Go Go Power Rangers Reunion in Philly Suburbs This Weekend

Mighty Morpin Power Rangers Reunion

Image via the Great Philadelphia Comic Con

The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers were a mid-1990s phenomenon, spawning everything from movies to toys to Happy Meal tie-ins to POGs (hey, it was the mid-90s). Now four of the stars from the original series, plus three voice actors, will be at the Great Philadelphia Comic Con this weekend at the Expo Center in Oaks.

Four former Power Rangers will appear at a Power Rangers read-along at 7 p.m. on Friday night. Austin St. John (the Red Ranger), David Yost (the Blue Ranger), Walter E. Jones (the Black Ranger) and Karan Ashley (the second Yellow Ranger) will read through some sort of parody Power Rangers script along with the voices of the Rangers boss, Zordon (David Fielding).

The voices of two supervillains—Rita Repulsa (Barbara Goodson) and her minion Goldar (Kerrigan Mahan)—will also be at that reading. Yes, it’s pretty much most of the original Power Rangers crew. What, Bulk and Skull weren’t available? Read more »

VIDEO, GIFs: World’s Largest Tetris in Philadelphia


The first thing I saw after arriving at the end of the Ben Franklin Parkway was a man in a Tetris costume being interviewed by a camera crew. The second thing I saw were a bunch of teenagers singing the Game Boy Tetris theme a capella. I didn’t know this was going to be such a big deal, but it was Tetris. On a skyscraper.

Yes, people played Tetris on the side of the Cira Centre as the kickoff to Philly Tech Week, and it was pretty darn cool.

I went to see Pong played on the Cira Centre last year, and it had nowhere near the crowd this year’s did. Last year I remember freezing with a few other people, hoping the rain would hold off, watching a few rounds of uninspiring Pong play. But Tetris! What a great game. I can’t see any type of tiling without mentally positioning them into Tetris-shaped blocks; you just don’t do this with Pong. And so there were hundreds and hundreds of people eating from food trucks at The Oval and watching people play Tetris — as well as other games, including a giant, light-up version of Connect 4.

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