Interactive Map Shows You Where to Find Pennsylvania’s Scruffiest Gay Men

Unfortunately, the data doesn’t tell us where to find him. |

I know you’re busy watching the polls today, but here’s a fun bit of statistical data to take your mind off local politics for a bit: Gay dating app Scruff has released its latest SCRUFFtistics data, this time with an emphasis on finding the states and cities with the hairiest and smoothest gay men.

“Body Hair Nation” ranks each state according to body hair. The data shows that these are the states where you’ll find the scruffiest dudes who like dudes:

  1. Vermont
  2. Maine
  3. Oregon
  4. New Hampshire
  5. West Virginia

Pennsylvania’s not far away, at No. 13, according to this interactive map, which also ranks us No. 40 on its list of states with the smoothest men. Check it out:

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PA Native Wins Grindr Model Contest

matthew stehlik grindr model

Matthew Stehlik, a native of Pittsburgh who now lives and works as a model and bartender in Orlando, Fla., was named one of two winners in Grindr’s Model Contest. He was chosen from a group of 780 guys, and voted on by users. The contest was Grindr’s way of “looking for the best gays to represent the new Grindr boy.” The other winner is Eric Angelo, a go-go dancer from Hollywood.

If this is what the guys are looking like on Grindr these days, is it enough to sway you Scruff devotees to switch back?

Enjoy a few more shots of him below, all acquired through his Instagram account.

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