7 Not-Cheesy Hostess Gifts You Can Find in Philly Shops

Hostess Gifts

From tea to wax wine toppers, here are the gifts you should be giving.

Anyone who has ever hosted a party knows the hostess-gift range is surprisingly narrow: a bottle of wine, a cheese plate, a bouquet of flowers. And while these gifts aren’t bad (who doesn’t want wine?), they just feel less-than-special.

To avoid being the millionth person to come bearing a bottle o’ red this Thanksgiving, follow the shopping list below. I’ve rounded up some of the coolest, most thoughtful gifts to bring to your Thanksgiving host, all from stores in the Philly area. Bring one of these and guarantee yourself a spot at next year’s table.  Read more »

Monday Obsession: Skeem’s Custom Coffee Candle for Paper Source

MO-SkeemOur Wedding editor Carrie Denny has a thing for smelly stuff. The scent of vanilla wafts down the hallway outside of her office (this is thanks to her Alora “smelly sticks,” which she scores at TownHome on Walnut Street.) The glass shelves in her bathroom are filled with dozens of perfume bottles, and she actually drinks out of an empty glass candle jar which, to be fair, is by Skeem and is so gorgeous we’d drink out of it, too.

Also by Skeem? This Cafe Au Lait candle, a custom scent devised by the Philly-based candle company for Paper Source (one of their many custom offerings for retail stores; they have special products for Terrain, Anthro, Urban and Tavern on the Green’s restaurant shop). In her words: “It’s not so strongly coffee-ish that you keep looking around for a pot of it brewing, but just enough that it evokes the same cozy, creamy comfort while you’re sitting there binging on bad television.”

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6 Best Gifts To Buy At Nordstrom’s Gift&Go Pop-Up Shop


Nordstrom‘s constantly evolving “pop-in” shop series has quickly become a favorite for limited-edition, super-exclusive goods and collabs (remember Rag & Bone and Poketo?). So you can imagine our anticipation for December’s announcement. And, unsurprisingly, their Gift&Go pop-up, modeled to look like a giant opened box (with bows, wrapping paper and the like), does not disappoint. It’s got all the festivity of Santa’s Village but, well, with Clare V. clutches and whimsical onyx cat rings.

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Be Well Philly Gift Guide: 5 Awesome Holiday Gifts for CrossFit Athletes

Crossfit Gifts

When we asked Jeff Liebreich, co-owner of the South Philly and Penn’s Landing CrossFit boxes, Fearless Athletics, to do a CrossFitter’s gift guide for our series this year, we had no idea he’d come back with not one, but two food items on his shopping list. Our takeaway? That CrossFit makes you very, very hungry—even for what might be the best-ever cheat-day dessert.

Below, Jeff’s killer ideas for what to get the CrossFit enthusiast in your life.

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Buy This Now: One Year of Eyebrow Treatments at About Face


The best year-long gift out there. | Shuttershock.

We’re positively giddy over this surprising contender for best holiday beauty gift: one year of eyebrow waxing and shaping for $240 (usually $300) at About Face. It’s the present your gal pals will never expect, but be endlessly ecstatic about. Which, ya know, is the best kind of reaction. But—forewarning—the deal is only available today. So if you want to give the gift of perfectly groomed Hepburn-meets-Delevingne arches, the clock is ticking.

Get all the details on the deal here.

The Shoppist Gift List, Day Two: Waltzing Matilda Boots


Our discerning editors have culled the best-of-the-best gifts available in Philly. Each day until Christmas, we’ve reveal our 25 top gift picks to suit everyone on your list. Happy shopping!

A fellow editor described these boots at the “cooler, locally made version of Red Wing Boots,” and I agree. They are by Waltzing Matilda, a leather goods company based in Wayne.  The hand-sewn Horween leather boots feature seven eyelets, rawhide laces, a rugged Christy sole and—the best part—a (very unobtrusive) hand-stitched logo at the heel. It’s craftsmanship at its very best.

Click for price and where to buy.

The Shoppist Gift List, Day One: Hermès Soaps



Our discerning editors have culled the best-of-the-best gifts available in Philly. Each day until Christmas, we’ve reveal our 25 top gift picks to suit everyone on your list. Happy shopping!

When it comes to gift boxes, only a few manage to make your heart skip a beat: Tiffany blue, Cartier red and Hermès orange. How to gift the latter without blowing your budget? Spring for this addition to the Hermès  lineup, a trio of soaps perfect for gift-giving. At less than $60, they telegraph luxury without breaking the bank.

Click here for price and gifting recommendations.

Market Report: 30 Gifts You Should Never, Ever Give


  • Pre-holiday-shopping PSA: Stay away from these 30 horrible gifts at all costs, especially the smoking mittens. WTF. [Refinery29]
  • Drexel students have just launched a Kickstarted campaign to create a new line of eco-friendly yogawear that’s made out of, get this, plastic bottles. And, guys, the pants are really, really cool-looking. [Be Well Philly]

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5 Best Shops for Mother’s Day Gifts

Mom-marqueeAll right, guys. We’ve got five full days until Mother’s Day. And let’s face it, most of us will procrastinate until the bitterest of bitter ends. This means a) No time for shipping! b) No time to waste on all-day shopping ventures. (Yep, this rules out monogramming, too. Sorry, mom.)

Lucky for you, this isn’t our first time at the rodeo. We’ve been aimless mall wanderers, plucking through leftover crap, convincing ourselves that, Yes! Mom totally wants a Vera Bradley bag from Hallmark! It’s not a fun place to be. To save you from that stress—and to save your mom from getting a Vera Bradley  bag from Hallmark—here’s your shortlist of the best, must-visit-first stores for Mom. Chances are if you can’t find anything here, well, maybe your mom might actually just really want your love. (But still buy her a nice card, ‘kay?)

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