17 Gay Philly Nightlight Events for August 2015

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If you’re looking for a way to stay cool this August, we rounded up 17 hot nightlife events and shows that might not provide the chill you are looking for, but will be fun nonetheless. There’s something for just about everyone, from grooming get togethers to a Pulp Fiction-themed dance party. Enjoy!

Vixens and Vagabonds Queer and Kinky Cabaret’s Roadtrip: Join the burlesque and drag troupe as they say farewell to one of their own members. Saturday, August 1st, 8 pm, $10-12, Tabu, 200 South 12th Street

6 Appeal!: This weekly burlesque show will feature performances by Mika Romantic, Nikki Malicious, and Shia D. Monday, August 3rd, 9 pm, $5, Pennsylvania 6, 114 South 12th Street

Back to the 80s: Tavern on Camac invites you to a time when MTV actually played videos. The evening will feature music from Pet Shop Boys, Madonna, the Go-Gos, and more. Wednesday, August 5th, 9 pm, pay as you go, Tavern On Camac, 243 South Camac Street Read more »

What If the Pope Visited the Philadelphia Gayborhood?

Last week, the Pope’s Philadelphia itinerary was announced, and, surprise, surprise: Gay Philly was nowhere to be found. We started to think: What if the Pope went on a tour of the Gayborhood and experienced some of the signature gay experiences in our city? With that in mind, we came up with our own fabulous visual itinerary for when his holiness comes to town, including stops at UBar, a Stonewall dodgeball game, drag performances, and a Stimulus party.

PHOTOS: Independence Business Alliance Annual Meeting

Over 120 attendees took to the Top of the Tower last week for the Independence Business Alliance‘s annual meeting, where the greater Philadelphia LGBT chamber of commerce introduced new board members Katrina Aikin, Michael Albany, Stacia Fisher, Stacey Moore, and Danielle Ryan. Drexel University student Robert Reid, recipient of the 2015 IBA/DVLF scholarship, spoke to the crowd about the influence of IBA on young professionals. DVLF’s Executive Director Samantha Giusti also presented some exciting news: DVLF is offering a $15,000 matching grant, which, according to the IBA, “gives everyone the opportunity to make a tax-deductible donation to support the annual scholarship and double their donation while continuing to foster opportunities to tomorrow’s LGBT business leaders.” Our friends from the event shared some of the great moments of the evening.

What If Cheesecake Factory Named Their Desserts After Gay Philly?

No doubt, you’ve noticed the monstrosity that is the huge, multi-level, glass-encased Cheesecake Factory, set to open today at 15th and Walnut Streets. Just in case eating one of those 800-calorie pieces of cheesecake wasn’t enough, you can now do it while being surrounded by panoramic city views! We started thinking: Wouldn’t it be much better if the desserts at Cheesecake Factory were named after gay Philly people and organizations? We took a stab at re-creating the sweet menu below, and hope you have a few laughs while trying to decide which cake you want to try.

Your New G Philly Editor Thanks You

Via Shutterstock.

Via Shutterstock.

Thank you for reading. That’s a very good place to start. My name is Bryan Buttler, and I can’t express how excited I am to be here at G Philly. However, make no mistake: There will be a lot of your own voices incorporated into this blog, and I hope to really expand upon the already awesome work that my predecessors started through the years. There’s a lot of letters in the LGBTQ “soup,” and I hope I can continue to provide interesting news, opinion, and insight into that entire pot.

That's me!

That’s me!

A bit about me: I’ve been writing with Philadelphia Magazine since January 2014, and my work has been primarily featured on the G Philly and Philly Mag Ticket venues, although you’ll find me popping up on some of the other website chanels on occasion. There’s nothing I like better than telling a good story, and I’ve been so lucky to share some amazing tales about the great people who make up Philly. If you’ve followed my writing, I also am not afraid to tell my opinion (when it is called for) and am not shy when it comes to controversy. I’m also super passionate about the arts, so you’ll continue to see some of my blogs on the Ticket page, manned by former G Philly super guru Josh Middleton, who is not only a fabulous writer but a great and true friend of mine. Read more »

Our Chat With Metro Columnist Who Wrote That Gayborhood Bars Are Racist

Ernest Owens

Ernest Owens

When Ernest Owens wrote “Black Not Fetch Enough for Woody’s” in last week’s Metro, he was hoping to start a discussion. Well, he succeeded: As of this publication, his commentary is the No. 1 “most read” piece on the Metro website, and chances are, if you’re involved with LGBTQ culture in Philly and you’re on social media, you’ve seen the piece posted on your newsfeed. Yet, I felt that there were a ton of misconceptions floating around about the message that Owens presented in his piece, plus there were a lot of unanswered questions that started to surface about race, class, and culture in Philly’s LGBTQ community. Lucky enough, I was able to chat with Mr. Owens about his piece to get more insight on his discussion of inclusion and micro-aggressions.

When your first piece first came out, I was joking that it broke the Internet. Did you have any idea that it would cause so many people to start a conversation? I hoped it would. This discussion was a long time coming, and when I first pitched it to the editor at Metro Philly we were both stunned to see that there really wasn’t any recent pieces that directly spoke on it. Social media and many of my queer mentors for years had water-cooler debates about their experiences, but no one really took it further than that. I was fortunate to have the opportunity and platform to get this published as we prepare for Pride next month. It’s high time we start thinking about inclusion in a different way. Read more »

PHOTOS: HRC Philly 2015 Gala

A who’s who of equality supporters donned their finest outfits and headed over to the Sheraton Downtown Philadelphia Hotel on Saturday evening to celebrate the Human Rights Campaign‘s annual gala. VIP guests were greeted to a vodka bar and a huge silent auction with something in everyone’s price range, plus Ben Franklin even joined in, helping partiers take photo booth shots (because, you know, Ben was a pretty smart cookie in his day, so 21st Century photo booths wouldn’t be too hard for him to figure out). Dr. Rachel Levine and Helen “Nellie” Fitzpatrick, both equality pioneers in their own rights, were amongst the guests who took part in a fantastic catered dinner, complete with rainbow glow-sticks and giant Hershey’s Kisses. Congrats are in order to gala co-chairs, Marvin Rocha and Katherine Sprissler-Klein, for putting together the fabulous event. We captured some of the evening’s fun below, and we can’t wait for the next party, HRC!

12 Must-See #GayPhilly Instagrams This Week

Your Friday afternoon guilty pleasure has arrived: We spent the week finding some of the best Instagram posts from LGBTQ Philly and compiled them all, so you can use your cell phone browsing for more important things (like trying to avoid all of the spam on Grindr these days). Below, in no particular order, are our favorite pictures that graced Instagram this week. Happy weekend, #GayPhilly!

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