Instacart Now Delivering From Green Aisle Grocery

Green Aisle Grocery via Grub StreetSo last week, we brought you the news that Green Aisle Grocery was expandingpicking up a second, much larger location in Graduate Hospital–and now we have some more news.

As of today, delivery (in as little as one hour) will be available on all Green Aisle products via Instacart–the grocery (and booze) delivery service that launched in Philly a couple months ago. Instacart is already providing supplies from Whole Foods and your local wine and spirits stores. But Green Aisle? That’s a sign of them really digging in and going local. It’s also good news for those of you who really want some pickled sriracha carrots, Rival Bros. coffee and Little Baby’s Ice Cream brought to you while you sit on the couch watching cartoons in your underpants.

Instacart [f8b8z]
Green Aisle Grocery [official]

Smokin’ Turkeys With All the Fixins for Thanksgiving

Picture it: Thanksgiving morning with the smell of turkey filling the air. But wait, you don’t remember putting the turkey in the oven, or even preparing it the night before. Don’t panic; you bought your turkey from one of your favorite local restaurants.

So sit back and relax because this Thanksgiving you don’t have to worry about fixing a turkey; we’ve got plenty of places that will fix it for you.

Turkey and Fixins with the help of your restaurant friends »

Quick Bites: Tiffin Truck, Night Markets & Sweet Openings

Tiffin’s Munish Narula is looking to get in the wheeled food game with a truck of his own. He hopes to be rolling in University City before classes start this Fall. Munish, consider Naan for You for the name, you’re welcome. [Grub Street]

The Food Trust plans to put on six night markets over the next 18 months. [Daily Pennsylvanian]

Stephen Starr confirms he’s bringing a Parc Lite to Washington DC. [Grub Street]

Shola Olunloyo of Speck fame is consulting on the upcoming Birra on East Passyunk. Birra owner Gordon Dinerman hopes to open in mid-July. [The Insider]

Philly Chocolate has opened in the former Naked Chocolate Cafe on Walnut Street.

This past weekend Sweet Spot opened in the former One Shot Coffee space on Liberties Walk. Sweet Spot serves light fare, fro-yo and Chestnut Hill coffee. [Zagat]

Former General Lafayette Inn brewers Russ Czajka and Chris Leonard are lending their expertise to Peru’s first microbrewery. The Feast also says they’re still looking for a location for their Copper Crow Brewing. [The Feast]

Green Aisle Grocery has expanded its Sunday hours. The Passyunk Avenue grocer is now open from noon to 7 p.m. [Green Aisle]

Pastoral Korean on 13th Street between Walnut and Locust has a For Rent sign up in the window.

Green Aisle Gets Food+Wine Spread

Tiny Green Aisle Grocery gets a 3-page spread in February’s Food+Wine magazine. Adam Erace provides 5 “half-scratch” recipes for the “Store-to-Table Movement” piece.

  • Apple Butter Ice Cream with Ginger-Chocolate Ganache
  • Sweet Potato, Balsamic Onion and Soppressata Pizza
  • Country Paté Banh Mi
  • Crisp Spicked Chicken with Hummus Vinaigrette
  • Butterscotch Rice Pudding

Green Aisle in Food+Wine [Green Aisle Grocery]
Store-to-Table Movememnt (PDF) [Food+Wine]
Food+Wine [Official Site]

Flight of the Concord

Johnson’s Grape Soda at Barclay Prime

Who knew? The Concord grape is the sweet harvest of Autumn and can be found at several area restaurants and grocers.

Grape Expectations [Metro Philadelphia]

Coffee Shop Bites

Telling someone who has the best coffee is akin to forcing your cheesesteak beliefs on another. Frankly, we’re not looking for a fight but we will point out some of our favorite cafe bites.

What are some of yours?

When a stale muffin won’t do [Metro Philadelphia]

Quick Bites

Le Virtu has a new executive chef, Joseph Cicala hails from suburban Washington DC, likes hockey and even played a couple of pro games. That makes him alright to us. Check out this video for more on his background and cooking. [YouTube]

Michael Klein recaps all the restaurant openings for Fall. Most notable is that Chris Painter’s Il Pittore may not go into the former Ansill space. [The Insider]

Meal Ticket has some teases on what to expect on the “Iza-Khyber” menu of Todd Dae Kulper. [Meal Ticket]

A.D. Amorosi explains why Garces Trading Co. is getting a liquor license and now offering reservations. In a word, convenience. [Meal Ticket]

Green Aisle Grocery has launched its mini-store within Bodhi Coffee. [Green Aisle Grocery]

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