Local Runner Will Try to Break Hilarious World Record



Fastest half marathon dressed as a fruit: Yes, that is a Guinness World Record that has been set in the past and now, local runner Bill Ling is planning to try and break that record at the ODDyssey Half Marathon coming up June 14th. He’ll be dressed as a banana, in case you were wondering.
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Montco Teen Sets New Rubik’s Cube World Record

A teen from Harleysville is the new world record holder for the fastest person to figure out a scrambled Rubik’s Cube.

At the World Cube Association (WCA)’s Doylestown Spring 2015 Competition on Saturday, Collin Burns solved the Rubik’s Cube in 5.25 seconds. The whole thing was caught on video (above), which catches the students going insane when he correctly lines up all the colors.

According to The Intelligencer, The Guinness Book of World Records recognizes several categories of Rubik’s Cube competitions—from those who can do it with one hand to contests involving larger-than-your-average Cubes. Burns set the record for figuring out the conventional three-by-three cube, which, according to WCA Delegate Tim Reynolds, is the premier record to hold.

Reynolds goes on to say that, while no one from the Guinness Book of World Records was in attendance at Saturday’s competition, Burns’s name will likely appear in the next edition. “I believe in last year’s book they recognized all of (the WCA’s) records and published all of ours.”

Burns, who was named U.S. National Champion last summer, is the first U.S. citizen to hold this particular record since 2006, when someone figured out the Rubik’s cube in a looooong 10.48 seconds.

Check out his winning moment above.

Pizza Brain Not Open Yet, Still Trying To Set A World Record

So after all of our pizza exertions of the past several months–after all the eating, all the writing, all the making-a-super-sweet-pizza-finding-website-just-for-you–we really thought we were done talking about pizza. I figured that we’d pretty much had our say, and that Philly’s pizza community was as well-covered as it was going to get. At least for a few weeks.

But no. Just when we thought we’d found all the wonderful and terrible stuff there was to find, Brian “Brain” Dwyer (the man behind last year’s popular pizza-themed art show at Rocket Cat Cafe) got it in his head that someone needed to start collecting all the pizza culture memorabilia out there. That someone needed to catalog it and give it a home. And that that someone ought to be him

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