The All-Time Best Grammy Duets

beyonce tina turner grammys

The lights on the Grammy stage have gone down. The stars have (presumably) gone home. But the rest of the world is up and buzzing about the evening’s performances (and Pharrell’s hat.) Once again, the duets stole the show. Beyoncé and Jay-Z. Pink and Nate Ruess. Daft Punk with Pharrell and Stevie. And of course, the incomparable pairing of Madonna, Macklemore, Mary Lambert, Queen Latifah and all the couples — especially the gay ones — who married on that stage.

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2014 Gay Movie Preview: What’s Playing at Sundance

gay movie preview

The 2014 Sundance Film Festival kicks off today in — funny enough — Utah with a generous itinerary of LGBT flicks. And while most of us won’t have a chance to make it there, it’s worth keeping an eye on, because these films are the ones we’ll be talking about all year. We’ll probably even see a few of them at this year’s QFest. So to keep your on your gay movie game, I’ve rounded up some of the most-buzzed gay movies playing at the festival — from the documentary about trans musician Rae Spoon, My Prairie Home, to The Skeleton Twins, a comedy starring SNL alums Kristin Wiig (!) and Bill Hader. Check them out — with trailers (when available) and Sundance previews — below.

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2014 Music Preview: Madonna, Adele, Lana Del Rey and More

Lana Del Rey, Madonna, Adele and Frank Ocean are all set to release new albums in 2014.

Lana Del Rey, Madonna, Adele and Frank Ocean are all set to release new albums in 2014.

One of my favorite things about a new year is wiping my music slate clean. I can leave those over-played, over-twerked tracks from the year before (ahem, “Blurred Lines” and Miley’s EVERYTHING) behind me and focus on a brand new year of tunes. Because I’m not very good at waiting, I’ve done a little research into what’s slated for 2014, and I have to say it looks like a promising year for the charts (and our gay ears.) Here are some of my most-anticipated picks:

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What’s in Store for the Transgender Community in 2014?

transgender trends 2014

The Philadelphia Center for Transgender Surgery founder Dr. Sherman Leis — who was written about in Philly Mag’s recent story “Is Philly the New Transgender Capital of the World?” — reached out to G Philly to share 10 trends he believes will affect the transgender community in 2014. And, for the most part, he sees things on the uptick. “Supportive laws, positive public statements by top political leaders, and growing cultural acceptance indicate that momentum is moving in the right direction,” he says.

What does that mean exactly? In the coming year he says we will begin to see people coming out as transgender at younger ages, more programs will sprout up to educate health care professionals on trans issues, and, thanks to the Affordable Care Act, health care equality for the trans community will become more of a reality. On the flip side, however, he does warn against an increase in violence against trans people, because, “the fast pace of gay marriage legalization and overall LGBT acceptance breeds more anger among certain groups.”

See his complete list after the jump.

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Our 10 Most Popular Philly-Centric Posts of the Year

G Philly Top 10 MostIt’s been almost a year since I started blogging for G Philly, and what a mind-blowing 12 months it’s been. In that time I’ve been fortunate enough to report on all kinds of game-changing events in the LGBT community — from the downfall of DOMA to marriage equality passing in six more U.S. states, including two that border us. But besides all the stuff that’s happening in the world at large, it’s been a pretty exciting year in Philly, too. In April Councilman Jim Kenney and his team passed the LGBT Equality Bill that pretty much did everything but legalize marriage in our City of Brotherly Love. Local State Rep Brian Sims has gone into his first year on the House of Representatives with guns a blazing, introducing a same-sex marriage act and fighting for the state’s much-needed LGBT non-discrimination bill.

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G Philly‘s Top 10 Songs of 2013

G Philly Top 10G Philly‘s resident DJ Patrick DeMarco has done such a great job covering the gay-music scene on the blog this year that I asked him to help compile G Philly‘s definitive list of the best songs of 2013. (We had to get in on this end-of-year listicle fun, too!) To get the results, he asked each of us to turn in our personal Top 10’s so he could do some fancy calculations and inject a little of his own expertise to come up with a collective list of our favorite tunes. What does the list say about us? We love our divas. Give us a good dance song or a power ballad any day. We’re so gay. But you already knew that.

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10 LGBT Calendars for 2014 [NSFW]

Sure, we’re living in a society that has become absolutely dependent on its digital calendar, but until Google comes up with a way to add pretty pictures to its bland grid of days and months, there will always be a need for the old-fashioned wall calendar (or one of those cute desktop flippies, if that’s how you roll.) Now that we’re nearing the end of the year, it’s time to start looking for a replacement for our diminishing 2013 date planners.

To make your search easy — and more gay — I’ve done a little digging to find 10 good LGBT options. I’ve tried to cover all the bases here — from those filled with hot, shirtless gay men and some for the ladies to an awesome trans-focused option that I’m putting on my Christmas list immediately. You can find all the options, including links to where they can be purchased below. Have other good ideas? I’d love to hear them. Leave suggestions in the comments section. Happy holigays!

cub camp calendar 2014

1. CUB CAMP: Cub Camp — the yearly party for the gay furry set — just released its second annual calendar with hunky, hairy men gallivanting through the woods. Unlike last year’s edition, which featured bears in Toronto, this go-round shines a spotlight on 12 of America’s hottest furry heartthrobs. Extra buying incentive? Sales benefit the Munro Fund for Queer and Trans Youth Living With Cancer. $20.

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New LGBT Movies You Can Stream Right Now on Netflix

bridgeoom documentary

Drop everything and watch Bridegroom right now.

The biggie on this month’s list of new films to appear on Netflix Instant is the much-much-recommended Bridegroom, an emotional documentary that tells the story of a gay couple whose time together was cut short by tragedy. It’s an eye-opening must-watch for anyone — gay or straight — but it will speak loudest to those LGBTers dealing with intolerant families. (Quick tip: View with a full box of Kleenex.)

Another tear-jerker, Any Day Now, starring the marvelous Alan Cumming, also made its way from DVD to instant streaming. For those who don’t mind waiting, I’ve also included a list of DVD-only rentals Behind the Candelabra and Petunia, and some that should be coming down the pipe any day now. Check below for more info and trailers.

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WEEKEND ROUNDUP: Ghost Ships, Bearlesquers, Gay Bingo and More


We mentioned this in our Big Gay Halloween Guide, but as the first of two All Hallow’s Eve-themed balls being held this year, we thought it warranted another mention: Peter Sterling will unroll a 50-foot “dead carpet” along the Avenue of the Arts for his third-annual Halloween Ball. Originally started in the suburbs, this is the first year the party will be held in Philadelphia, and Sterling promises to turn up the glam-meets-terror factor for the event’s first romp in the big city. To start, he has enlisted the help of Drag Mafia maven Brittany Lynn as host, and a troupe will perform the dance sequence in MJ’s “Thriller” video. Plus there will be music, drinks and costume contests galore. Don’t be afraid to turn up the flare! Fri., Oct. 25, 9 p.m., $40. For more information and ticket links, go here.

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Our Big Gay Halloween Roundup

Photo courtesy of Flickr/Lai Ryanne

Photo courtesy of Flickr/Lai Ryanne

With Halloween just a over a week away, the 2013 festivities are already rolling out with a vengeance. To help you make the most of your spooky revelries, we’ve rounded up some of the year’s best goings-ons — from drag parties to boat parties to two huge gay balls.

Our list is broken into categories, with events listed in chronological order. You’ll also find links to every single shenanigan so you can easily find more information and ticket links when applicable.

So without further aboo (har-har), get to gay-Halloweening!

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