Where to Get Your Thanksgiving Turkey (or Entire Thanksgiving Meal) In Philly


If you’re not the cooking-Thanksgiving-dinner type–or if you just want to fool everyone into thinking you are–Philly’s food scene is down to help you out. There are plenty of places out there willing to supply you with everything you need to convince your friends and loved ones that you know how to use your oven for something more than warming your pants on winter mornings.

And if you do want to cook the turkey, then there are also places to get your fresh, heritage turkey needs filled by local farms and stores.

Check it all out below. And remember: Many of these places need a significant amount of advance notice, so pre-order now and don’t get caught scrambling later.

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Pho Jerky is Back Pho Real


Back in late 2012, Side Project Jerky collaborated with chef Sean Magee of Time to create Pho jerky. It was a hit. Since then, Side Project Jerky has been perfecting  the recipe and is bringing it back.

To get some of the delicious Pho jerky, join Green Aisle Grocery on Grays Ferry Avenue for their “Meet the Maker” series, this Saturday, October 11, from 12pm-3pm, where Side Project will be sampling of all four flavors of their dried beef products at Green Aisle’s Grays Ferry Location.

Marcos Espinoza of Side Project Jerky will be on-hand to answer any and all jerky-related questions, and jerky will be available for sale at the Green Aisle counter.

Side Project Jerky [Official]

Meet the Makers at Green Aisle Grocery

green-aisle-grays-ferry-400Green Aisle Grocery is the master of quality over quantity and now we get to meet those behind all the awesome items sold there. Green Aisle’s Meet the Maker series will happen at the Grays Ferry location every Saturday afternoon this fall.

The first of the bunch, tomorrow, Saturday, September 20th, will be ReAnimator Coffee. The Kensington based roaster will be in the shop from noon to 3 p.m.

The series runs through the end of November, other guests include Sip N Glo Juices (a Best of Philly recipient), Soom Foods Tahina, and Mast Bros. Chocolate from Brooklyn.

Special sales on the maker’s products, lots of samples, and time to meet the people producing the foods will be featured.

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A Beach Picnic, Philly Style

foobooz-down-the-shore-squarePacking a picnic basket for a day trip to the beach can be a monotonous task. Water bottles, ham-and-cheese sandwiches on white, bags of salt and vinegar chips. Or maybe, because you’re a true Philadelphian, you’re making a pit stop at Wawa for an Italian hoagie with extra sweet peppers. There’s nothing wrong with the usual. Old habits die hard and it’s a fact that hoagies taste better with salt water in the air. This summer however, we’re breaking routine and packing up some of our local Philly favorites to bring down the shore because everyone needs a taste of home away from home.

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A Look Inside The New Green Aisle Grocery

Green Aisle Grocery via Grub Street

The second Green Aisle Grocery is now open at 2241 Grays Ferry Avenue and the good folks from the Passyunk Post dropped by to snap some shots of the new space.

With 1,000 square feet to play with, there’s more room for products and a kitchen, so the Green Aisle crew will now have a space of their own to be able to make prepared foods (some of which may end up being sold at the original store) and produce some of their private label products.

There are a bunch of photos and some more descriptions of the available stock over at the Passyunk Post.

First Pics: Green Aisle Grocery Opens Second Location [Passyunk Post]

Instacart Now Delivering From Green Aisle Grocery

Green Aisle Grocery via Grub StreetSo last week, we brought you the news that Green Aisle Grocery was expandingpicking up a second, much larger location in Graduate Hospital–and now we have some more news.

As of today, delivery (in as little as one hour) will be available on all Green Aisle products via Instacart–the grocery (and booze) delivery service that launched in Philly a couple months ago. Instacart is already providing supplies from Whole Foods and your local wine and spirits stores. But Green Aisle? That’s a sign of them really digging in and going local. It’s also good news for those of you who really want some pickled sriracha carrots, Rival Bros. coffee and Little Baby’s Ice Cream brought to you while you sit on the couch watching cartoons in your underpants.

Instacart [f8b8z]
Green Aisle Grocery [official]

Smokin’ Turkeys With All the Fixins for Thanksgiving

Picture it: Thanksgiving morning with the smell of turkey filling the air. But wait, you don’t remember putting the turkey in the oven, or even preparing it the night before. Don’t panic; you bought your turkey from one of your favorite local restaurants.

So sit back and relax because this Thanksgiving you don’t have to worry about fixing a turkey; we’ve got plenty of places that will fix it for you.

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Quick Bites: Tiffin Truck, Night Markets & Sweet Openings

Tiffin’s Munish Narula is looking to get in the wheeled food game with a truck of his own. He hopes to be rolling in University City before classes start this Fall. Munish, consider Naan for You for the name, you’re welcome. [Grub Street]

The Food Trust plans to put on six night markets over the next 18 months. [Daily Pennsylvanian]

Stephen Starr confirms he’s bringing a Parc Lite to Washington DC. [Grub Street]

Shola Olunloyo of Speck fame is consulting on the upcoming Birra on East Passyunk. Birra owner Gordon Dinerman hopes to open in mid-July. [The Insider]

Philly Chocolate has opened in the former Naked Chocolate Cafe on Walnut Street.

This past weekend Sweet Spot opened in the former One Shot Coffee space on Liberties Walk. Sweet Spot serves light fare, fro-yo and Chestnut Hill coffee. [Zagat]

Former General Lafayette Inn brewers Russ Czajka and Chris Leonard are lending their expertise to Peru’s first microbrewery. The Feast also says they’re still looking for a location for their Copper Crow Brewing. [The Feast]

Green Aisle Grocery has expanded its Sunday hours. The Passyunk Avenue grocer is now open from noon to 7 p.m. [Green Aisle]

Pastoral Korean on 13th Street between Walnut and Locust has a For Rent sign up in the window.

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