How I’m Learning (and Accepting) That It’s Okay to Skip a Gym Day

When I first picked up a regular workout routine, I reaped the physical and mental benefits of getting into shape. I reveled in the endorphins and the compliments people were giving me. But then, my newfound love for working out turned into something else, and I stopped nurturing my body with rest days. It turns out a lot of people get to this unhealthy point of working out. So, I talked to local fitness trainer and physical therapist Gina Mancuso of CoreFitness to get the scoop on why it’s not only okay to take rest days, but why it’s essential to a healthy fitness practice.

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City Fitness’s Center City Location Will Have a … Co-Working Space?

A few weeks ago, we told you guys about City Fitness’s plans to open a 40,000-square-foot fitness club at 18th Street and JFK Boulevard in Center City, which they’re calling City Fitness Center City West. Obviously, 40,000 square feet is a LOT of space, and marketing director Tom Wingert mentioned they’d be filling it with all sorts of good stuff aside from gym equipment, including retail offerings. But one thing we weren’t expecting to see on that list? A co-working space. So I was surprised when, this morning, I got a press release from City Fitness saying that, yes, among perks like executive locker rooms and high-end cardio and strength-training equipment, the new fitness club will also feature “a fully equipped co-working space — the first of its kind amongst Philadelphia’s fitness clubs.”

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Taylor Swift Perfects Weird (and Hilarious) Walk to Avoid Being Seen After a Gym Session 

As anyone else whose face turns the color of a freshly painted fire engine during even the least strenuous of physical activity knows, there is little worse than running into someone you know after a killer gym session. Mostly because they get this look of concern on their face and ask questions like, “Are you alright?” and “Do you need to sit down?” Because your face is just. SO. Red.

This is why I avoid human contact of any kind after a sweat session until my face has had a good 20 minutes to return to its normal color.

I don’t know if Wyomissing native Taylor Swift is afflicted with this post-workout red-face curse, too, but she sure acts like it. Yesterday, The Cut posted a hilarious video of Swift strategically walking sideways, almost robotically, out of the gym to her car to avoid being snapped by the paparazzi. It’s weird and mesmerizing and crying-with-tears-of-joy-emoji-worthy all at the same time. And be warned: It will make you wish you had a driver to pick you up after every sweat session so you, too, could avoid being seen by anyone with your bright-red post-workout face ever again. #Goals.

You can watch the video below below.

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City Fitness Opening Giant 40,000-Square-Foot Location in Center City 

City Fitness | Photo via Facebook

City Fitness | Photo via Facebook

My house is about 800 square feet and I bring this up because, when City Fitness’s marketing director Tom Wingert told me that the gym plans to open a 40,000-square-foot location at the corner of 18th Street and JKF Boulevard, I immediately imagined a space big enough to fit 50 of my homes inside of. To give you some perspective — you know, aside from my house — City Fitness’s current largest location, their Graduate Hospital gym, is 21,000 square feet and their new two-floor Fishtown location will be 22,000 square feet. So yeah, this Center City location will be huge.

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Why Getting Hit on at the Gym Is Actually the Worst

The other day, a friend of mine posted a Facebook status about getting hit on at the gym. She wasn’t flattered, she was frustrated. She went to the gym to work out, not to have a stranger comment on her body in an attempt to engage her in conversation while she was covered in sweat and panting for breath. The comments on her Facebook post by a number of females echoed her frustrations. “Can I live?” was asked more than once.

This got me thinking: Do women ever really want to get hit on at the gym? I decided to ask a bunch of my female friends and coworkers that very question. The collective answer? A loud, resounding “Noooooooooo.” So, while I’m sure there are some rom-com-worthy love stories that have been born out of serendipitous side-by-side burpee workouts, and obviously this sample of females does not account for the entire female population, it still seems this PSA is worth making: Usually, getting hit on at the gym is actually the worst. Below, four crowd-sourced reasons why, gathered from female gym-goers in my life.

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The Checkup: The Piece of Gym Equipment That’s Way Germier Than a Toilet Seat

• You are about to do so much cringing. A new study examined bacteria samples from gym equipment at large fitness chains around the country and spoiler alert: Gym equipment is covered in bacteria. And the most digusting of all? Free weights, with 362 times more bacteria than a toilet seat. BRB, going to wash my hands forever. [Women’s Health] Read more »

City Fitness Opening New Gym (and Juice Bar!) on Fishtown’s Frankford Avenue

City Fitness's new Fishtown location | Photo by Adjua Fisher

City Fitness’s new Fishtown location | Photo by Adjua Fisher

Get this, you guys: City Fitness is setting up shop on Frankford Avenue in Fishtown, and they’re building a brand new gym that will have — wait for it — a TREE growing in the middle of it. Like, planted in the freakin’ ground of the gym. I can’t be the only one whose jaw drops at the thought of that. Read more »

Youfit Gym Set to Open in Olney

Youfit Gyms | Photo courtesy Youfit

Youfit Gyms | Photo courtesy Youfit

South Florida-based gym chain Youfit is set to open its first Pennsylvania location right in our own backyard. The new 20,000-square-foot outpost will be located at 101 East Olney Avenue in the Olney Plaza Shopping Center. The opening date is set for December 11th.  Read more »

Be Well Workout of the Week: Get in and Out of the Gym in 30 Minutes



For the workout this week, put 30 minutes on the clock and get ready to complete the following seven-move circuit as many times as you can in those 30 minutes. But don’t get sloppy people — you want to be moving fast while also maintaining good form. Got it?

The idea is to work hard, work fast, and push yourself outside of your comfort zone. Simple enough, right? Good luck!  Read more »

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