Senior Citizens Pose as Iconic Movie Characters

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A group of senior citizens ranging in age from 75 to 98 are the stars of a new calendar that finds them posing as iconic characters from their favorite films. The models — living in Essen, Germany’s Contilia Retirement Group — mimicked everyone from Holly Golightly in Breakfast at Tiffany’s to Sally Bowles in Cabaret, but it’s the guy above that caught our attention posing as Rocky in front of the Philly skyline.

Check out more of the photos in the slideshow below.

NEW FAVORITE THING: The Aaron Schock Gay Parody Twitter

You're working some fierce side-eye there, Mr. Schock.

You’re working some fierce side-eye there, Mr. Schock.

If you’re in mourning that the severely homophobic (and, might I add, severely hot) Republican congressman Aaron Schock’s Instagram account was locked down after being “outed“ by journalist Itay Hod, then you’re in luck. There’s a rather humorous and oh-so-juicy parody replacement on Twitter: @GayRepSchock.

With a bio that reads, “I’m not gay, I’m FABULOUS,” a shirtless profile pic from Schock’s now infamous Men’s Health photo shoot, and hashtags with the likes of #DontTellBoehner, #TeamSchocker, and #TheseABS, the account is a humorous reminder that Schock’s speculated sexuality is all the more hypocritical given his extreme anti-gay voting record.

Here’s a taste of some of Gay Aaron Shock‘s tweets:

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WATCH: Man Dresses Like Miley, Twerks in NYC Subway

Enjoy this video of a guy in NYC who tied a fringed scarf around his chest, slipped on a leather thong and twerked it out in a New York subway to Miley’s “We Can’t Stop.” Sure, the song’s getting a little old, but those moves are oh, so fresh.

Happy Monday afternoon!


12 Hilarious Gay Philly Responses to Hercules

WATCH: Cancer Patients React to Getting Funny, Surprise Makeovers

if only for a secondFrench nonprofit cancer charity the Mimi Foundation told 20 cancer patients they would give them a makeover. All they had to do was keep their eyes closed till it was finished. Of course, when they opened them, the patients expected to see themselves looking glamorous, you know, how you do when you get a makeover, but what they saw was God-awful.

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LGBT Six-Word Memoir of the Day:
Joshua Durando

42. Joshua DurandoIn partnership with SMITH Magazine’s Six-Word Memoir Projectwe asked you to submit your queer life stories—succinctly. Every day until we run out, we will present the most touching, poignant and hilarious entries in meme form.

Our LGBT Six-Word Memoir Slam was a great success, but we still have a bunch of memoirs to post. Today, a funny one from Joshua Durando, who you can see him perform this Sat., Oct. 26, in Bearlesque at Tabu Lounge and Sports Bar.

Been keeping up with our LGBT Six-Word Memoir Project? Click here to see all our entries to date.

Philly Food Cartoons by Sissy Biscuit

A local cartoonist and blogger who goes by the name of Sissy Biscuit has dedicated a week of her blogging and painting to the wonders of Philly’s food scene. Her funniest cartoons of the last week include a depiction of Geno’s as a monstrosity straight out of Beetlejuice (above) and Sissy’s dire need for Zahav every night. Check out these foodie doodles along with her other quirky entries at 

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