Check Out the Gluten-Free and Veggie-Friendly Options at the Linc This Year

Photo by: Jeff Fusco.

Lincoln Financial Field Concourse | Photo by Jeff Fusco

Our friends at Foobooz hit up Lincoln Financial Field this week to check out the new concessions on tap for the 2014 Eagles season. They were kind enough to scope out a few of the veggie- and allergen-friendly items on the stadium’s menu this season, too—and they sent back pictures to boot.

From a vegetarian Buffalo falafel wrap to gluten-free sweet treats from Sweet Christine’s Bakery, take a peek at the photos below to see what’s in store.

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Petruce et al’s New Cider Program


Petruce et al. is adding to their list of et al’s with a new cider program. In addition to wine, beer and cocktails, Petruce has gotten serious about cider. Tim Kweeder, general manager and wine director, introduced the program a few weeks ago and has since been building up the list of ciders.

Though subject to change, so far Kweeder has received products from Spain, Germany, and Michigan, each with a different taste. From Spain’s Basque Country, Kweeder has a small-production cider with a note of green apple; from Germany, a cider made from 100% Speierling apples; and from Michigan, an American-produced cider available on draft. Kweeder is only offering ciders made from 100% juice and fermented with natural yeast. To see the full list, click here.

Guests can enjoy the cider in 3 oz. tasting pours, full 5 oz. pours, or by the bottle. Prices range from $5 to $46.

Petruce et al. [Foobooz]

Gluten-Free Eaters Rejoice: “Gluten-Free” Label Actually Means Something Now



Last August, the Food and Drug Administration officially defined the the characteristics required for a product to be called “gluten-free”, but manufacturers were given a full year to catch up to the label’s requirements. Meaning, up until now, many “gluten-free” foods on grocery store shelves weren’t actually being held to any official standard. But no more, friends: The FDA has announced that, starting today, all foods labeled “gluten-free” on or after this date must comply with their official definition of “gluten-free.” The same goes for foods labeled “without gluten”, “free of gluten” and “no gluten.” Victory!

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Marc Vetri Thinks Many Gluten-Intolerant People Are “Grossly Ill-Informed”

Marc Vetri

Marc Vetri

Philly chef Marc Vetri posted a nearly 1,400-word rant on the Huffington Post yesterday about his growing intolerance of gluten intolerance. He describes a diner who identifies herself as gluten-intolerant and who declines to eat his restaurant’s risotto, even after Vetri explains that it is made with rice and is therefore gluten-free.

His words:

I still couldn’t get over the fact she really believed there was gluten in risotto. Or for that matter, that people consider wheat to be so bad for us. To me it’s simply a lack of understanding about what wheat is, and what it is processed into. This diner most likely wasn’t gluten intolerant at all. She’s simply mesmerized by the latest fad that is consuming the nation–but it’s a fad based on misrepresentation.

I would like to offer another meaning for G.I: Grossly Ill-informed.

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P.S. & Co. to Launch Vegan BYO Weekend Brunch, Among Other Cool Things

P.S. & Co. | Photo by Emily Teel

P.S. & Co. | Photo by Emily Teel

Last week, our pals at Foobooz posted their First Look review of the recently opened P.S. & Co. cafe near Rittenhouse Square, brainchild of Pure Sweets bakery owner Andrea Kyan. You should go read it to find out what our resident foodies have to say, but we wanted to make sure we brought to your attention a few of the cool happenings coming up at the organic, vegan, gluten-free cafe.

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I Miss White Bread

Photo |

Photo |

Poor bread.

Nobody wants to eat it anymore. It’s full of carbs. And gluten. It’s made from wheat.

I’m not talking fancy-ass bread, the kind that comes in the extra-cost “bread service” at elite restaurants these days, made from spelt and oats and black rice and seaweed, served with anchovy-tamarind-apricot spread. I’m talking white bread, the fluffy stuff that used to be a given at the start of any meal out and a staple of the home dinner table. That you ate with butter, not a plate of extra virgin olive oil pocked with herbs.

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Opinion: Gluten-Free Haters Have It All Wrong

Breaking news: Gluten sensitivity and intolerance is real.

I have it. So do hundreds of clients I’ve worked with over the past seven years. To identify and work with this intolerance or sensitivity—unless you have a diagnosis like Celiac disease—requires, well, sensitivity. A more nuanced view of nutrition information and listening to your own body is necessary. Over time, this allows you to become your own best expert.

The result? You won’t be at the mercy of fads.

Perhaps, like many, you no longer hear your body’s subtle pleading (bloating, skin irritation, fatigue) over blaring headlines engineered to garner clicks faster than you can down your 3 p.m. pick-me-up. In other words, there’s the actual subject of gluten sensitivity and then there’s the underlying assumptions that create media buzz.

A recent example: “Gluten Intolerance May Be Completely Fake,” says a Huffington Post headline. (Note the “May Be” there, because most people gloss right over it).

And another: “Doctor Who Started Gluten-Free Fad Says He Got It Wrong,” broadcasts Good Morning America.

And then there’s Jezebel’s headline: “Gluten Sensitivity Is Apparently Bullshit.” Ah, a child discovering the shock value of obscenity.

But why the tone of this headline and others like it? Let’s air some cultural-assumption laundry.

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The Best Thing I Ever Ate in Philly: Gluten-Free Desserts Edition

Cookie Sandwiches at Sweet Freedom Bakery // Photo via Facebook

Cookie Sandwiches at Sweet Freedom Bakery // Photo via Facebook

The search for a good gluten-free dessert is a long-game challenge—and a daunting one at that. After all, it takes an especially accomplished baker to master a flourless dessert that actually tastes good, and finding them can be few and far in between. So if your love of sweets has been squashed by slices of underwhelming, too-dense gluten-free cake, we feel your pain.

But hopefully, after reading this, your search for a delicious gluten-free dessert will finally be over: We asked six local foodies to dish on their favorite, no-fail, gluten-free dessert spots in the city. Now all you’ve got to do is read up, wipe your drool and put eating these desserts on your to-do list. Bon appétit!

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Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth: Gluten-Free Bakery Sweet Christine’s Opens May 17th

Sweet Christine's Bakery

Gluten-free dessert-lovers rejoice: Sweet Christine’s Bakery of Kennett Square has moved to a bigger and better location, and in celebration of the opening, they are throwing a party next Saturday. Party-goers can expect live music, discounts on goodies and, of course, tons of sweet gluten-free treats to taste test. (But trust us, these treats are totally delicious: here’s proof.)

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