A Change.org Petition Asks Philly Gayborhood Bars to “Diversify”

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Metro columnist Ernest Owens‘ piece “Black Not Fetch Enough for Woody’s?” from in May of this year caused quite a heated debate about racial segregation in gay Philly, and when G Philly interviewed him several days after his article came out, he claimed that “separate isn’t always equal” when it comes to gay spaces:

“The inclusive vibe of the space and the respect that takes place is what is lacking. You can put various people of color in one room, but that doesn’t mean they feel as welcomed. Clearly, Woody’s and iCandy had no problem accepting my cash to enter, but after checking in my coat, my experience didn’t match what the white gays experienced. Acceptance and tolerance are two different things.”

Yesterday, Owens launched a Change.org petition that calls for these bars “to deal with their current signs of potential racism and de facto segregation among what should be a safe space for all.” However, after speaking with an attorney for one of the bars, the management at Woody’s is insisting that they have a diverse establishment. Read more »

What If the Pope Visited the Philadelphia Gayborhood?

Last week, the Pope’s Philadelphia itinerary was announced, and, surprise, surprise: Gay Philly was nowhere to be found. We started to think: What if the Pope went on a tour of the Gayborhood and experienced some of the signature gay experiences in our city? With that in mind, we came up with our own fabulous visual itinerary for when his holiness comes to town, including stops at UBar, a Stonewall dodgeball game, drag performances, and a Stimulus party.

L&I Shuts Down “Gay Pizza” on 13th Street

Gay Pizza Header

Here’s why we can’t have anything nice (although I never really found the affectionately named Homo Hut “nice,” so to speak): The popular late-night “Gay Pizza” restaurant, located at 209 South 13th Street, has been shut down by the city’s Department of Licenses and Inspections.

Gay Pizza 1

The “Cease Operations/Stop Work Order” sign is clearly displayed on the door of the shop, indicating that the location had “no food license,” and that the “corrective actions needed to remove this condition” are to “obtain food license #3120, Food Prep.”

I spoke with Ron Spencer in L&I this morning who confirmed that the license expired in April of this year. However, according to his records, it appears that the pizza restaurant may have had no license from 2007 to 2014.

We’ve called “Homo Hut” several times to get their response and there’s been no answer. We’ll keep you updated should more information become available.

FIRST LOOK: Philadelphia’s Rainbow Crosswalks

They’re here! After much anticipation, the rainbow crosswalks on the corner of 13th and Locust Streets have arrived, as if by magic, overnight. We had an idea that they would be popping up soon enough, but the rainbow roads were taking everyone by surprise: There were a good number of morning commuters stopping to take pictures, and a few tried to grab a selfie with the crosswalks in the background (I don’t know how that would work!). Below we captured a first look at the new addition to the Gayborhood. Happy walking, everyone!

Rainbow Crosswalks in Gayborhood Should Be Installed By July 5

Via Shutterstock.

Via Shutterstock.

Everyone’s been waiting with bated breath for the installation of the previously-announced rainbow crosswalks coming to the gayborhood (at the intersection of 13th and Locust Streets). We can now report that a major source close to the project, Franny Price of Philly Pride Presents, shared via a public Facebook post that the crosswalks should be completed by July 5th, in time for the Annual Reminders Block Party.

Ms. Price posted the following update, including a map of exactly where the rainbow brigade will be installed. Philly won’t be the first city to get these types of crosswalks: Key West, San Francisco, and West Hollywood, amongst many other locations, have similar designs at major intersections in gay neighborhoods. We will keep you updated should the project be delayed, and as soon as we see the rainbow roads ready for walking, you can expect plenty of pictures.

Faces of Philly Pride 2015: An Instagram Photo Essay

One of the most beautiful things about Pride is that, no matter where in Philly you celebrate, it’s an annual reminder that it really is a full community of so many different types: Every gender, sexuality, color, and social status come together for the same reason. Sure, at first glance, there’s a heck of a lot of half-naked dudes strutting on stages, but when you pull back the layers, you can see the faces of Pride are so varied and so beautiful, that it’s hard to ignore. We were keeping a close eye on your Instagram pictures today and selected a collection to share with you that we think captures that essence of variety, and what Pride is all about. Read more »

Danny’s Changes Name to Danny’s Midnight Confessions

Midnight Confessions

Just in time for pride weekend, the notorious 24-hour-a-day sex store, Danny’s, located right at 133 South 13th Street in the middle of the gayborhood, has changed names and got a mini exterior facelift.

The change in name isn’t a huge one: It’s now called “Danny’s Midnight Confessions.” There is a new blue, white, and yellow awning with a “MC” logo (obviously for Midnight Confessions), plus a new marquee sign. They’ve made it clear via a smaller board outside the store that it’s the “same great place…and still 24 hours for all your naughty needs,” but that it has an “all new look.”

You can check out the pictures below of the remodel. However, I have a feeling that we’ll all still be calling it good old Danny’s for the time being!

Trinity Tuesday: Rental Edition – Quirky, Cozy, & In the Gayborhood

TREND images via BHHS Fox & Roach - 1818 Rittenhouse

TREND images via BHHS Fox & Roach – 1818 Rittenhouse

It was the pleasant façade – what with the white shutters, pretty pink tree out front (a vaunted cherry blossom??), and that killer location at Pine and South Camac – that first caught our attention, no doubt about it.

But what charmed and us and ultimately made us decide it was today’s “Trinity Tuesday” pick? The colorful rooms may have had something to do with that.

Entering the home, you’ll note the open layout living / dining space has been appointed built-in bookcase and shelves, access to the back courtyard, and two wall colors. And we won’t say they’re two tone walls exactly, but they do seem to complement each other.

From here, a pair of stained glass French doors lead down to the lower-level kitchen, which has modern appliances, fireplace, and a separate entrance to the front. (The washer & dryer are here too.) At this point we should mention there are a total of three working fireplaces in the home.

Read more »

Our Chat With Metro Columnist Who Wrote That Gayborhood Bars Are Racist

Ernest Owens

Ernest Owens

When Ernest Owens wrote “Black Not Fetch Enough for Woody’s” in last week’s Metro, he was hoping to start a discussion. Well, he succeeded: As of this publication, his commentary is the No. 1 “most read” piece on the Metro website, and chances are, if you’re involved with LGBTQ culture in Philly and you’re on social media, you’ve seen the piece posted on your newsfeed. Yet, I felt that there were a ton of misconceptions floating around about the message that Owens presented in his piece, plus there were a lot of unanswered questions that started to surface about race, class, and culture in Philly’s LGBTQ community. Lucky enough, I was able to chat with Mr. Owens about his piece to get more insight on his discussion of inclusion and micro-aggressions.

When your first piece first came out, I was joking that it broke the Internet. Did you have any idea that it would cause so many people to start a conversation? I hoped it would. This discussion was a long time coming, and when I first pitched it to the editor at Metro Philly we were both stunned to see that there really wasn’t any recent pieces that directly spoke on it. Social media and many of my queer mentors for years had water-cooler debates about their experiences, but no one really took it further than that. I was fortunate to have the opportunity and platform to get this published as we prepare for Pride next month. It’s high time we start thinking about inclusion in a different way. Read more »

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