DO THIS: Tribe of Fools Presents Gay Take on Romeo and Juliet

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It’s Romeo and Juliet. But gay. And with Mummers.

If you think this sounds like the plot of an episode of Family Guy, you’re wrong. It’s the show Two Street, the newest brainchild of the Philadelphia-based Tribe of Fools, the physical theater company that has won critics over with its previous Fringe festival hits Heavy Metal Dance Fag and Antihero. The troupe, which consists of Terry Brennan, Zachary Chiero, Tim Popp and Peter Smith, welcomes Peter Andrew, Isa St. Clair, and Karina Balfour to the group for the FringeArts Festival take on Shakespeare’s classic tale, updated for queer contemporary audiences. Read more »

17 #GayPhilly Instagrams You Should See This Week: Threesomes

Today, in honor of our three-day-weekend, a look at some of the week’s fiercest trios.

OPINION: Why Does Our Community Think It’s Cute to Be Shady? Because It’s Not.

mean girls shady

You’ve seen the Secret app, right? I haven’t. I’m one of those guys who still has an iPhone 4, so I can’t download it and check it out for myself. So, because Apple decided that my phone is obsolete, I can’t partake in the app sensation that puts Mean Girls’ “Burn Book” right in our pockets.

I know, I’m totally missing out, right? Who doesn’t enjoy texting catty comments about other people anonymously? Except for the fact that it’s really mean. Like, super mean. It’s the kind of mean that some of us endured in Middle School from the popular girls. That’s right, if you participate in this whole Secret nonsense, you are a 14-year-old girl who has yet to experience this crazy thing called maturity.

Okay maybe that’s a little harsh. But what is the appeal of apps like Secret? What is the appeal with anonymously talking shit on friends, acquaintances or people you just don’t like? Does everyone want to be Regina George? Because that wasn’t the message from Mean Girls. You know who won in Mean Girls? The nice girl who did her math and gave everybody a piece of her crown at Spring Fling. You know what happened to Regina George? She got hit by a bus.

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Wedding Wednesday: Anthony Lower and Nick Scott

Anthony Lower and Nick Scott with Mayor Nutter.

Anthony Lower and Nick Scott with Mayor Michael Nutter.

Every Wednesday, we feature a Philadelphia-area gay or lesbian couple who have walked down the aisle in their own special way. Today, we feature Anthony Lower and Nick Scott from Lansdowne, Pennsylvania.

Names Anthony Lower and Nick Scott

How long have you been together as a couple before you got married? 18 years

When did you get married? May 24, 2014

Describe the experience of your wedding. Where did you get married? Who was there? What was the most memorable part?

Anthony Lower and Nick Scott

Anthony Lower and Nick Scott

We got our license on day two, missing the license office closing by two minutes on the first day. We walked out with the license not knowing what to do next. We wanted a big wedding, but hadnt saved for one. That Friday, City Hall called to ask if we wanted to be married on Saturday by Mayor Nutter. It turned out there were 20 couples being married. My brother and his wife came and cried the entire time. Our ceremony, vows provided by the judge who married us, was lovely. We both cried as well—though the video doesn’t show it. People on the streets were knew we were newly married. We got lots of “Congratulations” yelled out of cars and across the street as we walked to lunch from City Hall. Then there was the decrepit, sweet-looking little old man who asked me where my bride was and then called us “f*ggots”! Nick, my brother, his wife, Nick’s best friend, and I laughed our asses off.

Were there any local businesses that were helpful when you prepared your wedding?

  • The folks at Farrell’s Florist in Drexel Hill were awesome. As soon as they heard “gay wedding,” they were very excited that we’d be their first one and treated us so well.
  • The folks at Macy’s helped us find the perfect suits; like we were family members.
  • We did spend the honeymoon weekend in The Windsor Suites Hotel and even though they were booked due to some event in the city, they upgraded us to a really nice room on check-in when they realized we’d just been married. The entire front desk team was clapping.

Want to be featured in a future Wedding Wednesday? If you’re a gay or lesbian couple married in Pennsylvania, we want to hear from you. Take our brief survey!

Why is There a Union Rat Outside Boxers?

A union rat outside of the future Boxers on Walnut Street.

A union rat outside of the future Boxers on Walnut Street.

It’s not the iconic mutt you’d expect to see outside Philly’s newest gay bar, Boxers, but a giant, inflated Union rat that’s inhabited the sidewalk on Walnut Street over the last two days. Members of Local 19, the Sheet Metal Workers’ Union, have picketed the home of the future bar, claiming that the owners have used non-union contractors on the construction of the site.

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Wedding Wednesday: Adria and Stephanie Bartash

Stephanie and Adria Bartash

Stephanie and Adria Bartash

Every Wednesday, we are featuring a Philadelphia-area gay or lesbian couple who have walked down the aisle in their own special way. Today, we kick off the column with a pair of lovely ladies, Adria and Stephanie Bartash, from Newtown, Pennsylvania.

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14 #GayPhilly Instagrams You Should See This Week: This is How We Ride

Man Crush Monday: Tim Popp

Every week, Philly gay gents share their local picks for Man Crush Monday. This week we feature Tim Popp, a local theater artist and choreographer of the upcoming FringeArts show Two Street.

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Man Crush Monday: Joseph Hallman

Every week, Philly gay gents share their local picks for Man Crush Monday. This week, Grammy-nominated composer Joseph Hallman. His work has been featured both at home and abroad. When not writing or travelling, He works at University of Pennsylvania, his alma mater, and teaches at Drexel. He believes heartily in the continued development of Philly’s arts and cultures market. He is also decidedly single.

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