Map: Where to Find Gluten-Free Bagels in Philly and the ’Burbs



Okay, okay, the healthy person in us wants to tell you that you should avoid bagels at all cost. Yes, they are carb bombs. And the 300-ish calories they pack don’t provide much in the way of well-rounded nutrition.

But then there’s the normal-person side of us that just wants to say, “Eh, screw it!” every once in a while and chow down on a warm, doughy bagel like there’s no tomorrow. That is the person to whom we are speaking today: the bagel lover in us all.

If you’ve got issues with gluten, you may assume you’ve said goodbye to fresh bagels forever, your only option being those weird frozen or shrink-wrapped GF ones at the grocery store. Oh, how wrong you are, my friend.

The trick is finding coffee shops and bakeries that carry gluten-free options, a daunting problem we’ve solved for you. That’s right—we scoured the Philadelphia region for places that carry GF bagels and turned up 32 places in the city and surrounding PA and New Jersey suburbs that have just what you’re looking for. And, we even included a handy map to guide you.

You’re so, so welcome.

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