  • Mimi Imfurst will stop by Woody’s at midnight for the annual costume contest. Dress to impress, folks, there are $1,000 worth of cash and prizes up for grabs.
  • Philly band Lost in Paris is playing at Field House, where guests are encouraged to show up in Zombie Athlete gear. Hot!
  • Drag queens perform The Rocky Horror Picture Show at Voyeur. The cast includes Mimi Imfurst as Doctor Frank N Furter, Ariel Versace as Janet Weiss, and the always provocative Pierre CorVair as Riff Raff.
  • No matter where you’re at in the Gayborhood this evening, keep an eye out for former Governor Ed Rendell and Democratic gubernatorial candidate Tom Wolf, who are going to embark on a big gay pub crawl from 11 p.m. to 1 a.m.
  • In fact, at midnight the political pair will hit up U Bar, before making their way to Tavern On Camac, where bar manager Howard Nields tells me Rendell will sing a song at the piano! Later, there will be a costume contest on the second level with cash prizes.
  • If bar-hopping from one jam-packed Gayborhood watering hole to the next doesn’t sound appealing, head to L’Etage for Josh Schonewolf’s “Villains,” an evening of spooky song and performance by local actresses like Rachel Pinkstone, Kate Coyne, Lindsay Donaldson, and drag queen Bev.
  • CUTN PASTE presents the fabulously named Halloqweens Ball, featuring queer lyricist Cakes Da Killa, at The Barbary.

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Your Weekend Workout Playlist: Un-Halloween Halloween Tunes



It being Halloween and all, we couldn’t not do a Halloween-esque playlist. But at the same time, I’m pretty darn sure you’re going to get your fill of “Monster Mash” and “Thriller” tonight wherever your Halloween revelry takes you. So we’re thinking a bit outside the box for this one, with songs about darkness (or played by The Darkness, because duh), magic, ghosts, psychos and more. In some cases, you may not even want to puzzle through our logic—just go with it.

This is the un-Halloween Halloween Playlist you’ve been hoping someone would put together.

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DJ Carl Michael Presents: 10 Spooky Songs For Your Gay Halloween Shenanigans

For years, I have had the honor of DJing on Gay Christmas (aka Halloween, aka the holiday that gives masculine fellas the excuse to put on heels). The most fun part for me is bringing out some of my favorite classic spooky tunes to create the perfect soundtrack for the night of all nights.

Here are just a few of the songs to add to your Halloween party playlist, or to blare in the car on your way to your favorite nightclub or party. Merry Gay Christmas!

You can find the playlist on Spotify, or enjoy each track in the videos and playlist after the jump.

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Slender Man Is The Most Popular Halloween Costume in Pennsylvania, Apparently

Map via SumoCoupon | Slender Man image: By mdl70 ( [CC-BY-2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Costume map via SumoCoupon | Slender Man image: mdl70 [CC-BY-2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

There’s a Halloween costume that’s trending in Pennsylvania, and it’s not a ghost or witch or goblin or Sexy Fan Fiction Claude Giroux (that’s who I was last year). It’s … Slender Man!

Slender Man is part of a weird piece of collaborative Internet horror fiction called creepypasta. It began as a thread on the Something Awful Forums, as part of a “paranormal pictures” Photoshop thread, and evolved into a tall, thin man with tentacles wearing a suit. (There’s no set description, per the nature of the collaborative creepypasta — the word evolved from “copy and paste.”) Slender Man has actually been blamed for inspiring many attacks, including a horrifying stabbing of a 12-year-old girl by two of her classmates.

So, yeah, that’s the most-searched Halloween costume in Pennsylvania according to the blog of SumoCoupon, which is not a blog where you get discounts on mawashi.

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UPDATED: Philadelphia’s Best (And Worst) Zombie-Proof Restaurants


UPDATED: Oh, yeah. It’s Halloween. And what does Halloween mean around Foobooz World HQ? A fresh update to the list of the best and worst restaurants in Philadelphia for witnessing (and surviving) the inevitable zombie apocalypse. For the past couple years, we’ve occasionally trotted this one out as a helpful guide for those of you who plan on weathering the horde from the comfort of a bar stool. And so, without further ado, Philly’s most (and least) zombie-proof restaurants.

So I’ve been thinking (as I often do) about the inevitable zombie apocalypse. And when I get to thinking about the inevitable zombie apocalypse, my thoughts often turn to practical questions like: When the worst finally happens, where would I hole up for a final drink? Or, when feeling somewhat less fatalistic, what restaurants in Philadelphia would be best for weathering an invasion of the undead?

True, none of the poor saps in World War Z seemed to fare very well during the zombie-related destruction of Philadelphia (except Brad Pitt, who had access to a helicopter and the phone number of a dude who could, you know, call him a motherf#@&ing helicopter), but that doesn’t matter. World War Z was not a good movie (which is a shame, because the book was awesome), and I have more faith in the drunks and fun-hogs in the City of Brotherly Love than the director did. Thus, as a public service, the Foobooz Zombie Defense Working Group has come up with a list of the six seven best restaurants in Philadelphia for witnessing (and possibly surviving) a zombie attack–plus a list of the places you definitely do NOT want to find yourself when the walkers come.

You’re welcome.

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