Philly Jesus Posts a Bunch of Selfies in the Gayborhood…Amongst Other Things

We’re a little confused over Philly Jesus’ latest social media blast that seems to focus on individuals that he met at this weekend’s OutFest. Sure, they’re lovely selfies (juxtaposed with Biblical passages), but isn’t this the same guy who told all of us that were were in “big, big trouble” a few months ago (and posted stuff like “Gay pride is why Sodom got fried”)?

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To Understand Gayborhood Segregation, You Have to Understand Philly

Gayborhood sign

It doesn’t take much to stroll through the gayborhood on any given night and notice the lack of people of color at the most populated gay bars, such as Woody’s or Boxers, as well as the absence of lesbian women on the scene, for that matter. Earlier this year, Metro’s Ernest Owens’ article “Black Not Fetch Enough For Woody’s?” pointed out that the root of the racial divide and the discrimination that he has faced in the gayborhood is, the “racial stereotypes and patriarchal inferiority complexes”. Though I agree with the premise of Owens’ article, it is necessary to situate the gayborhood within the larger context of the city of Philadelphia, as the gayborhood is simply a microcosm of just how radicalized Philadelphia is.

Racial divisions, micro aggressions, and racism are all the more flagrant and offensive when experienced in the gayborhood because one expects minority communities to be more inclusive, accepting and tolerant, thus for Black LGBTQ people in Philadelphia and visiting Philadelphia, the gayborhood scene and treatment of Blacks is particularly jolting when experienced. Read more »

Trinity Tuesday: Pretty Gayborhood Rowhome on Panama Street

TREND images via

TREND images via

It’s official: Philadelphia is king of the rowhome.

But we knew that already, didn’t we? And what better way to commemorate the City of Homes than telling you all about one of the prettiest ones we found this week? It’s a bandbox rowhouse (naturally) and has been well-preserved in a pretty Gayborhood nook known as Panama Street. It’s in such pristine condition the listing even notes it’s move-in ready!

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I Ate at the Gayborhood’s Newest Restaurant, Bud and Marilyn’s, Last Night


Let’s get all of the obvious things out of the way: Yes, I know Bud and Marilyn’s isn’t a gay bar. Yes, it was totally worth the wait for it to open. Yes, it is as good, if not better, than some of the other establishments by the famed lesbian restauranteurs Marcie Turney and Valerie Safran. And, yes, you need to go there…like, now. Read more »

PHOTOS: Gayborhood Saxbys Coffee Opens With a Little Help From Brian Sims

The new Saxbys Coffee shop at 11th and Locust opened this morning, thanks to some help from not only State Rep. Brian Sims, but also the local neighborhood.

Saxbys Chief Executive Officer and Founder Nick Bayer was on hand to share that the coffee chain is all about community: As he addressed the large crowd that converged to celebrate the shop’s grand opening, he shared that Saxbys had been wanting to enter the Washington West/Gayborhood community for some time now, and that this new store was a perfect opportunity. Brian Sims joined the celebration by providing a few words and drinking some inaugural espresso shots.

The new store is pretty sweet: There’s a whole variety of speciality espresso drinks, a full breakfast and lunch menu, plus pastries, free wi-fi, and lots of spaces to get work done. My favorite element is a long white marble counter that runs along the windows, perfect for people watching. Take a look at some of our shots below, and make sure you stop by to grab a little refreshment.

Philly’s Rainbow Crosswalks Marred By Utility Work

A picture of the crosswalks at 13th and Locust yesterday afternoon, 8/19/15.

A picture of the crosswalks at 13th and Locust on 8/19/15.

I received several tips that the rainbow crosswalks at the corner of 13th and Locust looked like they had been vandalized. That’s not the case: There’s been a series of utility work that has transformed the intersection into something of a mess, just like any intersection would look during utility work. Read more »

Shopping Gods Be Praised: Target Coming Right Around the Corner From the Gayborhood

Full page photo

No doubt you’ve noticed the huge construction project that has turned Chestnut Street between 11th and 12th into a huge hole. Well, there’s some very good news about that space right by the Gayborhood: There’s a Target going in.

Our sister blog, Property, reported the news this morning: The 19,000 square foot space will include a pharmacy department, plus the other items that we’ve come to know and expect from a Target run. Other reports indicate the store will have a online pick-up area plus a Starbucks.

The store is expected to open in 2016, but we have a feeling it will be well worth the wait.

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