Your Shame-Free Guide to the Best Philly Sex Shops

Condom Kingdom | Photograph by Christopher Leaman

Condom Kingdom | Photograph by Christopher Leaman

1. Condom Kingdom

437 South Street, Queen Village.

If Disneyland went X-rated, it’d be something like this South Street stalwart, which mixes bachelorette-party kitsch (penis-shaped candy) with fetish gear (nipple clamps) in a cartoonish space that looks like a cross between a kinky cave and an ancient castle, with stone walls, ponds, and a condom-bedecked tree. Corny? A tad. Fun? Absolutely. Go here for: A user-friendly, accessible playground for entry-level enthusiasts.  Read more »

Ultimate Philly Runner’s Brunch Guide: Best Brunches Near Philly Running Spots

Runners on the Schuylkill Trail along Kelly Drive // Photo by Jeff Fusco

Runners on the Schuylkill Trail along Kelly Drive // Photo by Jeff Fusco

Last week, I set out to write what I thought would be the Ultimate Philly Runner’s Guide to Post-Run Brunching. Because think about it: What could be more useful to Philly runners than a list of solid brunch places near some of the area’s most popular running spots?

But then I realized something: I know nothing about Philly restaurants. Ask me anything about a gym or a yoga studio, and I’m all over it. But restaurants? Nope.

So I turned to my friends over at Foobooz to get their obviously more informed opinions on the subject. They thought about it for a week, and got their picks to me this morning. Guys, they did not disappoint.

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The Ultimate Guide to Lunchtime Soup Joints in Philly



Remember a few weeks back when I told you about how our friends at Foobooz were launching a massive crowd-sourcing effort to find the best soups in Philly. Well, it looks like they’ve tabulated the votes to come up with a pretty awesome guide to the 17 best places to get soup in Philly, breaking it down by Asian soup joints and, well, everywhere else. Preeeeetty awesome.

Have at it, Be Wellers. And if your favorite soup spot isn’t on the list, be sure to make suggestions in the comments.

Bookmark This: Yoga Classes for Less Than $10 in the Philadelphia Area



News flash: Maintaining a regular yoga routine doesn’t have to break the bank. If you get a little creative (and are possibly willing to drive), you can score ridiculously cheap—even free!—yoga classes at terrific studios throughout the area. Check out our picks below, and add any cheap-yoga intel you have in the comments.

Note: Be sure to check the schedule for each studio before you go. Class times and offerings often change.

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Last-Minute Gift Guide

Music, art and celebrity defined Lance Loud's life

Still need to find that perfect gift? We have some great gift ideas – just in time for all the house parties, soirees and gift exchanges that are filling up our calendars this festive month.

Lance Loud became America’s first reality television star when he became the subject of the documentary An American Family. He was also arguably the first

Snap away with the Fujifilm Instax 210

real-life, openly gay man to hit the boob tube. His mother and photographer friend Christopher Makos have put together a gorgeous book – Lance Out Loud – with dozens of photos of Loud’s life – including his early years, his stint in the punk band The Mumps, and his hob-knobbing with famous folks like Andy Warhol.

Take your own Polaroid-style photos with the Fujifilm Instax 210. This point-and-shoot comes with a built-in film slot that lets you print out pics directly from the camera. It’s the prefect party favor for anyone who can’t wait to download the images of your friends’ legendary behavior.

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Voting Tips

Photo by Think Stock

There are a lot of misconceptions about what it takes to have your vote counted at the polls this year. We’ve addressed a few of them here just in time for tomorrow’s election (Nov. 6).

The first, you will be asked for proper identification, but you do not actually need to show that ID to be able to vote in Pennsylvania. This will likely be the last election in Pennsylvania in which IDs are not technically required. If you are asked, it’s up to you to decide whether you’d like to show your ID or not. If for any reason you are told that you cannot vote without the ID, this is incorrect. You should call 866-OUR-VOTE if you face any problems because of voter IDS, or any other opposition to your vote at the polls.

It is also not true that if you vote a straight ticket – either Republican or Democrat – that your presidential vote won’t count. A good rule of thumb is to preview the ballot before you actually head to the polls so you know exactly who you’ll be voting for – and what issues will be discussed. Click here for a rundown of offices and ballot questions.

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New Guidelines for Emergency Response

Photo by Think Stock

Hurricane season, floods and wildfires have all dominated the news headlines this season. But for the LGBT community, disaster relief can be complex. “Many LGBT individuals and families fear discrimination in shelters or when seeking other emergency services during natural disasters or other forced evacuations,” says HRC President Chad Griffin. That’s why the HRC has created a new guide that helps emergency responders understand some of the issues the community faces.

The guide outlines best practices for local, state, federal and community organizations during emergency situations and disasters that can sometimes make vulnerable populations like the LGBT community more at a heightened risk for trauma.

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2012 Fall Gadget Guide

Courtesy of Nocs

iPhone 5 may be dominating the headlines, but there are other great tech gadgets that have also turned our heads this fall. Whether you want to stream music, get connected or dress up a favorite toy with a new look, we have the lowdown on what’s in this season.

Who needs to get tangled up in cords when you could get “Tangled Up in Blue” – Bob Dylan style? Stream music wirelessly with the Nocs NS2 Air Monitors ($400) from Bloomingdale’s. You can’t miss the bright orange casing to brighten up a dreary day.

Courtesy of Phosphor

Color your music experience with Urban Ears Men’s Headphones ($60) – also from Bloomingdale’s. The clean, modern design is ideal for listening to favorite playlists on the go. It even comes with a ZoundPlug for listening with a friend.

Channel your own inner Monster with Lady Gaga headphones ($150) at Macy’s. The earbuds feature gold studs on a white base, perfect for listening to a little “Poker Face” on repeat.

Keep good time with a new line of watches from Phosphor ($225) featuring a space-age-style digital face and fashionable band that’s versatile enough to dress up or keep casual. It’s definitely a conversational time piece.

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How to Get a Voter ID

Pennsylvania law now requires all voters to present a photo ID every single time they go to the polls. The ID can include: valid driver’s and non-driver’s license, IDs issued by the state or federal government, valid U.S. passport, U.S. military ID, employee photo ID issued by the federal, state, county or municipal government, student ID or ID issued by a care facility.

If you do not have a valid ID, you cannot vote in Pennsylvania.

So beginning today (August 28), the PA Department of State (DOS) has unveiled a new free, same-day DOS photo ID card for registered voters who do not already have at least one of the photo IDs listed above. These new cards will be accepted at the polls on November 6 as a safety net for voters who don’t have an acceptable photo ID and can’t find or obtain either a birth certificate or Social Security card – two documents required in order to get a free PennDOT-issued photo ID for voting. The new DOS ID is supposed to be issued on the same day an application is made.

Here’s what you’ll need to get this new voting ID:

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