WATCH THIS: Alec Baldwin Gets Schooled on Grindr and Scruff

Alec Baldwin and couple Toby and Brian on Alec Baldwin's Love Ride.

Alec Baldwin and couple Toby and Brian on Alec Baldwin’s Love Ride.

Let’s face it: Alec Baldwin hasn’t had the most glorious reputation within the gay community, especially after his rather grotesque homophobic Twitter rant back in 2013. However, on his new web series titled Alec Baldwin’s Love Ride, he recently provided some half-ass relationship advice to a rather adorable gay couple, and got schooled on the differences between Grindr and Scruff. Read more »

GAGGING: Judge Judy Hears Her First Case On Grindr

Judge Judy

It was bound to happen: everyone’s favorite daytime television courtroom mama, Judge Judy, finally heard a case involving Grindr and money, and, to use her words, it was a bunch of baloney.  After listening to the arguments of the plaintiff and defendant, it’s pretty clear this was a Sugar Daddy meet-up gone wrong, and Judy cut right to the B.S.

But first, someone had to explain to her what Grindr is… Read more »

More Grindr Gone Wrong: Delaware Deputy Attorney General Charged With Rape of 16-Year-Old-Boy

daniel simmonsYesterday on G Philly, we reported on the disturbing case of a Philadelphia man who was murdered in Chester after connecting with someone on Grindr. Not far from Chester, in the state of Delaware, another case of “Grindr gone wrong” has landed a deputy attorney general in major hot water.

Wilmington’s Daniel Simmons, 34, was charged with four counts of fourth-degree rape. He is alleged to have sexually assaulted a 16-year-old boy he met on Grindr. Simmons was released after posting $45,000 secured bail. According to a report from The News Journal, Simmons, who was assigned to the New Castle County Misdemeanor Trial Unit, had been under investigation since March.

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Local Grindr Hookup Leads to Murder in Delco

Dino Dizdarević

Dino Dizdarević

G Philly has learned that a 25-year-old Philly man was murdered last week after he drove to Chester, Pennsylvania, to meet a man he had connected with on Grindr.

The Delaware County District Attorney’s Office confirms the body of Dino Dizdarević was discovered in a lot on the 900 block of Parker Street  in Chester early on Thursday, May 1st. He had been strangled and, according to DA Jack Whelan, sustained “multiple blunt-force trauma injuries to the face.”

On Wednesday, April 30th, Dizdarević told his boyfriend, Nick McBee, with whom he was in an open relationship, he was driving to Chester to meet a man he’d met on the app. McBee began to fear the worst when the night wore on and he hadn’t heard anything from him. “He was a responsible person. He always called to let me know where he was,” he says. “I knew something was wrong.”

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PA Native Wins Grindr Model Contest

matthew stehlik grindr model

Matthew Stehlik, a native of Pittsburgh who now lives and works as a model and bartender in Orlando, Fla., was named one of two winners in Grindr’s Model Contest. He was chosen from a group of 780 guys, and voted on by users. The contest was Grindr’s way of “looking for the best gays to represent the new Grindr boy.” The other winner is Eric Angelo, a go-go dancer from Hollywood.

If this is what the guys are looking like on Grindr these days, is it enough to sway you Scruff devotees to switch back?

Enjoy a few more shots of him below, all acquired through his Instagram account.

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Grindr Got Political

Courtesy of Grindr

We may know Grindr best for its ability to sniff out the nearest (and hottest) guys looking for a little action, but Grindr for Equality has been spending this week reeling from the election results. This comes after creating an awareness campaign for LGBT equality issues nationwide. Not only did the app deliver important political messages directly to its users during this election season, but it helped brings awareness to out and LGBT-friendly candidates and marriage equality fights in several key states.

All told, Grindr says it reached 1.5 million users in the U.S. alone with as many as 135 in-app messages with specific calls to action that accrued 40,000 click-throughs. And according to a post-election survey conducted by Grindr for Equality, 91 percent of users saw the in-app messages, and more than a quarter of those users – we’re talking hundreds of thousands of gay and bisexual guys – did something about it, like vote, volunteer, sign petitions and even donate money.

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Did Olympians Cause Grindr Crash?

Courtesy of Grindr

“Hey, look! There’s Big Ben, the Parliment and London Bridge!” These are common exclamations among anyone who’s visiting London for the first time. Still other Olympians arriving on the Queen’s turf this weekend had their noises buried in their smart phones looking for another sort of “Big Ben” thanks to the gay sex, er, dating app Grindr.

People reported that the app crashed over the weekend as soon as athletes began arriving at Heathrow for the 2012 Olympic Games. The crash is believed to have been brought on by an overrun of users looking for a little pre-game action.

The app was reportedly down for 24 hours before it could be relaunched. According to Grindr, London is one of the most popular cities in which the app’s used with upwards of 350,000 registered users.

The dastardly surge even prompted Grindr founder Joel Simkhai to apologize from his Los Angeles office, saying, he, too, was disappointed by the technical burp since he uses the app for his own “day-to-day personal life.” Translation: Dude’s got game.