I Ate at the Gayborhood’s Newest Restaurant, Bud and Marilyn’s, Last Night


Let’s get all of the obvious things out of the way: Yes, I know Bud and Marilyn’s isn’t a gay bar. Yes, it was totally worth the wait for it to open. Yes, it is as good, if not better, than some of the other establishments by the famed lesbian restauranteurs Marcie Turney and Valerie Safran. And, yes, you need to go there…like, now. Read more »

PHOTOS: Gayborhood Saxbys Coffee Opens With a Little Help From Brian Sims

The new Saxbys Coffee shop at 11th and Locust opened this morning, thanks to some help from not only State Rep. Brian Sims, but also the local neighborhood.

Saxbys Chief Executive Officer and Founder Nick Bayer was on hand to share that the coffee chain is all about community: As he addressed the large crowd that converged to celebrate the shop’s grand opening, he shared that Saxbys had been wanting to enter the Washington West/Gayborhood community for some time now, and that this new store was a perfect opportunity. Brian Sims joined the celebration by providing a few words and drinking some inaugural espresso shots.

The new store is pretty sweet: There’s a whole variety of speciality espresso drinks, a full breakfast and lunch menu, plus pastries, free wi-fi, and lots of spaces to get work done. My favorite element is a long white marble counter that runs along the windows, perfect for people watching. Take a look at some of our shots below, and make sure you stop by to grab a little refreshment.

Philly’s Rainbow Crosswalks Marred By Utility Work

A picture of the crosswalks at 13th and Locust yesterday afternoon, 8/19/15.

A picture of the crosswalks at 13th and Locust on 8/19/15.

I received several tips that the rainbow crosswalks at the corner of 13th and Locust looked like they had been vandalized. That’s not the case: There’s been a series of utility work that has transformed the intersection into something of a mess, just like any intersection would look during utility work. Read more »

Shopping Gods Be Praised: Target Coming Right Around the Corner From the Gayborhood

Full page photo

No doubt you’ve noticed the huge construction project that has turned Chestnut Street between 11th and 12th into a huge hole. Well, there’s some very good news about that space right by the Gayborhood: There’s a Target going in.

Our sister blog, Property, reported the news this morning: The 19,000 square foot space will include a pharmacy department, plus the other items that we’ve come to know and expect from a Target run. Other reports indicate the store will have a online pick-up area plus a Starbucks.

The store is expected to open in 2016, but we have a feeling it will be well worth the wait.

Why Are You Waiting in Line at Green Eggs?

Green Eggs

One of the rainy brunch crowds, before the Indego bike installation.

To paraphrase a line from that famous Dr. Seuss book, and in an attempt to keep a rhyme scheme, “I do not like Green Eggs Café. I do not like it; Make it go away.”

Why is there a line every single Saturday and Sunday morning that stretches nearly two city blocks to get into the seemingly cherished brunch restaurant on 13th Street in the middle of the Gayborhood?

News flash: It ain’t that good. Read more »

Price Jump!: Steampunk(ish) Carriage House on Irving Street For Sale

TREND image from former listing

TREND image from former listing

Alright, so we wouldn’t say it’s completely within the realm of The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, but you’d be amazed at what a collection of Victorian-inspired appointments can do to an interior. And honestly, that industrial wheel on the second floor living space already does a bang-up job of doing just that, so you’d have an excellent starting point. Price check? The rare Philadelphia home is listed for $2 million.

Interestingly, that’s a jump from when we last wrote about it. Another difference is its purported construction year, then noted as being 1913 and now identified as 1930, according to Zillow. The owner – it’s listed by them, not an agent – could not be reached for comment, but we’ll update as soon as we get word. (Ideally, they’re both wrong and it’s actually a 19th-century construction. You know, to have this whole steampunk thing hold water.)

In any case, here’s a refresher on the property, which potential investors may be happy to know has CMX-5 zoning, allowing for mixed-use usage:

Read more »

A Change.org Petition Asks Philly Gayborhood Bars to “Diversify”

woodys gay bar gayborhood

Metro columnist Ernest Owens‘ piece “Black Not Fetch Enough for Woody’s?” from in May of this year caused quite a heated debate about racial segregation in gay Philly, and when G Philly interviewed him several days after his article came out, he claimed that “separate isn’t always equal” when it comes to gay spaces:

“The inclusive vibe of the space and the respect that takes place is what is lacking. You can put various people of color in one room, but that doesn’t mean they feel as welcomed. Clearly, Woody’s and iCandy had no problem accepting my cash to enter, but after checking in my coat, my experience didn’t match what the white gays experienced. Acceptance and tolerance are two different things.”

Yesterday, Owens launched a Change.org petition that calls for these bars “to deal with their current signs of potential racism and de facto segregation among what should be a safe space for all.” However, after speaking with an attorney for one of the bars, the management at Woody’s is insisting that they have a diverse establishment. Read more »

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