15 Made-in-Philadelphia Gifts Perfect for Father’s Day

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Stumped again by Father’s Day? With just a few days till the main event, BizPhilly is here to help with some last-minute ideas that’ll make dad happy. While he’ll be proud to know that you’re in touch with his tastes, he’ll be especially pleased that you supported a small business in Philadelphia. Every product, service or experience on this list has some connection to a Philadelphia business, proving it’s possible to get everything you need made right here in Philly.

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8 Non-Cheesy Valentine’s Day Gifts

Non-Cheesy V-Day Gifts

You have plenty of options for Valentine’s Day gifts, but that doesn’t mean all of them are good. This year, veer off the safe route (red roses, heart-shaped boxes of chocolates, wine) and choose one of gifts instead. Some are local classics, others are of-the-moment picks, and all are available in Philly shops. Because love means never having to say, ‘Thanks honey, but I actually hate red roses.’  Read more »

7 Shop Owners on the Best Gifts to Give for Valentine’s Day


Does anything say it better than wine and chocolates? | Images via Trove and Verde.

Valentine’s Day shopping is a fraught experience. You want to seem thoughtful, loving and not-cheesy (so, please, avoid this). So while we could round up a list of what we want to give and get (and we will later, so just wait!), we figured we’d first hit up the people who know this whole V-Day shopping thing best: the store owners who watch it go down year after year.

To help you whittle down your shopping options, we got local boutique owners to spill on the best things for the loved ones in your life, from chocolate eclairs to pocket squares. Happy shopping! Read more »

The Art of the Regift: How to Do It Without Getting Caught


Sneaky Santa-ing. | Shutterstock.

One Christmas, my parents received a lovely set of salad bowls from semi-distant relatives. There were six in the box, which wouldn’t really have been a problem, except for the minor fact that the set was actually supposed to contain eight. My parents never brought up the gaffe with the giftees, a generous omission that spared them the embarrassment of being caught in a red-handed re-gift situation. But here’s the thing: My family didn’t judge them for re-gifting. We judged them for doing it so damn poorly.

Regifting is a necessary evil, something akin to gorging on junk food: We all do it (or have at some point considered doing it), but we don’t ever want to talk about it or, God forbid, get caught doing it. There are rules to be followed, sticky boundaries to keep in mind, diagrams to consider, details to triple-check. Here’s how to master the delicate art of the regift.  Read more »

Holiday Shopping Guide: 26 Best Gifts to Give in Philly


Present perfect. | Photograph by Nell Hoving.

Consider this your holiday shopping road map, gift-givers: We scoured the top boutiques in Philly to unearth the best presents to give now, from cool tech and cute toys to locally made treasures and all-out luxury. You’ll find little-known offerings (a tea subscription service!) and shop-owner faves (that kid’s matching set came highly recommended), plus some brand-new, fresh-on-store-floor items you’ll want to know about before everyone else has a chance to get their hands on them.

So go, take a look, and get out there and get shopping. Have a question or need some gift-giving advice. Send Shoppist an email. Just think of us as your elves. (Only wearing slightly better shoes.) Read more »

7 Not-Cheesy Hostess Gifts You Can Find in Philly Shops

Hostess Gifts

From tea to wax wine toppers, here are the gifts you should be giving.

Anyone who has ever hosted a party knows the hostess-gift range is surprisingly narrow: a bottle of wine, a cheese plate, a bouquet of flowers. And while these gifts aren’t bad (who doesn’t want wine?), they just feel less-than-special.

To avoid being the millionth person to come bearing a bottle o’ red this Thanksgiving, follow the shopping list below. I’ve rounded up some of the coolest, most thoughtful gifts to bring to your Thanksgiving host, all from stores in the Philly area. Bring one of these and guarantee yourself a spot at next year’s table.  Read more »

Monday Obsession: Skeem’s Custom Coffee Candle for Paper Source

MO-SkeemOur Wedding editor Carrie Denny has a thing for smelly stuff. The scent of vanilla wafts down the hallway outside of her office (this is thanks to her Alora “smelly sticks,” which she scores at TownHome on Walnut Street.) The glass shelves in her bathroom are filled with dozens of perfume bottles, and she actually drinks out of an empty glass candle jar which, to be fair, is by Skeem and is so gorgeous we’d drink out of it, too.

Also by Skeem? This Cafe Au Lait candle, a custom scent devised by the Philly-based candle company for Paper Source (one of their many custom offerings for retail stores; they have special products for Terrain, Anthro, Urban and Tavern on the Green’s restaurant shop). In her words: “It’s not so strongly coffee-ish that you keep looking around for a pot of it brewing, but just enough that it evokes the same cozy, creamy comfort while you’re sitting there binging on bad television.”

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6 Best Gifts To Buy At Nordstrom’s Gift&Go Pop-Up Shop


Nordstrom‘s constantly evolving “pop-in” shop series has quickly become a favorite for limited-edition, super-exclusive goods and collabs (remember Rag & Bone and Poketo?). So you can imagine our anticipation for December’s announcement. And, unsurprisingly, their Gift&Go pop-up, modeled to look like a giant opened box (with bows, wrapping paper and the like), does not disappoint. It’s got all the festivity of Santa’s Village but, well, with Clare V. clutches and whimsical onyx cat rings.

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Be Well Philly Gift Guide: 5 Awesome Holiday Gifts for CrossFit Athletes

Crossfit Gifts

When we asked Jeff Liebreich, co-owner of the South Philly and Penn’s Landing CrossFit boxes, Fearless Athletics, to do a CrossFitter’s gift guide for our series this year, we had no idea he’d come back with not one, but two food items on his shopping list. Our takeaway? That CrossFit makes you very, very hungry—even for what might be the best-ever cheat-day dessert.

Below, Jeff’s killer ideas for what to get the CrossFit enthusiast in your life.

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Buy This Now: One Year of Eyebrow Treatments at About Face


The best year-long gift out there. | Shuttershock.

We’re positively giddy over this surprising contender for best holiday beauty gift: one year of eyebrow waxing and shaping for $240 (usually $300) at About Face. It’s the present your gal pals will never expect, but be endlessly ecstatic about. Which, ya know, is the best kind of reaction. But—forewarning—the deal is only available today. So if you want to give the gift of perfectly groomed Hepburn-meets-Delevingne arches, the clock is ticking.

Get all the details on the deal here.

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