Pizza Brain Not Open Yet, Still Trying To Set A World Record

So after all of our pizza exertions of the past several months–after all the eating, all the writing, all the making-a-super-sweet-pizza-finding-website-just-for-you–we really thought we were done talking about pizza. I figured that we’d pretty much had our say, and that Philly’s pizza community was as well-covered as it was going to get. At least for a few weeks.

But no. Just when we thought we’d found all the wonderful and terrible stuff there was to find, Brian “Brain” Dwyer (the man behind last year’s popular pizza-themed art show at Rocket Cat Cafe) got it in his head that someone needed to start collecting all the pizza culture memorabilia out there. That someone needed to catalog it and give it a home. And that that someone ought to be him

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