Masterman Is Once Again PA’s Top School

The Inquirer reports: “Philadelphia’s Masterman High School once again topped U.S. News & World Report’s annual ranking of Pennsylvania schools, with a number of suburban high schools rounding out the top 10.  New Hope-Solebury in Bucks County surged into the No. 3 spot ahead of academic powerhouses Conestoga (fifth) and Lower Merion (15th).”

The rankings of best Pennsylvania schools can be found here.

12 Things You Need to Stop Whining About Now

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Got complaints?  Hate your life?  Please stop whining.  I don’t want to hear it.  And I especially don’t want to hear…

I don’t feel good. Really?  Your tummy hurts?  You have a headache?  A bug?  In 1918 a flu pandemic killed 100 million people. Today you go to the Acme and get a flu shot for $15.  In 1952, 38,000 people contracted polio in America alone. Polio? Gone. So, please.  Go to work. You’re not sick.  You’re just hung-over.

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Penn Law Ranks 7th on U.S. News List

Philadelphia Business Journal reports on the new law school rankings from U.S. News and World Report: Penn is the area’s top law school, according to the rankings, and it isn’t close:

University of Pennsylvania Law Schoolwas ranked seventh on the list for the fifth consecutive year. The law schools ahead of it are Yale UniversityHarvard University,Stanford UniversityColumbia University, the University of Chicago and New York University. Penn Law has 786 full-time students, up from 776 last year and 805 two years ago. Tuition increased slightly to $54,992 from $53,138 last year and $50,718 two years ago.

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Top Five City Lists We’re Happy Philly Didn’t Make

Photo | Jeff Fusco

Photo | Jeff Fusco

Philly doesn’t have the best track record when it comes to negligibly constructed rankings of American towns. For three consecutive years, we came up dead last in the “attractive people” category of Travel + Leisure‘s “America’s Favorite Cities.” (We’ve since risen a few spots — suck it, Anchorage.) Our airport stinks. We’re pretty dirty. Apparently, we suck at saving money — but we’re top 10 in infidelity!

It’s my hope that most people take these types of pieces for what they are — silly, link-baity barroom argument fodder, built with data collection processes that are easy to overlook in favor of the punchline. (Take The Echo Nest’s super-viral “most distinctive artist by state” roundup, which many have taken in passing to mean that Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros is Pennsylvania’s most popular band.) Still, regardless of their value, there are a number of city-list features that either low-rank or completely skip over Philly, and we should be damn happy about it. Here are just a few:
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1 in 5 Philly Workers Wants a New Job

Philadelphia Business Journal reports:CareerBuilder has found that 1 in 5 workers in Philadelphia are looking to change employers. Twenty percent of full-time workers said they plan to change jobs in 2014, up five percent from 2013, according to the survey. That increase may be attributed to an improving economy.” In fact, only 11 percent of local workers said they were dissatisfied with their jobs—down from 20 percent.


Philadelphia a Top City for Dating, Somehow Worse Than Richmond

Congratulations, Philadelphians! We made it on to some stupid list again, and now I’m blogging about it. This time it’s from Zillow, who we last saw telling us 10 strange reasons to move to Philly. Now little ol’ Philadelphia is ranked 10th on the list of 10 Best Metros for Meeting Your Valentine.

The list was restricted to U.S. cities with a metro area population over 750,000 and was calculated by “areas with (1) a large proportion of singles, (2) a high average income after rent for those singles and (3) a large number of possible date spots in the area.” The “possible date spots” were “restaurants, bars and entertainment (museums, parks, zoos, etc.).” (There’s no word on what the “etc.” can include. Are the Magic Gardens included? Now that’s a good Philadelphia date spot.) San Francisco took the top spot.

But look who we’re behind:

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