Esquire Loves These Gay Dads

A new twist on the Brady Bunch gets two gay dads top honors in Arizona (courtesy of Esquire)

Steven and Roger Ham may seem like your typical parents. They take the kids to school, make sure everyone does their homework and even introduced a dog and kitty to the household. The only difference – these dads are raising 12 kids in their Phoenix home (in a state that doesn’t allow same-sex marriage and where legislators have tried to pass anti-gay adoption laws for years). That’s one of the reasons why Esquire named them among the “10 Best Dads of 2012”.

The oldest of this clan is 17 and the youngest is just three – and all are adopted. According to an article from the couple’s hometown paper, Steven spent six years as a stay-at-home dad raising the kids, though he went back to work for the first time this year – while Roger (a school bus driver) took 11 of the kids on a trip to the West coast during his summer off. The men – both in their 40s – have been together for nearly 19 years.

Esquire credits these gay dads with being great parents despite the odds. Since Arizona law prohibits marriage and adoption for same-sex couples, 10 of the children are legally bound only to Steven and two others, who had been adopted in Washington State where the laws favor LGBT parents, have been legally adopted by both proud papas. To make things easier at home, Roger even changed his name so that the family could have more consistency.

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WATCH: Gayby

Jenn and Matt have been best friends since college. Now, both single and in their 30s, they decide to have a child together – the old-fashioned way. But did we mention that she’s straight and he’s gay?

“I actually think that both parents have to be gay for the baby to be a gayby,” says Matt.

“Please,” Jenn responds. “I’ve been a hag since birth.”

Check out the trailer for Gayby: