Meat Week: Philly’s Best Burgers

Best of Philly 2014: Bargain Burger Salt, pepper, a juicy beef patty for $5. It’s a fast-food price for a legit burger. Wash it down with a beer from one of the smartest lists in the city. Price: $5

The $5 burger at Fountain Porter

You can’t have Meat Week and not talk about burgers. So here is our list of the best burgers in Philadelphia.

Compiled from Best of Philly winners who have to stood the test of time to some of our new favorites. From the blue cheese stuffed classic at Good Dog to the meat bomb that is the Whiskey King at Village Whiskey to our current fave, the $5 bargain at Fountain Porter.

Philadelphia’s Best Burgers [Foobooz]


Heady Topper Comes to Philadelphia

heady-topper-400The Alchemist Brewery in Vermont is considered by many as one of the best breweries in the United States and its Heady Topper as one of the top beers in the world. In fact, it’s currently ranked number one by Beer Advocate.

And for one of the first times ever, Heady Topper will be available in Philadelphia beyond the cans your friends brought back from their ski trip.

According to the Alchemist’s Facebook page, John Kimmich and Joel Hartman of Alchemist are coming to Philadelphia today with a truck full of Heady Topper. They’ve announced that the beer will be available at five bars around happy hour this evening.

As of now we can confirm that Heady Topper will be pouring at Monk’s Cafe around 6 pm. Each can will be $6. The beer will also be available tonight at 6 pm at Strangeloves for $7.

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Six Pack: Mac and Cheese in Philadelphia

Macaroni and cheese: that ooey, gooey dish Mom used to make fresh after school with cheese oozing out of every bite. While we’ve all had it, we haven’t had it quite like these six restaurants serve it up.

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Six Pack: Veggie Burgers in Philadelphia

Travel + Leisure named Philadelphia the no. 2 burger city in all of America this year jumping up from last year’s paltry no. 22, and second only to Providence, Rhode Island, which, if we’re being honest, at less than 21 square miles barely counts as a city anyway.

So with that said, by my count that makes the City of Brotherly Love the best burger town in the US of A. So with cheesesteaks and burgers it looks like we’ve got the meat thing down. But what to do about our vegan brothers and sisters? Luckily, it looks like Philly is improving on this front as well, serving up killer veggie burgers at some of the same joints making our top meaty burgers. Even if you’re not a vegetarian, try one of these six options on for size. Who knows? Maybe you’ll convert. (But probably not.)

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Philly is the Late-Night Capital of the US

According to the September issue of Esquire, Philadelphia is the Late-Night Capital of these here United States. The issue’s late-night eats guide contains essays about the difference between truck stops and diners, the glory that is poutine (I’d say we agree), and tons of recipes for manly food to be eaten in the wee hours of the morning. Esquire even lists all the best late-night foods from all over America– from egg rolls in Chicago to fried chicken in Louisville– but without mentioning a single food from Philly. Why? Because we got our own article about why we’re the best ever, that’s why.

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Potato Week: The Best Fries In Philadelphia

Yay, Potato Week! As our starchy celebrations draw to a close, we have one more big list for you–the results of our research into the realm of that most American(ish) of potato presentations, the french fry.

We had 82 different restaurants under consideration for this list–everything from crowd favorites like Village Whiskey and Hot Diggity to lesser-known (but know less loved) contenders like the long-gone crab fries at Sidecar Bar, the lovely frites at Grace Tavern or those at Eulogy (which had a fiercely committed fan base). Putting our waistlines and cholesterol levels on the line for you, we waded through the possibilities and winnowed everything down to a final list of 10: The best french fries of any variety, in any form, that you’re going to find anywhere in Philadelphia.

Hey, someone’s got to do it, right? This stuff is important. And while we here at Foobooz World HQ are absolutely sure that there isn’t one of you out there who will agree with every inclusion on the list (hell, we don’t even completely agree), there is sure to be something on here for everyone.

Happy Potato Week everyone. And now, on to the list…

Philadelphia’s Best French Fries

The Industry, Coming Soon To South Philly

You know, it was really only a matter of time before someone in Philly came up with this idea: A bar and restaurant dedicated to (but not exclusively serving) members of the service industry. Sure, Philly has plenty of industry nights. There are specials and deals for cooks, servers, hostesses and dishwashers everywhere (both publicly known and kept very private). But until now, no one had put together the idea of an industry night (filled with food that cooks like to eat and drinks that cooks like to drink), with a 7-night-a-week service schedule and turned the whole thing into an actual restaurant where off-duty sous chefs, bartenders and service captains can rub shoulders with the public until the wee hours of the morning.

But that, basically, is the business plan for The Industry–the long-rumored new South Philly bar (1403 East Moyamensing Ave.) from the Good Dog crew, as conceived by owners Dave Garry and Heather Gleason and partner Tom Darby. “The Industry will be a regular spot for our South Philly neighbors, people looking for a great bite and a drink and the talented professionals who work in the biz in the Philadelphia area,” according to Gleason. A very meta kind of thing where the industry night theme becomes the regular environment and all the civilians and neighbors get to come in and play along, too.

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Happy 4/20, You Stoners: A 12-Course Dream Menu to Pair With Your Weed

Happy Weed Day, everyone!

Yes, today is April 20th and as every college student, Phish fan, trust-fund hippie, glaucoma patient and resident of Boulder, Colorado knows, April 20th is a very special day on the calendar. It’s a day for celebrating the joys of nature’s bounty, a kind of harvest festival for the dreadlocked and tie-dyed. It’s a holiday most commonly observed by getting totally weird on the pot and pretending like your public consumption of said hippie lettuce has a political bent by wearing t-shirts demanding the immediate legalization of the thing you’re openly smoking in the middle of a public park on a Wednesday afternoon.

As reported by Grub Street earlier this afternoon, Domino’s apparently knows full well what 4/20 means and has released a one-day-only Groupon which will get peckish weed enthusiasts still capable of operating a phone a 10-topping pizza for just $8. And while that’s all well and good (we can’t imagine anyone but a gang of very stoned liberal arts majors and drum circle attendees even considering a 10-topping pizza–or eating anything from Domino’s, period), we here at Foobooz HQ put our heads together and decided that, as a service to some of our more gastronomically picky (but still super-stoned) readers, we’d come up with a list of some of the best ways for the discriminating stoner to take the edge off his or her munchies this evening.

List after the jump. You’re welcome in advance.

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