Sweet Deal Alert: Get Half-Price Groceries at MOM’s Organic Market

MOM’s Organic Market Center City | Photo by Sarah Madaus

Yesterday, an ad for a spectacular Groupon deal for MOM’s Organic Market in Center City found me on the internet, because the internet (creepily) knows all, including where I like to grocery shop. And it would be plain ol’ selfish of me not to share the knowledge of this deal with you, loyal Be Well Philly readers.

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Sweet! Target Announces Lower Prices on Groceries

Hat tip to the folks at Refinery29 for alerting us to the very welcome news that, like Whole Foods, Target has announced lower prices on all sorts of items, including those in the grocery aisle. Meaning: You’ll have more money to spend on all the crap you don’t need, but always makes its way into your cart anyway. (Pastel Sharpies! Mason jars! Living room poofs!)

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8 Things to Know Before You Shop Center City’s New MOM’s Organic Market

One of the many bulk areas in the store | Photo credit: Sarah Madaus

For some, grocery shopping is akin to going to the dentist or cleaning the shower: An unpleasant but necessary task. (Less necessary now that you can outsource to services like Instacart, though.) I am not one of those people. Roaming a shiny new grocery store is my version of relaxing on the couch with a glass of wine in my hand and a charcoal mask on my face. If I don’t get my grocery shopping fix on the weekend, I get cranky. The love is real.

So this Friday, after work, instead of heading home to put on a face mask and crack open a bottle of wine like a normal person, I headed to the newly opened MOM’s Organic Market at 34 South 11th Street in Center City — their first Philly-area location that’s not in the ‘burbs — and spent nearly two hours slow-walking the aisles. Despite the nightmare it may sound like to some, it was lovely, and I soaked up quite a few shopping pointers for the next time I go, which I figured I’d share with those of you who prefer to spend as little time as possible confined in aisles filled with almond milk and non-BPA-lined canned beans. Below, eight things to know before you shop the new Center City MOM’s Organic Market.

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Say What?! Whole Foods to Slash Prices of Groceries Starting Next Week

Whole Foods Callowhill | Photo by Adjua Fisher 

If you are firmly planted in the camp of people who avoids Whole Foods at all costs, rolling your eyes and referring to it as “Whole Paycheck” at the mention of its name, take note: As the Washington Post reports, thanks to Amazon’s $13.7 billion purchase of the grocery chain, which will be finalized on Monday, customers will begin seeing immediate markdowns on the stores’ best-selling grocery staples — think: salmon, avocados (!!), baby kale, almond butter, banana, eggs, ground beef, butter, apples, and more — next Monday.

Excuse us while we do the happiest of happy dances.

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This Is the Ultimate Trader Joe’s Grocery List

Photo by Flickr user Christopher Long

Celebrations are in order, my friends: Trader Joe’s just turned 50 years old. And to celebrate, they asked for customers and crew members to dish on their favorite items and narrowed what they say was a very long list down to the top 50 favorites, in no particular order. In other words, they’ve compiled your grocery-shopping list for the weekend.

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There’s a New Health-Focused Online Grocery Store Where Everything Costs $3

If grocery shopping is one of your most dreaded adulting activities, a new online grocery store has just popped up in the market (har, har), and their way of doing things might just strike your fancy. San Francisco-based start-up Brandless, which launched on Tuesday, is an online grocery-shopping platform offering a wide variety of household and grocery products, most of which are organic, non-GMO, environmentally friendly and free of weird additives, and all of which ring in at $3. Read more »

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