A Sandwich Fit for the King (or Anyone Who Visits the Grey Lodge This Week)

As one of the weekly specials at Grey Lodge, a sandwich fit for a king (or the King, Elvis Presley to be exact) is available for only six bucks.

It’s Elvis’s favorite: the fried peanut butter and banana sandwich, and it could be your favorite too. Grey Lodge is upping the ante on their sandwich which includes fig honey and bacon. But remember, it’s only here for a week.

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Six Local Bars Make Best Beer Bar List


Looking for weekend drinking options? Perhaps you’ll find inspiration in Draft Magazine’s 2014 Best Beer Bars list. Six area bars make the list, which has been reimagined for 2014. In past years, having a ton of tap lines might matter, but today Draft Magazine defines a great beer bar as more than that. “We needed to walk out of these places saying, “Now there’s a bar that really, really cares about your experience with beer.”

In the Philadelphia area, six bars made the list including two from Brendan Hartranft and Leigh Maida.

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It’s Friday the Firkinteenth (Now with Extra Wow)

kicked28Friday the Firkinteenth is the event Northeast Philadelphia’s Grey Lodge is most known for. Every Friday the Thirteenth the bar stocks its bar with firkins (small kegs) of cask ale. Today there will be almost 30 firkins tapped, and for the first time, the day will be broken up into two sessions.

Tapping for the first session begins at noon, the evening session starts at 6 p.m. If you’re lucky enough to buy the beer that kicks a firkin, you’ll get an awesome I Kicked the Firkin tee. Because of the nature of the event, the Grey Lodge doesn’t do tabs today and all purchases are of the cash variety.

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Tomorrow Is Friday the Firkinteenth at the Grey Lodge


Tomorrow it Friday the Thirteenth and as Philadelphia beer lovers know, that means it is Friday the Firkinteenth at the Grey Lodge. This will be the 27th Friday the Firkinteenth at Northeast Philadelphia’s best beer bar and its shaping up to be a big one. Twenty-seven firkins (small kegs) will be tapped throughout the day. The fun kicks off at noon with seven firkins being offered at a time till they run out.

For more on the calendar-based event, check out the Grey Lodge’s Friday the Firkinteenth page.

Dogfish Takeover at Grey Lodge


Grey Lodge does it right. They have a calendar filled with worthwhile events, and they’re always rotating through some bad-ass beers.

Take for example today, May 3rd, when they’ll be tapping eight Dogfish Head beers, all of them season or occasional brews (except for the 60 Minute, but you can’t not have the 60 Minute), and all of them delicious.

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04/04 Is Quad Day at Grey Lodge


What the world sees as April 4th the Grey Lodge sees as 04/04. And that means that all day the Northeast Philadelphia beer bar will be pouring four Belgian-style Quads (a quad of Quads). The high-alcohol abbey style ales are all over 10% alcohol by volume and pack quite the punch.

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Weekend Roundup, November 16th-18th

Yes. Thank goodness, the weekend is finally here. It’s just starting to get chilly, but we’re already over this cold. While we’re strong proponents of curling up in front of a fire and drinking hot chocolate, we think you should bundle up and face the icy temperature for some of the fun events this weekend has to offer. Whether this means sampling top Philly chef’s best dishes in support of healthy babies, taking shots for Sandy relief, or trying out three Stephen Starr alum’s brick-oven pizza spot, we think its going to be worth it.

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Mad Elf 2012 Debuts on Tap Tonight

Troegs’ bigger Hershey brewery means more of its highly sought after Mad Elf for everyone. In fact it has been available in six-packs and cases for almost a month. But tonight is its debut on tap for 2012. So head up to Northeast Philadelphia to the Grey Lodge to try out the 2012 batch.

Also on tap will be more Troegs beer including a keg of Mad Elf from 2011, a Belgian Brown Ale and a fresh hopped Troegs beer.

Mad Elf Happy You Night [Grey Lodge]

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