Gluten Free Dinner at Barbuzzo

Everything at Barbuzzo's Feb. 9 dinner will be gluten free-- even the bread.

Everything at Barbuzzo’s Feb. 9 dinner will be gluten free– even the bread.

Have you ever dreamed of paying $95 for a completely wheat-free meal at Barbuzzo? Of course you haven’t. Because who dreams about stuff like that?

But if you’re among the population of gluten-sensitives who are willing to pay $95 for a wheat-free meal, then do we have an event for you…

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New Fuel Location Opening in Ardmore Friday

Photo via Facebook.

Rendering of the new Fuel Ardmore | Via Facebook.

If you’re a fan of organic meals that don’t break the calorie bank (Um, who isn’t?), get ready to jump with joy: The beloved all-organic spot Fuel, which currently has locations in Center City and South Philly, is opening a new outpost in Ardmore on Friday.

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Everything Fresh, a Small Supermarket With a Big Heart, Opens in the Gayborhood

Everything Fresh

Oh boy: this is going to be a game changer.

I just got in from the opening day of a super cute new supermarket located right at 1222 Walnut Street, Everything Fresh. Imagine taking Whole Foods, reducing the size, and cutting the price. That’s what you’ve got at this quaint new grocery that is going to save a lot of Center City residents from heading over to Wegmans or SuperFresh. Read more »

6 Philly Spots to Get Festive Gluten-Free and Vegan Holiday Sweets Right Now

Photo via Sip-N-Glo

Gingerbread Smoothie Ice Cream // Photo via Sip-N-Glo

Come December 1st, it’s just about impossible to go anywhere—the local coffee shop, office kitchen, grocery store—without seeing a gingerbread cookie or a peppermint-frosted brownie or some type of sweet treat cut in the shape of Santa Claus. The only problem? Unless the resident gluten-free guy in your office made said Santa Claus-shaped goodies, they’re probably not gluten-free. And the same goes for vegan.

Satisfying your holiday cravings can prove a bit more difficult when you’re gluten-free or vegan (this is both a blessing and a curse), but not to fear, friend: We’ve got your holiday sweet tooth covered. From peppermint hot chocolate ice cream to gingerbread cookies, here are six delicious gluten-free and/or vegan (a few of these treats fit into both categories) holiday sweets to try around Philly. Enjoy!

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10 Philly-Area Bakeries Whipping Up Gluten-Free Pies for Thanksgiving



Thanksgiving is a time to feast until your heart and taste buds are content. But those who are gluten-free know all too well the challenges of resisting the lure of traditional Thanksgiving desserts. Good news, friends: Now you don’t have to.

To all those wheat-free eaters out there, here’s a list of local bakeries whipping up gluten-free pies to satisfy your sweet tooth without the side effects.

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Make: Gluten-Free Molasses Spice Mini Pumpkin Pies

Photograph by Becca Boyd

Photograph by Becca Boyd

You can put pumpkin in just about anything, but for me the classic pumpkin pie reigns supreme. While pumpkin pie is naturally packed with fiber, vitamin K and vitamin A (thank you, pumpkin!), the crust has always been a head-scratcher for me. I mean, when it comes to pie, there’s just no way around a buttery, fat-filled crust—or is there?

My latest creation was a revelation, you guys. I simply removed the crust all together, put my pies in ramekins, and topped them with a dollop of whipped cream. The outcome—a crustless, gluten-free mini pie—actually presents more elegantly than the regular kind, and no one will think you’re serving a “healthy” dessert. That can be our little secret.

If you’re hosting the Thanksgiving this year, feel free to make these up a day ahead (I like my pumpkin pie chilled). If not, offer to bring dessert. You’ll happily and guiltlessly nosh while accepting praise from your adoring public.

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