Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner At Aldine?


In terms of chef-y collaboration dinners, George Sabatino has put together some of the more interesting ones lately at his Center City restaurant Aldine. I mean, there are the now-annual Christmas Eve pie dinners with Stargazy’s Sam Jacobson. There are the whole-animal dinners and the team-ups with local brewers and distillers.

But how about getting one of the best chefs in Philly AND one of the best chefs in Pittsburgh together for a one-night-only six-course collaboration dinner with Sabatino and Aldine’s crew? That would be pretty awesome, right?

And how about if we told you it would only run you $100 to get a seat at the table?

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Aldine Makes Some Changes For Summer


George Sabatino‘s menu at Aldine has never been what one would call a stable document. Sure, there are things that you can count on being there (oysters, yogurt, something weird done with carrots and something awesome done with beets), but the kitchen changes things up regularly enough that its almost always a different experience every time you go.

And now, with summer in full swing (and following a week’s vacation for George and Jennifer Sabatino), Aldine is rolling out some pretty significant changes–in menu, in hours, and even in the way dinner is served.

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Aldine Getting in the Local Spirit

Jennifer Sabatino has the bar stocked with local spirits at Aldine | Photo via Jennifer Sabatino

Jennifer Sabatino has the bar stocked with local spirits at Aldine | Photo via Jennifer Sabatino

Over the last several weeks, Jennifer Sabatino has been overhauling the liquor stock at Aldine. The former bar manager of Stateside (which specialized in American spirits), is remaking the liquor selection at Aldine to be all-local. Sabatino has more than twenty local spirits behind the second floor bar now and is working on overhauling the cocktails to take advantage of the recent explosion in Pennsylvania and New Jersey spirits.

During a visit yesterday, Sabatino was particularly “fired up” (in the parlance of her husband, chef George Sabatino) about Bluebird Distilling’s Juniperus Gin (Phoenixville), an aromatic spirit first distilled from rye. She also had nothing but praise for Manatawny Still Works’ small batch #7 whiskey (Pottstown). Despite its young age, the cask strength whiskey didn’t come across as harsh or burning.

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Spend Christmas Eve with Stargazy Pies at Aldine


South Park’s Cartman would appreciate this pie fest.

In what we hope becomes a long running tradition, on Christmas Eve, Thursday, December 24th, Aldine chef/owner George Sabatino is inviting his long time friend Sam Jacobson, chef/owner of East Passyunk’s British pie and mash shop, Stargazy, to come over and celebrate the holiday.

And instead of turkey, ham, seven fishes or even Chinese food, there will be pies. An all-you-can-eat pie buffet to be exact. The event will cost $40 per person and will include Stargazy staples plus special pies like, pulled beef cheek; chorizo and mussel; chana masala (vegetarian), and winter pumpkin with house ricotta (also vegetarian).

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Back to the Future: Aldine Revisited

Warm romanesco : butternut squash vinaigrette : sunflower seeds : toasted oat milk froth | Photo by George Sabatino

Warm romanesco : butternut squash vinaigrette : sunflower seeds : toasted oat milk froth | Photo by George Sabatino

I have never before been stricken speechless by beets, but I was at Aldine. Big beets—chunks of them cut like kebab meat, that require days of preparation (marination, dehydration, poaching, having bedtime stories read to them, whatever) to give them the texture of rare steak. Beets that taste of pickle-y bitterness and garlic and a lingering, building chili heat. They came on a plate as beautiful as all the plates at Aldine, a shallow bowl in which they sat clustered together, punctuated by razor-thin slices of radish and a smear of sour yogurt and curled puffs of beet chips that I would’ve gladly eaten from a bag while sitting on my couch.

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Sundays Are Changing At Aldine

George and Jennifer Sabatino‘s restaurant, Aldine, experimented with brunch on Easter. They tried it on Mother’s Day, and in a quiet, dry-run last weekend. But now they’re going to make it a regular thing starting this Sunday, December 20, and that’s not the only change they’re making.

Details (and the menu) right this way…

For One Night: Aldine’s George Sabatino Cooking at Kensington Quarters

kensington-quarters-night-940On Wednesday, December 9th Aldine owner and chef George Sabatino is “so stoked ” to be cooking with Damon Menapace at Fishtown’s Kensington Quarters. Sabatino is preparing a six-course, $65 per person dinner upstairs at KQ.

Reservations are available between 6 p.m and 8:30 p.m. and new Kensington Quarters employee, Tim Kweeder is offering a $35 per person wine pairing for the dinner.

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Aldine Is Celebrating Year One with a Halloween Party

The Sabatinos dogs at Aldine | Photo by  Emily Teel

The Sabatinos dogs on the wall at Aldine | Photo by Emily Teel

George and Jennifer Sabatino’s Aldine turns one this Wednesday, October 28th. The Sabatinos are throwing an Anniversary/Halloween party to celebrate. Instead of sit-down dinner service, for $35 guests can enjoy an unlimited buffet of selections from Aldine’s fall menu. Among the dishes offered:

  • Potato and leek croquettes with herb aioli
  • Chicken liver mousse on focaccia with sweet and sour red onions
  • Roasted baby carrots with sour cherries and almonds
  • Squash tartine served on house made grilled bread

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New Fall Menu At Aldine (With Pictures)

Grilled steak with a bright green chimichurri, ash-roasted fingerling potatoes, and a cippolini onion cream

Grilled steak with a bright green chimichurri, ash-roasted fingerling potatoes, and a cippolini onion cream

At Aldine, chef George Sabatino debuted his new autumn menu this weekend. And yeah, we have a copy for you to check out.

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Look Who’s Coming to Dinner at Aldine

aldine pig

Pasture raised pig in the woods by Jen Sabatino’s family.

Aldine chef George Sabatino received this heritage breed, Mulefoot pig from Alafia River Heritage Farms in Florida. The farm is owned by his wife and Aldine co-owner Jennifer Sabatino’s family. The pig, which was raised in the woods on the family farm, was then slaughtered and sent up north as a gift to Aldine and the Sabatinos.

The pig arrived yesterday and George got to butchering the animal, and will be featuring it in a number of dishes on Aldine’s menu as soon as this weekend. Sabatino also plans on turning some of the 250 pounds of pork into sausage, charcuterie and other fun stuff.

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