Brewerytown Renaissance Update: Will the Neighborhood Get a Vinyl Shop?

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Brewerytown’s evolution continues apace with last week’s opening of Shifty’s Taco (odd name, that) at 27th and Girard. Jeb Woody, owner of Honey’s Sit N Eat, is a partner in the business, which gives it immediate street cred among Girard Avenue’s other relatively new Brewerytown-renaissance evangelists: Mugshots, Ryebrew, Best in Show Grooming, Icy Signs, Chicken Master and MM Partners.

Now comes Peter Maxwell Ochester, a Brewerytown resident who spent the past 20 years traveling cross-country collecting records–as in, vinyl LPs–and who now wants share his haul with others. “The dream,” he writes on the page he launched this week, “is turning into a brick and mortar vinyl shop.”

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Morning Headlines: Partial Building Collapse at Fourth and Girard

Remember last summer, when every week there was news of a water main break? This is the summer of the building collapses. Thankfully, there were no injuries this time. It seems like a tangled Philly-style L&I web.

The building had been declared “Imminently Dangerous” in October 2012, according to L&I records posted by Philadelphia Speaks member themule, but that particular complaint was marked “complied” by April 2013. A different violation from March 21, 2013 is still marked “Not Complied,” and another Philadelphia Speaks member points out that the back wall of the property collapsed during Hurricane Sandy.

Whether this particular collapse will be seen as L&I’s fault, it’s certainly not terrific PR for an agency that’s had a very rough summer.

And now, let’s get this Monday started with some other headlines…

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Cambridge Row: Same Neighborhood, Same Street, Which Is the Better Deal?

The 2800 block of Cambridge Street, on the edge of Brewerytown, is quiet and narrow, lined by a combination of homes with high stone stoops and houses with wooden porches that could have been airlifted from Mt. Airy. Like the rest of that neighborhood on the rise, Cambridge is a street of contradictions, but a pretty one in a convenient location. Just a block away on Girard Avenue, new businesses like Mugshots, Rybrew and Brewerytown Beats have popped up, increasingly gentrifying the area. Perhaps the biggest indication of change in the neighborhood? The soon-to-open Shifty’s Tacos, an eatery from the crew at Honey’s Sit ’n Eat.

MM Partners is responsible for much of the development in the area, including what it’s dubbed “Cambridge Row” on the 2800 block. Addresses that will benefit from their attention, according to Philadelphia Real Estate Blog, are 2804, 2806 and 2818 Cambridge. It seems 2800 is also getting some work done by its owners.

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