Pistachio Girl Heckled Nick Denton at the Gawker Wake Last Night

I have to set this up for a minute, so strap in.

Next week, Gawker founder/owner Nick Denton and his partners are selling the site, as a result of the bankruptcy the company was forced into after it lost a lawsuit to Hulk Hogan and ordered to pay the former pro wrestler $140 million for posting Hulk Hogan’s sex tape on the site. Hogan’s lawsuit was one of many funded by Facebook billionaire Peter Thiel, who wanted to destroy the site for a 2007 post titled, “Peter Thiel is totally gay, people.” Denton filed for bankruptcy, and former Gawker editor (and Philadelphia magazine staffer) A.J. Daulerio has had his checking account frozen.

Got that? The important thing to know: This is the last week of Gawker as an independent company — Ziff-Davis has already submitted a bid around $100 million — and, last night, Gawker held an “end of an era” party for current and former staffers.

Then, from outside, Denton was heckled by Pistachio Girl. Read more »

Is Philly’s (or Pittsburgh’s, or Scranton’s) Accent Really So Ugly?


Bracket via Gawker

Today, I’m pretty proud to be from Pennsylvania.

Not just because we’re now well on our way to expanding the state’s inadequate hate-crime laws (although really, really nice job on that one, guys).  And not simply because we have the most charming autumn this side of a Norman Rockwell canvas (although holy hell, we do — adopt a friend in Berks County and go outside). Our adorable baby steps towards legalizing weed probably has something to do with it, but that’s not why I’m getting all warm and fuzzy today.

You see, three of our fair cities – Philadelphia, Pittsburgh and Scranton – made it into the second round of Gawker’s “America’s Ugliest Accents Tournament.” The only state to have more than one accent nominated, we swiftly took down Memphis, Atlanta and New Orleans during the preliminary round in an impressive display of Yankee linguistic dominance.

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