Juniper Commons’ Greg Garbacz Showing Off His Wings Skill

juniper commons wings sidecarFor Sidecar’s monthly “Wing Thing” collaboration, Brian Lofink and company have invited Greg Garbacz from Juniper Commons to come up with a wing. Garbacz has developed a Taco Wing, topped with tortilla puree, Guajillo sauce, queso fresco, diced red onion and micro cilantro. The wings will be on special throughout the week, and this evening Garbacz and his crew will be hanging out at the bar and eating wings.

Can these taco wings compare with the beer wort braised Foobooz wings that were featured last month? We doubt it, but then again, Garbacz is a professional and these do sound pretty great.

Sidecar Bar & Grille [Foobooz]


Juniper Commons Has A Menu And An Opening Date


I think it’s fair to say that we’re pretty excited to see what Kevin Sbraga can do with his idea of opening a throwback restaurant featuring the cuisine of the 80’s. We’ve gotten a few details over the past couple months about Juniper Commons (most recently, some interior shots), but a whole bunch more just got released.

So here’s what we know…

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Sbraga Debuts New Menu for Spring


Photo via Sbraga Dining

Kevin Sbraga is now serving his spring menu at his eponymous restaurant, Sbraga. The four-course prix fixe menu is now $55 and includes a complimentary amuse course of his very famous foie gras soup (vegetarians can look forward to an amuse of carrot ginger soup). Also new is an all-new pasta and grains course. An optional beverage pairing is available for $40. “At Sbraga, our focus has always been hospitality,” says Sbraga.  “It’s about giving your guests what they want without them asking.  The foie gras soup is one of our most popular items, so we thought it would be nice to give everyone a taste before dinner, making it part of the nightly experience.”

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Foobooz After Dark: North & South – On Sale Now

Gottesman-Garbasz-Sbraga-940CLICK HERE FOR TICKETS

Yesterday, we announced our fourth Foobooz After Dark dinner. On Saturday, April 26th at 11:30 p.m., we’re taking the chef de cuisine from SBRAGA, Greg Garbasz, and transplanting him into The Fat Ham’s kitchen with chef de cuisine, Aaron Gottesman. They’ll be doing what they do best: Aaron showing off his Southern skills, and Greg doing some fancy Yankee stuff.

Remember, beer from Sixpoint Brewery and The Fat Ham’s signature cocktails will be pouring all night, so it’ll be lots of eating and lots of drinking–as is tradition for our After Dark dinners.

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About Last Night: Sbraga vs. Sbraga At COOK


Last night was a special kind of night at the COOK thunderdome. Sure, it was the same kind of set-up we’ve been using since the start–two chefs enter, vying for ultimate victory, and we do our best to make them cry like pre-teen girls with our secret ingredients, trash-talk, funny nicknames, enforced drinking policies and ridiculously complicated challenges. But still, last night was special.

For starters, it was a Sbraga-vs-Sbraga battle, with Aaron Gottesman from the Fat Ham and Greg Garbacz from Sbraga battling it out. Then there was the dictum, handed down from their boss, Kevin Sbraga himself (who was kind enough to show up last night to keep an eye on his guys), that neither chef would be allowed to bring a sous chef with him, forcing them to nut up and just cook all on their own (something that has only happened one other time in the history of Open Stove, and that one was accidental). Oh, and to make things even better, we decided to make last night a Theme Night, with all the secret ingredients and challenges based on Kevin Sbraga’s winning run during season 7 of Top Chef.

So how did it all shake out? Well, we’ve got pictures from last night’s contest to show you if you couldn’t make it in person. But let’s just say that it takes a truly remarkable chef to turn cuttlefish, coconuts, wonton wrappers, bok choy, horned melon and six-foot stalks of un-trimmed sugar cane into edible dishes for twenty drunken foodniks. Especially when you have to cook half the night tied at the ankle to your opponent…

Show me the pictures

Welcome to Sbragadome


Michael Rouleau and Greg Garbacz competing at Cook | Photo by Yoni Nimrod

At Sbraga, chefs compete for bragging rights and to keep their minds nimble. Drew Lazor has the story.

“When we do these battles, we’re not holding back. If somebody’s at one level,” explained [Greg] Garbacz, holding his hand high above his head, “everybody should be at that level. This shows everyone where that level is – where they need to be.”

Chefs compete for Sbraga-ing rights [Philadelphia Daily News]
Sbraga [Official Site]

About Last Night: Show Us Your Cans!

Potted meat! Impossible secret ingredients! Tequila shots! Yes, Open Stove V descended on COOK last night, pitting sous chef Greg Garbacz from Sbraga against Smoke Truck chef and pickle-man Ryan Harrison in a 4-round, do-or-die battle for ultimate culinary supremacy.

The COOK crew was there to keep the crowd well-lubricated with drinks. Art and I were on hand to screw with the chefs, complicate their tasks and do our best to make them cry like little girls in full view of the public. And in the end, we crowned one man victorious. Here’s how things shook out, as told in photos–courtesy of COOK’s own Yoni Nimrod.

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