Quick Bites: Cooking with Stones, Frogless Institutes & Updated Closings

There’s no physical signs that Frög Burger is returning to the Franklin Institute this year. Steve Poses says it could re-open in July.

Michael Klein has details on Thai Kuu in Chestnut Hill where you can cook on sizzling rocks. [Philadelphia Inquirer]

Philly Chit Chat says the team behind Luigi’s Pizza Fresca in Fairmount will be opening Lulu, an Italian restaurant where Boca was in Old City. [Philly Chit Chat]

Burger.Org which opened last weekend on South Street already has a second location in the works. Their open for a late summer opening at 810 N. Broad Street. [Zagat]

The Artisserie Chocolate Cafe on 18th Street near Market has closed. The sign in the window says the University City location remains.

Speaking of closings we’ve updated the Closings section for the first time in way too long.

Franklin Institute Coupons

Print out this coupon to get $2 off any milkshake at Frög Burger with the purchase of a burger or crab roll.  Offer good till September 30th, 2010.

The coupon also offers a weekend discount at Steve Poses’ other Franklin Institute restaurant, Cleo’s Portico. On Friday or Saturday night, buy one entree and get a second for half off.

Coupon (PDF) [Franklin Institute]

Loving the Love Burger

Straight forward burgers, crab rolls and Bassets milk shakers are done well at Frog Burger but there is one item on the menu by which Steve Poses’ burger stand will be measured.

he Love Burger, a sandwich that should be on the American Heart Association’s version of the FBI’s Most Wanted list, or at least in an entry on the blog This Is Why You’re Fat. Its 5-ounce patty would seem moderate if it weren’t dwarfed by the two grilled-cheese sandwiches that serve as buns.

The first bite is a bit like how I imagine the stages of death: You fight off your fear, give in, then are likely to find yourself won over by its warm, comforting embrace. And while the four distinct layers of texture may be odd at first—a palindrome of butter-crisp toast, molten American cheese, inner sandwich slightly soggy from the meat’s juices and bacon-emboldened Russian dressing, and the animal chew of beef—it ultimately won me over with sheer force of personality and fatty exuberance.

Frog Burger [Philadelphia Weekly]
Frog Burger [Twitter]

Homegrown Cheesesteaks

Steve Poses of Frög Burger and author of the book At Home by Steve Poses is partnering with Philly Homegrown to give away cheesesteaks to 1,000 people at the Mayor’s Farmers Market at Love Park tomorrow at 11am. What makes this cheesesteak unique is that all its ingredients come from a 100-mile radius of Philadelphia.

Poses also provides the fresh and local recipe on his blog with detailed directions on making this tasty looking cheesesteak.

Homegrown Philly Cheesesteak with Farm Stand Sweet & Hot Peppers [At Home by Steve Poses]
Philly Homegrown [Official Site]
Mayor’s Farmers Market [Official Site]

World Wide Burgers


Photo via Philadining

Since Steve Poses has opened his Frog Burger stand in front of the Franklin Institute he’s gotten his fair of electronic ink, both positive and negative. Here are some of the highlights:

Grilled to a perfect center-pink medium — was juicy and flavorful, the kind of burger that soaks the bun (in this case, the grilled cheese) in meaty, drippy goodness. The burgers are so juicy that the Frog Burger offers bibs to customers.”

- Restaurant Club

Perhaps the most exciting part about this stand is that they sell slices of their famous carrot cake, as well as the appropriately-named Killer Cake, which is one of the original, and best, chocolate-overload desserts.  They’ll also mix either of those cakes into a milkshake

- Philadining

Seemingly, we now live in an era of throwing ideas at the wall and using the power of prayer–or the more secular, buzz–to make them stick.

Fidel Gastro

The LOVE Burger has already stolen my heart, and I expect to eat more than a few this summer.  (With a buddy, though — it is 3 sandwiches in one, people.)

The Secret is Salt

Frog Burger [Twitter]

Frog Burger and Taste Testing the Cheesesteak Pretzel

The Philly Mag Restaurant Club

This week in Philadelphia Magazine’s Restaurant Club Newsletter.

Frög Burger is Coming to Parkway
Legendary Philly restaurateur Steve Poses is opening a seasonal burger shack on the front lawn of the Franklin Institute.

Taste Testing the cheesesteak pretzel
Is Philly Pretzel Factory’s new creation culinary genius or culinary disaster?

Tria’s “Spunky Little Cousin” Coming to West Philly
Owner Jon Myerow talks about his new value-focused wine bar, Biba.

Restaurant Club Newsletter [Philadelphia Magazine]

Frög Burger Coming to Parkway


Steve Poses who has been involved in Philadelphia’s food scene for decades is opening Frög Burger, a burger stand by the Franklin Institute at 20th and the Parkway.

Unbreaded has some more details and is also taking feedback on the logo. We know Foobooz readers have lots of opinions on logos, so let Poses and company know which logo you prefer.

Exclusive: Steve Poses Opening Burger Stand On the Parkway [Unbreaded]