Teen Killed in Crossfire of Germantown Shootout

Image via Google Maps.

A 16-year-old boy was killed and three other teens were wounded last night after they were inadvertently caught in the crossfire of either two people or two warring groups in Germantown, a Philadelphia police department spokesman tells Philly Mag. Read more »

Big Plans Announced to Jumpstart Wayne Junction

The buildings being renovated by Philly Office Retail via the Wayne Junction Revitalization Project, plus other privately owned buildings in the vicinity Philly Office Retail President Ken Weinstein is trying to prod their owners into rehabilitating. | Photos: Sandy Smith

At least this diner won’t be called the Trolley Car.

But the Trolley Car’s owner plans to open another one as one of the first pieces of a multi-part jigsaw puzzle which, when completed, aims to turn the derelict industrial properties around Wayne Junction station into a mixed-use activity hub at the hinge where Germantown and Nicetown meet.

In a press conference this morning (Tuesday, Sept. 19th), Philly Office Retail President Ken Weinstein outlined his $12 million-plus strategy to get Wayne Junction moving forward with a $7.4 million assist from Mosaic Development Partners. The project aims to rehabilitate and reuse seven buildings and lots on the blocks surrounding Wayne Junction station, with Mosaic converting an eighth into a mixed-use residential/office/retail complex. Read more »

A Colorful Original in Germantown for $275K

414 Stafford St., Philadelphia, Pa. 19144 | TREND images via Elfant Wissahickon Realtors

Generally speaking, when a large home such as this one gets listed with a price tag under $300,000, it needs a good bit of work to bring it up to snuff.

Not this time.

This spacious twin on a tree-lined, brick-paved Germantown street is ready for you to live in right now. That is, it’s ready if your personality and the current owner’s are in sync, for this home has definitely been outfitted to suit that owner’s distinctive tastes over the years. In a neighborhood known for attracting nonconformists, this home definitely marches to the beat of its own drummer.

Part of an intact row of turn-of-the-20th-century Dutch Colonial twins on one of Germantown’s loveliest blocks, this home says “Pay attention!” the moment you lay eyes on its polychromatic exterior of peach, salmon, yellow, blue and brown. Read more »

Police: 2 Arrested After Hundreds of Teens Gather at Germantown Rec Center

germantown rec center, teens

iStockphoto.com | artolympic

A barbecue at an East Germantown recreation center became hectic on Sunday night when hundreds of teenagers gathered at the location.

The event took place at the Lonnie Young Recreation Center, at 1100 East Chelten Ave., where a similar scene broke out last month. Officers say two teens were arrested last night for throwing rocks and bottles at police vehicles. Read more »

Juveniles Caught Punching Disabled Man on Camera Arrested

teens punch disabled man

Screenshot via Facebook

Police have arrested the juveniles who were seen punching a disabled man in a video that went viral on Facebook this week.

Four of the youths captured on camera, whose ages range between 12 and 15 years old, were identified and taken into custody yesterday. Aggravated assault, simple assault and reckless endangerment charges are pending against all four, according to CBS3. Police have declined to release their names because of their ages. Read more »

What $500K Will Buy You in Germantown

6110 Ardleigh Street, Philadelphia, Pa. 19138 | TREND images via BHHS Fox & Roach

Germantown, as its friends and admirers know, is surprisingly diverse from a socioeconomic standpoint. Pockets of poverty and areas of affluence can be found cheek-by-jowl in numerous places in the area.

But homes in those pockets of affluence tend not to turn over all that often, as their owners tend to hang on to them. Homes that list for $500,000 or more are very rare — our search this week found another home listing for $670,000 near the Tulpehocken Historic District — and when one does come on the market in this neighborhood, it’s very special.

This one’s even more so, for it sits in the middle of one of the city’s most unusual historic districts.

That would be the Awbury Historic District, which is coterminous with the Awbury Arboretum, located next to Washington Lane Regional Rail station on Germantown’s east side. Created by an extended Quaker family in 1916 to protect its landholdings, Philadelphia’s other great Northwest tree preserve is unusual in being both free to explore and home to several private residences within its confines.

Most of them are still in the hands of that Quaker family’s descendants. This one, however, could be yours. Read more »

Who’s Building Philly: Ken Weinstein

Philly Office Retail specializes in rehabilitation and adaptive reuse of buildings like the historic Cunningham Piano factory in Germantown, which it is planning to convert to street-level retail with apartments above. | Photo: Philly Office Retail

An idea that has been gaining steam of late among developers and planners is “social impact development.” This relatively recent concept marries the market to social change and community benefit by combining profitable construction with services or facilities that help improve the lives of those in need.

Maybe what Philly Office Retail President Ken Weinstein is doing doesn’t exactly fit in that box. But it is development, and it does contain a strong community benefit component, for not only is he redeveloping Northwest Philly’s stock of commercial buildings, he is developing the talent that will rebuild Germantown’s neglected housing stock. Read more »

Trinity Tuesday: A Paradox in Germantown for $196.5K

444 W. Woodlawn St., Philadelphia, Pa. 19144 | TREND images via BHHS Fox & Roach

444 W. Woodlawn St., Philadelphia, Pa. 19144 | TREND images via BHHS Fox & Roach

It’s no secret that a trinity house is a special commodity in Philadelphia. So, we’d be lying if we told you we didn’t geek out every time a new listing came across our computer screen. But this week, our Trinity Tuesday listing has us scratching our heads – quite frankly because we aren’t even sure that it is one.

Is what we have here a trinity house with a major facelift? Or is this residence claiming to be something it’s not?

In several ways, this home looks like a trinity. Its curb appeal is very trinity-esque. It does have three floors. Heck, it was even built in 1880. However, it’s the interior of this self-proclaimed “double trinity” that really trips us up. Read more »

First-Time Find: A Head Start in Germantown for $190K

29 W. Duval St., Philadelphia, Pa. 19144 | TREND images via Houwzer Team

29 W. Duval St., Philadelphia, Pa. 19144 | TREND images via Houwzer Team

“Find me a nice cheap home in an up-and-coming neighborhood where I don’t have to get into debt.”

A friend of ours made this request this very morning. We advised him that unless he had rich relatives willing to just hand him a chunk of change, no strings attached, that last part of the request would be impossible to fulfill, but we could probably help him with the other two parts.

We hope he’s reading this listing.

This nicely renovated twin sits on a pleasant side street in Germantown’s northwest quadrant, just down the road from Cliveden. The block it sits on has seen a good deal of renovations lately, and this is one of the best of them. Read more »

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