ADVICE: 5 Ways to Avoid Awkward Ex Encounters

We’ve all been there.

You’re out at one of these fabulous events in the Gayborhood and you spot your ex. “It was bound to happen … but not so soon,” you tell yourself. How do you make this situation as normal as possible without being the center of gossip in the room?

Here are smart ways that could help avoid the awkward encounters of spotting your ex in the Gayborhood. Read more »

Police: It Was Water Department Sledgehammering the Rainbow Crosswalks

Video from NBC10.

A still of the video posted from NBC10 showing the sledgehammering.

UPDATE [1:43 PM]: We contacted Nellie Fitzpatrick, Director of LGBT Affairs, who confirmed that the incident last evening was utility work. She told us,”I contacted PPD’s media affairs and was informed that ‘according to the water department, they were out there. They have a “leak detection crew” they sent there to look for leaks. They can only go out at night when there is less traffic so they can open the manhole and send a small microphone in and put it against the pipe to listen if any water is leaking. How they do it is they need to bang against the concrete to loosen the lid of manhole. Apparently this guy simply could not get it open.'”

ORIGINAL: The sledgehammering of Philadelphia’s rainbow crosswalks isn’t as awful as was initially reported by several media outlets, and, according to Philadelphia Police, it wasn’t vandalism, but rather the water department performing utility work. Read more »

5 Gayborhood Stores to Finish Your Holiday Shopping

Carre D'ARtistes

Christmas Eve is a week away, which means all of you last-minute shoppers have quite a bit of work to do. It hasn’t helped that the weather outside feels more like it’s Spring than the holiday season, but fear not. There’s still some time to check everyone off your gift giving list. We’ve rounded up five great Gayborhood spots where you can wrap up your shopping faster than Santa’s sleigh.

A gift box from Duross and Langel.

A gift box from Duross and Langel.

Duross and Langel: Of course, the gay owned and operated bath and body shop is like a (non-edible) candy shop of soap, suds, and soaks, but their new salon and yoga studio offer even more gift-giving possibilities for everyone on your list. There’s also plenty of pre-wrapped gift sets if you aren’t a fan of rummaging through rolls of gift wrap and bows. 117 South 13th Street.

Carre d’artistes: The relatively new gallery features all original artwork from around the globe at amazingly affordable prices. The staff is friendly, welcoming, and more than willing to help you find the perfect piece for a gift (or for yourself), and the store is modern, airy, and a total joy to walk through. 104 South 13th Street. Read more »

Philly Jesus Posts a Bunch of Selfies in the Gayborhood…Amongst Other Things

We’re a little confused over Philly Jesus’ latest social media blast that seems to focus on individuals that he met at this weekend’s OutFest. Sure, they’re lovely selfies (juxtaposed with Biblical passages), but isn’t this the same guy who told all of us that were were in “big, big trouble” a few months ago (and posted stuff like “Gay pride is why Sodom got fried”)?

Read more »

To Understand Gayborhood Segregation, You Have to Understand Philly

Gayborhood sign

It doesn’t take much to stroll through the gayborhood on any given night and notice the lack of people of color at the most populated gay bars, such as Woody’s or Boxers, as well as the absence of lesbian women on the scene, for that matter. Earlier this year, Metro’s Ernest Owens’ article “Black Not Fetch Enough For Woody’s?” pointed out that the root of the racial divide and the discrimination that he has faced in the gayborhood is, the “racial stereotypes and patriarchal inferiority complexes”. Though I agree with the premise of Owens’ article, it is necessary to situate the gayborhood within the larger context of the city of Philadelphia, as the gayborhood is simply a microcosm of just how radicalized Philadelphia is.

Racial divisions, micro aggressions, and racism are all the more flagrant and offensive when experienced in the gayborhood because one expects minority communities to be more inclusive, accepting and tolerant, thus for Black LGBTQ people in Philadelphia and visiting Philadelphia, the gayborhood scene and treatment of Blacks is particularly jolting when experienced. Read more »

Trinity Tuesday: Pretty Gayborhood Rowhome on Panama Street

TREND images via

TREND images via

It’s official: Philadelphia is king of the rowhome.

But we knew that already, didn’t we? And what better way to commemorate the City of Homes than telling you all about one of the prettiest ones we found this week? It’s a bandbox rowhouse (naturally) and has been well-preserved in a pretty Gayborhood nook known as Panama Street. It’s in such pristine condition the listing even notes it’s move-in ready!

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I Ate at the Gayborhood’s Newest Restaurant, Bud and Marilyn’s, Last Night


Let’s get all of the obvious things out of the way: Yes, I know Bud and Marilyn’s isn’t a gay bar. Yes, it was totally worth the wait for it to open. Yes, it is as good, if not better, than some of the other establishments by the famed lesbian restauranteurs Marcie Turney and Valerie Safran. And, yes, you need to go there…like, now. Read more »

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